2005 Chevrolet Cavalier consumer reviews

$10,325–$14,410 MSRP range
side view of 2005 Cavalier Chevrolet
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.7
  • Interior design 3.4
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 3.9
  • Reliability 4.4
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Ole Reliable

My parents bought the 2005 Cavalier sedan 4 door brand new in 2004 and I am driving it today in 2021 with little to no issues. About 215k miles on it. Keep up with oil changes, tires, brakes etc. and you are all set with this car. If you are buying it used, I suggest you always ask for the Carfax and get it checked out by a mechanic first. We had to get the AC fixed at least once over the years but that’s normal for an older car. I bought seat covers and a steering wheel cover for it, because like I said we’ve had it since 2004 and it went through 2 messy kids. Doesn’t do great on the interstate because engine will start to overheat if I go above 65 for more than a few minutes, but no other issue. Has only refused to start twice that I can remember, and those were years ago. Easy jump start. Not the prettiest or most modern car but it sure whips. Paint has began to chip but I heard that that’s a Chevrolet issue from that year. Should’ve gotten a paint job and a modern Bluetooth stereo system, but couldn’t afford it. So I bought a Bluetooth plug-in for the cigarette port so I can charge my phone and play music from my phone, was less than $20. The spare tire that comes with the car is ridiculously small, so maybe get a new one. Great gas mileage and economic value, especially with today’s gas prices! I call her ole reliable, and she’s great on ice, rain, and snow. Huge trunk space for a car that size and comfortably seats 4-5. Great car, has served both my family and myself very well.


Most reliable car ever!

I’m only 16, so I was looking for a cheaper car and found this one off a guy down the road, he drove it to Iowa from Texas so it had no rust but we were worried that it wouldn’t start in the winter, even when the temp hit below -20°F it still started everyday!! It has an amazing stereo system and mine has automatic windows. There is not a day I doubt this car it is SO RELIABLE!!!!


Good second car

I have 112xxx MI on this car with little $ maintenance. Speedometer failed but was under warranty. A few low $s general maintenance and that it! No major costs yet!


Great little car

This is a great little car this is my third one. I wish I could find another one. Simple to repair. Reasonably priced. Parts easily available.


Most reliable car I own

Owned this car from factory with 13 miles, now has 138,000 miles & 14 yrs later later still going strong. Have drove all over US & this car handles great on highways. Run pure synthetic oil & the only major cost was replacing all gauges. Keep good tires Michelin or Goodyear & have had no problems in snow or rain. Only problem heat cracked front dashboard strip & it’s a bear to find. Other than that will stick with this Chevy till she dies.


I got the most out of it I could.

I had this car from 2011 to 2019. When I bought it it had about 50,000 miles on it and it had 111,000 on it when I got into the accident that totalled it. The interior dash cracked from the heat. I had to put a bit of money into it with the fuel pressure regulator but mostly the air pump busted and I didnt fix it, and the window motors had to be replaced twice. Overall, it was a reliable car for the 5,000$ I paid for it.


Worst car I've owned

The motor is made out of aluminum. Very easy to blow a head gasket, its not a reliable car unless the person who owned it before you too very good care of the car and motor. Other than the kind of motor they put in Cavaliers which are trash , they are pretty decent cars with very good gas mileage.


Great option for snowy climates

I have taken this car back and forth from Brian head in Utah, I?ve driven it on highways and windy roads in the winter, and it is excellent in the snow. Very basic car which keeps repairs cheap and is easy to maintain. Couldn?t think of a better older cheap car. It handles great. Very good on gas and they run forever if they are taken care of. I?ve owned 2. One being a 2000 and this being a 2005. I think the 2.2 DOHC option is best in these. I?ve had a lot of good times in my car. Holds 5 comfortably and I?ve done it before. Have always been able to do the speed limits and not fall back due to hills and things like that. Very very reliable. They seem to have easy to repair problems. I?ve never had a serious electrical issue with mine. Always had good things to say about it. It?s no Lamborghini but it will serve its purpose if you can get your hands on a well maintained one.


Very cheap to use as a daily driver and affordable

For the price of one of these cars I don't think you can have a better cheap reliable vehicle. They are very easy to maintain and stay on top of. Repairs are always affordable. Gas is very cheap. It gets you from point a to point b in and out of town. It is nice to buy a car that you own and are not paying on that isn't constantly reaching in your wallet. Great commuter. Great if you are just looking to travel and commute without expensive bells and whistles. Just a good basic car.


Good for another 3 years; a pre-paid headstart.

I wouldn't be selling it if I weren't pressed for cash. I can not afford to insure it or replace the front bumper.