2005 Chevrolet Cobalt consumer reviews

$13,625 starting MSRP
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72% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.5
  • Interior design 3.5
  • Performance 3.6
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 3.9
  • Reliability 3.9
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Reliable car for my college daughter

Purchased this car in aug. of this year.........so far so good. Car is solid, great on gas, and seems to be a great value for the money.


Best fircar I've owned

Great car bought it at 40k now over 108k and still going strong. Never had any problems always started, no problems, never replaced anything (other then fluids, filters and tires the normal stuff) Never going to trade it in. BEST car for your money! I used a wix air filter with a new oil change (normal oil no sythetic) drove from nm to nv over 600 miles and I got 40-50 mpg. Only about $55 of gas at $3.50 a gallon!


Love This Car!!

I have had this car for a little over 3 years and I still love it! Very reliable, have had no problems (minus a recall notice that Chev fixed very quickly). The turn radius is awesomely tight and it has some good speed to it for a 4 cyl. Being in Scottsdale, AZ, one very noticeable comfort is the veryy good air conditioning. My only two complaints would be seat comfort (easily fixed with some cheap seat covers) and that it loses quite a bit of speed while going up really steep hills. Nothing too major and I recommend this car to EVERYONE!! I still enjoy driving it! Bought it with 3000 miles and it now had 32000 miles. Still running GREAT!


The Best First Car

I've loved this car from the beginning...it has never let me down yet. I've had no problems in the 14 months I've had it and it really is a nice car. The style both inside and out is very clean cut and leather interior is a nice option. Very easy-to-use controls are helpful too. It gets great gas mileage and is very fun to ride around in. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone because it is worth the buy.


worst car i have ever owned

Purchased brand new May 2006 1st year was great since then I have gone through 5 keyless entries, 3 sets of struts, catalytic converter, gear shifter (due to key not being released) had to have the car electrical system rewired and now have a !25,000 miles on it and GM says nothing wrong with what I have gone through. Oh yeah and because a key will not work the trunk chev. dealer says needs a new cylinder for several hundred dollars. Would not recomend to my worst enemy.


It Does Its Job.

I bought a new 2005 Chevy Cobalt four-door Sedan Base Model in August of 2005 and owned the vehicle until May 16th, 2011 when I traded it in. This automobile is perfectly average with respect to comfort, the legroom is pretty good. The only negatives with respect to comfort are (from what my passengers had told me) the backseat experience is not at all enjoyable in this vehicle, and the seats are incredibly uncomfortable for long trips. I don't know what's going on with the passenger side headrest, but it kind of dips down on top for whatever reason (has always been that way), and while that didn't interfere with me in anyway, my wife hated it. Finally, within the last year, the air conditioner started leaking onto the passenger side floor. That wasn't really a big enough deal to pay to have it fixed. The car performs well-enough. It accelerates really well most of the time, but trying to convince it to maintain highway speeds up a steep hill is very difficult; you pretty much have to stand on the gas pedal. The automobile handles quite nicely and has an impressively tight turning radius, you can park it in places/situations that defy the laws of physics. The uphill acceleration is a serious pain, though, it shouldn't be that difficult for such a light car. I will admit that there is nothing inherently wrong with the exterior styling, but it is completely uninspired. I made sure my car had the rear spoiler because, otherwise, there is absolutely nothing that would ever draw anyone's attention to this automobile. I think even economy cars should have something inspired and unique about them. I traded in the Cobalt for a PT Cruiser, and it is beautiful!!! The interior design is average. I mentioned that passenger side headrest. I don't know what the problem with the ignition was, but sometimes the key would get stuck and you'd have to throw it back into park half a million times and keep trying until it would eventually dislodge. Strangely, that didn't happen all of the time, just when it chose to happen. Also, the position of the steering wheel had nothing to do with it, only depressing the shifter knob and throwing it into park harder did anything about it. Ultimately, I'd give the front seats five stars and the back seats 1 star (ignoring the key issue which happened after about four years of owning it), so we'll call it three stars. This car offers tremendous value for the money. I hit a deer and had some repairs associated with that, but the only out of the ordinary repairs that I had to make on this automobile in almost six years were that I had to replace a vent-valve assembly and I had to replace a relay for the fuel pump. The anti-rolling bar needed replaced (audible clank over potholes and while braking around turns), but that's non-essential. I went about a year without re-setting my MPG monitor before trading it in, and with an even split of city/highway I was at 29.8, so nice value there. As stated, only the vent-valve assembly and that relay absolutely needed done, and the automobile had been driven for 104,000 miles. That's excellent reliability. Ultimately, I could have replaced the anti-rolling bar, arm bushings, figured out why the AC leaked, and why the key always got stuck in the ignition, but I don't consider those things as making a car unreliable.





Bad Struts/suspension

I bought my car in July only to have the trust and computer chip break within the first three months of purchase. I have now replaced the struts and suspension five times and am in the process of fighting Chevrolet to call my car a lemon.


05 Cobalt

Very good car for the money. Had to shop for the deal though. Car rides nice, no irregular road noises like riding in a "tin can." Plenty of pep for the 4 cyl engine. My average speed is 30 miles per hour and I am getting 28.5 mpg! Was looking at a Focus, but this is cheaper to repair and more room in the interior.


nice little car

bought new 2005 for less than 13k. no frills. manual windows and locks ,5 speed etc.great gas mileage. about 29 city and 36-37 on highway. seats are uncomfortable on long trek, but hey, the gas mileage.no major problems or even minor ones come to mind.1st set of tires wore on front at about 17000 miles.good clutch feel. wish it had a little more power, but hey the gas mileage!