1999 Chevrolet Lumina consumer reviews

$18,335 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 Lumina Chevrolet
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.5
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Best GM/Chevy Value I've ever Driven

This '99 Lumina is the third I've owned and for the Northeastern U.S. as the backdrop, its done superbly. There are wear and tear situations that every operator must deal with and given that as a norm, this sedan is ideal for a fairly high mileage car. The suspension solutions for drivers in the older towns and cities up here create challenges to the but when I'm good at regular PREVENTIVE maintenance and timely oil changes, this machine takes good care of me in all 4 seasons. I do need more than one air conditioning recharge in the nasty muggy summers here in the Hudson Valley of New York and the only time I stay off the roads completely is in the horror situations of ice storms and blizzards. The Lumina is a well built Chevrolet and very comfortable for passengers to boot. Timely fluid updates will help keep corrosion at bay and door junctions need to be lubricated annually. It holds alignments very well and that says a lot for the many sub par road conditions here.....amazing long distance runner.....I will sell it for $1000.00 more than what I paid for it--without a problem.


This One is nice.

This car looks very nice. Because it is a small car, it will have great mileage; that is great when you are a college student and you have to drive 35 miles on the highway every day to get to your school from home. People have told me that this car can take a beating and you would stay safe. I have also been told that it has great handling. The best part is that it is such a good car for such a cheap price! Great car, great features, great handling, and great price. I am getting this Chevrolet "Lumina" for my first vehicle.


one of the most awesome cars i've owned

it's a great car for getting around whit family or friends, spacious, excellent driving, the 3100 engine is very powerfull and runs very smooth



My son (then 22) and I were involved in a crash with a van that crossed the centerline and hit us head-on. The van was totaled, my Lumina was totaled. We walked away with hardly a scratch. Both vehicles traveling about 35-40 mile per hour. Had I been driving a lesser car, I doubt I'd be reviewing this vehicle. Great car for the money, and a real lifesaver.


Awsome CAR takes a beating!

I smashed my poor lumina into a boulder and continued through a light poll taking it out. my lumina kept me in perfect condition. not a scratch on me untill I dug around the broken glass looking for my phone. I drove this car hard into the ground. I love the gas pedal :). anyway the car put up with the treatment I gave it untill I crashed it. this car is awsome I recomend it.


Nice car but...............

I recently bought the car at a government vehicle surplus auction. nice car except I discovered that it had an intake manifold leak, which I learned is a wide spread problem with the 3.1 v6. It cost $700 to fix because of other parts to remove and re-install. I wanted to put KYB's on it,but apparantly there's alot of work on the front suspension to deal with, so I left it alone. The turning radius is alittle wide. I do like the looks of the car, it drives very nice,quiet,good acceleration and I've calculated 20-24mpg on gas. My 93' Acura Integra w/automatic got 23mpg, was noiser,and had less space. I do like and recomend the lumina, but consider the replacement of the intake manifold gasket when buying.


This car saved my life...

I had a chevy lumina 2 years ago..It was the greatest car to take corners and the pickup was awesome..it was a good, reliable car, NEVER let me down. Unfortnately I was rearended and was pushed across 3 lanes on a bridge smashing into a wall head on and slid down to a stop..amazingly I was alive and not to injured just shocked and very upset to see that my lumina was squished against the wall..it had saved my life with both of the air bags deploying and the support bars protecting me from the impact..its a good car it takes the impact of another car going about 70mph and hitting a wall head on then slidding to a stop very good better than most cars..BELIEVE me it a very good car for the money it will save your life!!! I'm greatful to be alive and not in a coma somewhere.


Most Reliable Car I've Owned

This vehicle is really good. My transmission lasted me 450,000 km. And, the engine last me 410,000 km.