2016 Chevrolet Malibu consumer reviews

$21,625 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 Malibu Chevrolet
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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Solid Car.

Solid American transportation. Good fuel economy and enough room. Treats me quite well and I'm very happy with my purchase. I even went ahead and got an extended warranty.


The 1.5l turbo is junk

Engine is s lemon , at 12k miles needed engine rebuild burnt pistions...and at 28k miles rebuilt again engine light on dealer has no ideal why, reduced engine power twice


I am very happy with my car

I love the Turbo engine in this car it fits me perfectly just one down note is the remote start sometimes it doesn't work but When I call my sales rep. He is always there for me. The body type is nice Plenty of Room inside, In the car is very attractive.


Great first car for my soon to be 16 year old.

Great Car, great gas milage, stylish, fun, sporty, sweet 16, safe. Wish I had parents that bought me something this nice for my first car.


I See A lot of Repairs In Your Future

I purchased my 1.5L Chevy Malibu in July of 2016 with 54 miles on it. I absolutely love the look and feel of the car but unfortunately I haven’t been impressed. I’ve always taken care of the required maintenance on my vehicle and seemed to have issues. At 15k miles the rear suspension knuckle was causing a popping sound when accelerating after a stop that took multiple times in the shop for them to figure out. Some where between 15k and 52k miles I had the shift to park issue in which they had to replace the shifter/sensor. At 52k miles the transmission would slip upon accelerating. Took it into the dealership and they did a flush and reprogrammed the computer and it has been fine since. At 54k miles I was driving down the freeway and the car went into limp mode and threw a check engine light. Was able to get to work that day and planned to take it after but had a close call when it went into limp mode after accelerating from a stop sign nearly causing an accident. The dealership diagnosed this as a bad pedal position sensor and they had no idea when it would be in stock since it was after the strike. They refused to put me in a loaner vehicle although it was a safety issue. Called a dealership in a small town and they were able to order it and install it within 3 days. At 68k miles the headliner and trunk started leaking and had to take it to the dealership to get it repaired. Two weeks ago at 78k I noticed a small oil leak on my garage floor. Took it into the dealership to find that it is a bad head gasket and upper oil pan gasket. They wanted 3700$ for the repair. After talking to the CEM they were able to get it down to 1100$. It’s currently in the shop being repaired and then after that I’m selling it and getting something else. Haven’t been too impressed with GM and most likely won’t ever own one ever again. 2016 was the first year that GM’s power train warranty went from 100k to 60k miles so repairs such as this head gasket would’ve been covered.


Beautiful vehicle, clean

This is the only car I test drove and knew it was for me right after I did that. It was smooth clean quiet and easy to drive.


This car is a beauty.

The Malibu is a great highway or local roads car. It is so safe and comfortable. Interior is very nice and comperable to higher priced cars.


Extremely Noisy!!

It is a very noisy car. It's not well insulated so you can easily hear everything that is going on outside, especially from the back. Throughout my driving career, I have owned a Chevrolet Nova, a Ford Tempo, Buick Century Limited, an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, a Pontiac Firebird, a Motorcycle, Two different Cadillac Sedan Deville's, a panel truck, a Chevrolet Impala, a Pontiac Sunfire, a Hyundai Elantra and all were a lot more quieter (except for my Firebird & my Harley straight pipe motorcycle!!) than this car! I should have rented one before buying it! After buying my house in 2014, and losing my Chevrolet Impala in a multi vehicle pile up on the autoroute, I had my "teeny weeny in betweenies, the Sunfire and the Elantra" until finally finding an inexpensive fuel efficient car. Back then, my priorities had changed. So the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu seemed like a logical choice. However, I'm sad to say that this car is terribly noisy, I can nearly hear the other car drivers coughing!! Now I know why it came with the Bose speakers, it helps drown out the exterior noises!! Another sad thing I miss is all those different compartments & cubby holes to put different sized things away and out of view! The Malibu LT is just the rudimentary average priced car with an average build! Seeing as I might be selling and moving up to the country, I'm looking to go towards an SUV since some that I've tried are just about the same noise wise and at least I'll have more fun in the snowstorms!


This car has what expected

This car met all my expectations; the only problem I have with it is that the transmission control had be damage twice, it was repaired at buyed it but it repeat again.


Worst Car Ever Owned

This car had major engine problems, two at 30,000. Air conditioner emitted plastic smells at times. Heater worked poorly. Had to trade it in and purchase a new car. Would never buy a Malibu again.