2021 Chevrolet Tahoe consumer reviews

$49,600–$52,600 MSRP range
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72% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.0
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Nice SUV!

I bought used so much of the issues were ironed out. A smooth ride, plenty room and nice features. I only had it a month so no complaints yet. I did buy a 4 year warranty from the dealer just in case.



My 2021 Chevy Tahoe high country VIN number was not involved in the fuel pump recall. The fuel pump went out while I was traveling on the highway in the fast lane and the vehicle completely powered down. It was very dangerous with cars and semis passing me I had a very difficult time pulling safely to the side of the road. The car had 27,000 mi on it. On the last day of my 3-year bumper to bumper warranty with 27,782 mi on it, The fuel pump control module broke while we were traveling 500 mi away from home once again ruining two vacations in less than a thousand miles on the vehicle. The part is currently on back order and at least GMC was kind enough to offer me a rental car at their expense waiting for the part. I have bought three new Chevy vehicles in the last 10 years in this by far has been the worst experience for reliability of a new vehicle.



GM is terrible!! My sister works for GM and we get employee discounts!! GM CANNOT build a Transmission, fuel, pump, of front end!!! Motors have a problem with bending rods and breaking cam shafts. Only buy one if you always want a note and get rid of it before the warranty runs out!! The transmissions are complete garbage, and don't think about pulling anything with it. I've owned 4 of them and will never buy another. All 4 had the same issues.. trannys, fuel, pumps front ends, AC compressor, just total junk especially for the price!! I'm not pro ford, dodge, gm, etc..I'M pro dependability and this is not it!! GM=JUNK!!


Don’t buy it

This is the biggest piece of xxxx. I bought it with 30,000 miles on it. Already been in shop for electronics ( can’t find issue) it randomly turns check engine light on. The two TVs in the back of the headset are a nightmare . And horrible designing . I’ll never buy GM again,


Great SUV

Wonderful car, my wife, and I love it. Also very good gas mileage for a big car. 20 miles per gallon on highway, 18 miles per gallon aroun city of Orlando Fl


Dont buy it!! Chevy has went down hill!!

Just got this freaking truck, and I have been a Chevrolet 2021 Tahoe lover for years to come, and I promise you it has given me nothing but trouble. Onstar doesnt work(wont connect and I cant hear them over my speakers, USB isnt recognized, nor the SD card, its freaking ridiculous...Im gonna sell it, didnt spend this much money on a SUV to have this many issues.


Don't buy this truck!!

Navigation not working due to a software programming issue. I have taken it in twice for same issue just to be told that they don't have a resolution to the problem yet. Don't purchase this vehicle since they don't know how to fix the issues with it!



I have owned it for 4000 miles and so far I love it the mileage is 20.1 MPG highway and 18 MPG town. It is very comfortable and drives great.


Awesome ride!

Love the new design, the overall size is much bigger which is a bonus! I was considering a Suburban originally. Great new dash, sunroof is huge!


Most Problematic Brand New Vehicle I've Ever Owned

I don't know where to start but I am posting on all consumer review forums that I can find to warn people about this vehicle. I'll first start off by saying that GM SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! Not only for pushing out this defective vehicle but also because of how dismissive and unattentive they are to consumer complaints about the vehicle and denying repurchase claims when the vehicle is clearly A BRAND NEW LEMON! Purchased a 2021 Chevy Tahoe in late October 2020. Beautiful and stylish vehicle- I must say but this vehicle has many many issues. Had to have truck jump started 2+ times- there's a significant draw in battery that's notated on service dept. ticket but tech says its a typo and battery is fine, alignment is off, check engine light and "check reverse rear lamp" comes on intermittently, electrical issues, truck trunk light operation is faulty, it comes on and off intermittently, passenger side door does not unlock from inside, infotainment issues- audio connectivity issues, system update failures that causes battery drainage, The audio volume increases unexpectedly, The rear camera malfunctions at random, displaying the reverse image even after putting vehicle in drive. My passenger side view mirror cameras completely stopped working in which it was recently replaced. Headlight issues where the vehicle's passenger side headlight displays a blue filmy looking hue so dealership service dept. ordered a replacement for only one as the driver side headlight has not started displaying the blue hue as of yet. Emerging transmission issue that dealership service department is avoiding but clearly breaks feel like they are slipping when I go to stop and intermittent burning smells. I put in a repurchase claim a couple of weeks ago with GM that was denied with the reason of : " The dealership service department is working to resolve issues with vehicle." So GM clearly doesn't care about their consumers safety and who in which spend a ton of money supporting their brand. It just seems like when I take the vehicle to be serviced, it goes in with one issue and comes out with 2-3 more. I spend countless time worrying about if my vehicle will be returned completely repaired or not or if the service dept. is sick of seeing me and instead of repairing vehicle is just letting it sit in the back service lot. Did I mention all of the recalls for seat, seat belts, head rests, and fuel tank assembly??? This vehicle has caused me more stress than any other vehicle I ever owned. This is also my first American made vehicle. I had such high hopes for 2021 Tahoe but I regret this purchase and am not the least bit satisfied with all of the issues and dismissive treatment by GM and service department employees. I may be forced to bring about a lawsuit against GM because this vehicle is not safe and very defective. I said all that to say the best thing about this truck is the look, everything else is garbage.