2020 Chevrolet Trax consumer reviews

$21,300–$22,020 MSRP range
side view of 2020 Trax Chevrolet
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.6
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Love my car, very comfortable, no pick up and driv

I purchased a new 2020 Chevy tracks. I love the way it looks, handles, and drives. The seats are extremely comfortable. Most of the time it’s just me or one other person in the car so I find it roomy enough. I got a simple version with not a lot of bells and whistle‘s but again, that’s not important to me. The one thing I have noticed and don’t like is it has no pick up and go. If you were going over any kind of a incline, I’m not talking about mountain I’m talking on ramps. Trying to get it up to speed on any kind of an incline is work. I have not tried it in any kind of mountain driving so I can’t say how it will handle, but I suspect it will be an adventure. All in all I love my car


Overall it’s good on gas but it definitely has be

My Name is Doris West I’m experiencing the car rolling back whe I take my feet off the brake on a heel.When I’m stop at a traffic light when the light change the car feel like the transmission is slipping it hesitates and gear’s don’t comply it has a hard shift while taking off.I took it to the dealership last year they said nothing was wrong.I’m making an appointment to take it back until they something about it.Don’t want the warranty they run out.Thank You For listening.


Cheaply made, won’t buy it again.

This car is good new for one year. After that, it starts using more gas. The interior design is flawed. The armrest is so uncomfortable to use, so I have to pull it up so my arm doesn’t hit it, really goofy engineering. The radio component started failing after one year, it goes blank after a few minutes and comes back later, and then goes out, it’s very annoying on road trips, you wonder what else will go out down the road. I never felt safe in snowy weather and conditions in this car. The tire pressure sensors are faulty, I had them changed once, but still have problems, I go to gas station to put air in the tires, and there is no need to add air to the tires, so it has to be the sensors. I]this car is made very cheaply, but they want the top dollars for it. You can buy much better built cars for the same price. We ended up trading it in for a better SUV. We will never buy Chevy again, even if they give it to us for free.



I bought this car because my G6 was 10 years old; don't drive much. But when I do; I WANT A RADIO AND CD PLAYER AND NOT A CONTRAPTION THAT REQUIRES YOU TO USE A CELL PHONE. The salesman knew this; yet failed to mention it. When I tried to return it the next day (I had independent financing; I was refused. So the Dealer is at fault for not representing themselves honestly. I do not understand why there is I AM TOLD, no way to add a radio/cd player to the dash; there's a spot for it. It has ruined my opinion of GM. But the car for now, serves a purpose. But then I don't drive much but I WANT A RADIO/CD PLAYER.


My wife loves this car

My daughter bought this car for her mother for Mothers Day. She really enjoys driving it. We have just over 1000 miles on it but so far so good.


Great Safe Reliable Vehicle

We have two of these cars for the kids. An excellent safe reliable choice for the family! Affordable new car that everyone loves! Highly recommend this vehicle.


A failure by general motors.

You'll enjoy hours of time at the service center due to cheap parts and bad engineering. Chevy has failed to provide a dependable small turbo charged motor and drivetrain. Fuel mileage is as lackluster as the output of this failed endeavor and dependability is a bust.


Serves it's purpose.

As the headline reads, it serves it's purpose. The value for the money is definitely there. A decently equipped AWD model will only run about $23k. In my personal experience this was my first AWD car, and also my last. It's definitely not true AWD. It has to be 70/30 of the power going to just the front wheels. It was awful in the snow. I'll stick to 4x4. I also always laugh when people complain about cargo room in a COMPACT SUV. Yeah, there's definitely not a ton, but just fold the back seats down, I wouldn't put anyone back there anyway. I traded mine in with 28k miles on it and it started throwing a misfire code around 27k. I don't know if it was a fluke, but I've been seeing more and more people mentioning it. Very underpowered. I personally did find it comfortable. it's definitely on the tighter side and very narrow, but if you're driving alone it's not that bad. All in all is this the best choice for the money? Absolutely not, but if you want something affordable with a decent amount of options that's pretty much just a throw away car this would be it. I feel it could be a great car is some bugs were worked out.


Great little car

The Trax is comfortable and great to drive. It has the get up and go I want and so far it’s great on gas mileage.


I didnt like at first

when I first saw it I was like um no I'm a big girl and I didn't think id fit but it fit me perfectly. its easy riding and good on back roads its not a noticeable car so cops wont follow you as much and also it rides great extremely good on gas. I take this car over my Tucson any day. The only thing i have to say is its small and no storage space for things but other then that great little compact vehicle.