2011 Dodge Avenger consumer reviews

$19,245 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 Avenger Dodge
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.4
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mopar is back

This car has personality. She's bright red in the sun, bright red in the dark. she pulls to 0-60mph/100kph in 6 seconds, and does a 7.0L per 100km at normal highway speeds. Her interior is adoring and useful, she holds you on long rides, throws you back and excites you when you want it the most. If this car was a girl she'd be everything you ask for, easy going on your wallet, likes everything you do, always there when you need her the most. thanks Dodge.


Most reliable car

Ive just recently purchased a brand new Dodge Avenger 2011 main street and I have couldnt asked for more besides performance wise they could have put a better transmission into the car but overall interior and exterior very sporty look to it


My very 1st Brand new car

Compared to the 2008 Avenger I had, the 2011 Avenger Lux I bought is the cadilac!!! Awesome car! So much more quiet than the 08.


Totally awesome-blown away car!

We went out looking at other Chrysler products, but were not totally impressed with the two we had in mind. My wife saw an Avenger in the showroom, and almost literally fell in love. I loved the body design, but had read that it was not as impressive when inside for a tall guy. I got in (with a hat on) and I had no trouble at all. We test drove one with the Heat package, and knew that this was to be our next car! The salesman could see in my wife's face that he had a sale before we told him. I really fell in love with the seat treatment in the Heat package; the special rims really caught my attention, also. We got one with the red-line paint and I have to say that as a 62 year-old male, it's been quite a long time since I have had so much fun driving in my Heat package Avenger! We wanted good gas mileage and enough power to not have to worry about 'can I make it around that car.' We got it all! The seats feel like 'a pair of broken-in gloves.' One of my grandsons (age 19) said to my wife, "Boy, that doesn't look like any old grandma car to me!" He was definitely 'drooling' over this car.


Sporty & Fun & Efficient

This car is a V6 but I get as good gas mileage as I did on my previous 4 cylinder Toyota Corolla. The interior is awesome! Love the touchscreen and steering wheel buttons. The car is overall sporty yet still has a luxury feel to it.


Notice all the 5 stars used the V6

Rented this car for the week, took it to Yosemite with spouse and 9 mo old. First impression: Dated exterior design, even with the revamp. Interior seems good at first look for a basic model. Storage is awful. Check the stats (if you can find them, they're not on the Dodge website) it has a full 3.5 cubic feet less than a Fusion and less than ANYTHING else in this class. You can fit one 29 inch suitcase (hopefully soft sided or it'll get scratched up getting in the small opening) and a BOB stroller if you take all the wheels off (aggravating to do constantly), then stuff one more soft bag in, hopefully without getting it caught in the trunk closure. Exposed wiring gets in the way here - a lot. Rear seat is decent for a car seat and base with latch, but again clogs up quickly with luggage due to the limits of the trunk. The other carryon, plus travel "purse" and pack 'n' play soak up all the available space here. Driving the car initially seems OK. Driver feedback is awful, but that is a given in this class. It is pretty quiet, but nothing to write home about as we get into the city from the airport. Rough pavement is still iffy and the car does not like to move suddenly... which leads to the next phase. In San Francisco, and later on the highway, it becomes apparent that the 4 cylinder in this car is woefully inadequate, whether the car is empty save driver or carrying the crew and cargo. Getting up the moderate streets at low speeds is a chore, and the transmission holds on for dear life not to downshift and help out the ailing engine. At highway speed, there is no acceleration. I mean none. The engine makes a noise like a pack of chihuahuas and about as much power. The car stays going the same speed with the pedal to the floor, even after the transmission gives in jarringly and sends the engine into "angry chihuahua" mode. In Yosemite, this is like a cruel joke. The car cannot maintain the speed limit. I had to pull off at most of the turnouts to let real cars pass. Hoping that this pathetic performance led to at least decent gas mileage led to inevitable disappointment: a lackluser 23mpg with a large chunk of highway driving (in park, we used the free transit where possible). I was excited initially when we made it out of the park with a quarter tank to go, until the fill still recorded 15 gallons? This thing needs a nearly 20 gallon tank to get it's range?? I hope the V6 is better, but the 4 is not fit for a commuter vehicle let alone a trip. This is on a car with 3500 miles on it. Returning to the interior, the cloth seats soak up heat in black, making you constantly push the A/C in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. The seats are so unsupportive that two average height adults both have sore backs and shoulders from totally unsupportive, squishy seats X 4 hours... with enough stops for a 9 month old and her mom. The lumbar adjustment is laughable and only deforms the squishy seat slightly. Really at this point, I have to level a pot shot at the stereo, which is muffled in every register and has boomy bass, but not in a good way. It is thoroughly unbalanced. It does come in base trim with an aux jack, which I appreciate, but sound quality is tortured unless you like the "lo fi" effect. Understand that some of these issues can be fixed with trim packages, some cannot. Apparently many are helped by the V6, judging from the reviews, but anyone looking to find a very basic model should run screaming to another dealership.


Give This Car a Chance

I have to say that I was one of the skeptics about this car. After all, past Avengers (for good reason) have been labeled as "rental only." After reading a magazine article about how the 2011 is a much nicer car than the previous years, I decided to give it a shot. I test drove an Avenger Heat which included the 3.6 Pentastar V6 and every option but the Boston Acoustics sound system and Connectivity Package. I came away quite impressed. Comfort: I have taken a few long trips in this car so far and I have always felt comfortable. The interior is roomier than the smaller-looking exterior suggests. The sunroof doesn't affect headroom and my 6ft4in friend was able to sit in the back with plenty of legroom (with a 6ft person in front) and was the only one to have his head touch the roof. Performance: Chrysler's new Pentastar V6 has plenty of power (283hp to be exact). This power does produce a little torque steer but it doesn't overwhelm you. You definitely have to keep an eye on the speedometer as the 60-80 MPH range comes pretty quick. So far I have been getting MPG in the mid- to high-20s. I'm sure if I kept my foot out of the throttle (which is harder to do than you think!) I could easily get above 30MPG. Personally, I don't know why anyone would purchase the 4-cyl version of this car. The V6 doesn't cost all that much more and you'd be sacrificing 111hp for a 1 or 2MPG gain. While not loud, the engine also produces a nice growl during acceleration. Speaking of noise, aside from the aforementioned engine growl, the noise (road, wind, etc) is otherwise minimal. While the car leans more in turns than expected, it is never scary and once you get used to the lean, you will find it handles quite well otherwise. My only big gripe about performance comes from the 6-speed auto. It is definitely programmed for economy as it very quickly moves to 6th gear and requires a deep jab at the throttle to have it downshift. Manual mode helps. Exterior Styling: Styling is always subjective but I've always been fond of the mini-Charger looks, even in the otherwise lackluster 2008-2010 Avenger. Not much has changed from the older cars on the outside but I do like the new grille better. While I've always been a fan of LEDs, I'm still not sure if I like the new tail lights versus the old. The rear spoiler helps dress up the otherwise plain rear end. I think Dodge should have given it styling that mimicked the rear of the new Charger. Interior Design: Dodge should get a lot of credit here. The new interior is leaps and bounds better than the old one. Plenty of soft touch materials and the overall design is very easy to master. All controls are easy to reach from the driver's seat. The automatic climate control is great as you can just set it and forget it. The Heat trim comes with red seat and door inserts and contrasting red stitching (on black) which really gives the interior a sportier feel. The steering wheel has got to be one of the best I've used and includes audio controls. I have a the 6-speaker (non-Boston Acoustics) sound system with touch screen controls and 30GB hard drive. Even for a stock sound system this thing sounds awesome and has plenty of bass. The touch screen interface is fairly easy to master if you're not a technophobe. I do have some small issues with the interior, however. Most new cars have a auto-up and down feature for both front windows while the Avenger (except Lux trim) only has an auto-down for the driver. Like mentioned above, my car doesn't have a the Connectivity Package but it has buttons on the stereo for it. It's just a little annoying to have buttons that don't do anything. A couple cheap pieces still remain: The plastic on the upper rear door panels feel lightweight and easily removable and the swivel style reading lights don't move smoothly. Value for the Money: Tons! While this site doesn't want me to mention price, I will say that I bought a lot of car for the price of a lot of competitors' 4-cyl base models. Reliability: I've only had the car for 2 months so I can't really comment on reliability but the Avenger comes with a 5 year/100K mile warranty and Chrysler has done a lot of durability testing on the Pentastar. No, the car isn't perfect (what car is?) but with it's powerful V6 and high value quotient, there's a lot to love. Anyone who is looking for a midsize car that stands out from the sea of Toyonda Camcords should definitely add the Avenger to your list.


Stylish Family Sedan

I have always found the Dodge Charger sedan a highly seductive vehicle and a lot of car for the money; hence, we bought an all-wheel-drive Charger V8 almost three years ago. Because of our enjoyable and trouble free experience with this car, it was a no brainer when needing to replace our Ford Fusion (second vehicle) to look no further than our Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram dealership. We narrowed our search to two sedans -- a 2011 Chrysler 200 Limited and the '11 Dodge Avenger LUX. It was not an easy decision, as both cars are exquisitely designed and engineered for the 2011 model year. We found the 200 to be very luxurious iand the Dodge quite sporty, like our faithful Charger R/T. We are smitten with every aspect of our bright red Avenger and have no dislikes whatsoever. We were pleased with our previous Ford, but the Dodge handles better, has a far more compliant ride and is of higher quality.



just bought new april 16 2011. fantabulous. the avenger is a new experience for myself. very happy with purchase.


Great Car

We have been Ford people for 20+ years, that is all we have owned. But we wanted a sedan that didn't look like an "old person" car. So we went to Dodge. We love our 2011 Avenger. We have had it just over a week. We have the blackberry pearl paint. It looks great! Sometimes it looks blue and sometimes black. It handles great. The V6 has a ton of pep. It is fun to drive! Everyone we have shown it to. Loves it! We love the sound system with the Uconnect! Though the manual doesn't give you much info on that. You can download a 142 page manual at the Dodge Avenger site, that helped a lot. My only complaint is the DVD player only works when the car is in park. That makes no sense. Who is gonna sit in a parked car to watch DVD's? We travel a lot from Florida to Michigan it would be nice for my son or other passengers to be able to watch DVD's on the long trip. I'll be looking for a hack to fix that. If anyone knows how to change that setting. Please post. Other than the DVD player it is a great car for the money! I highly recommend it.