2003 Ford Crown Victoria consumer reviews

$23,705–$31,310 MSRP range
side view of 2003 Crown Victoria Ford
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 3.9
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 4.5
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It's a sharp looking car.

Best used car I've ever purchased. V-8, lots of room and alots of power. And a smooth ride, love this car. Very reliable, it only had 103490 miles on it. Car lived in California, till I bought.


my new 20 year old car

ive had my 03 crown vic 2 months now. i like it better than the day i got it. Its a nice one, silver/gold metalic with beige cloth int. Had the windows tinted and every time i wash it i go farther with something like buffing and waxing or the engine comartment. Its really cleaning up nicely. it runs and rides great so all is well. i have to put a lights module in it im not happy about. the headlights go on and off with the switch on. 20 year old car exp0ect something i guess. thats qll for now, cheers and be safe


I love everything about it!

This car is all I'd ever want in a car. It's roomy, comfortable, low maintenance, fast (when I need it) and dependable. I couldn't ask for more in a vehicle.


Great for its time, but no longer relevant

I grew up with Crown Vic's and Grand Marquis, with my dad owning a 92 and an 03 Crown Vic, and my uncle owning an 87 Crown Vic, and multiple Grand Marquis ranging from 88 to 06. The 2003 Crown Vic drives just like those old big boats of old. Big, long hood, tall A pillars holding up a large windshield, and then a long trunk hanging out behind the rear glass. Large, thin steering wheel that takes half a turn before the car starts to respond; column shifter and large hump in the middle of the front bench seat, allowing only a small passenger between the driver and the front passenger seat. But hit a bump and you'll never feel it. The car just floats right over imperfections in the road. The V8 is powerful and gets the big car moving with ease, and surprisingly doesn't gulp fuel the way you might expect. However, the brake pedal is soft and mushy, requiring a deeper push before inspiring confidence. The exterior will forever be iconic. When you drive by a Crown Vic, there's no mistaking it for anything else. The interior, while large, actually isn't much larger in terms of usable space than your average midsize or large sedan today. The driveline hump that runs directly in the middle eats up legroom, and there isn't much storage space besides the door bins, seat pockets, and the enormous trunk. The materials look and feel cheap, even by 2003 standards. But people don't buy Crown Vic's for the interior materials. The seats are not very supportive, especially on long drives. But honestly, that's when the Crown Vic is at its best; long highway cruising. This car will always be a classic and a throwback to a much simpler and different time, when cars were meant just to transport family and cargo from point A to point B safely and somewhat comfortably.


Highway cruiser

I helped my father find one. In 2016, we found a 2005 Crown Vic with 36k on the motor! An old lady owned it. If property serviced, it will run forever. That 4.6 v8 is the same motor in the Mustang if the era but tuned differently. Last gen V8's don't look impressive from a power standpoint but just drive one and you'll find they have plenty of power. Old V8's were low on horsepower but torque rich and that's what matters: it'll get up and move from a stoplight. Very comfortable, rides great, huge trunk, and just a great cruiser. My knocks? It's all last generation technology. Meaning, it won't ever sniff 30 mpg and averages about 22-23 mpg. Not bad for a V8 of it's era but not good by today's standards. However, big boulevard cruisers simply don't exist anymore so there isn't a car that compares. Maybe a 2018 Lincoln Continental? That's it. Next, cup holders are an issue. The dash has a pull out tray with two holders that are too shallow to hold cups. We had to get creative in my dad's and install boat cup holders in the tray so water bottles wouldn't go flying. For as big as it is, the rear seat is actually kind of small. Strange packaging because the trunk can fit multiple bodies (ha!). Finally, it's a lot of last gen squeaky plastic. That's what was used in that era. We took out the radio and put in a new deck with Bluetooth and USB to bring it up to date. Otherwise, it's a tape deck and a 10 CD changer! Yes, upgrade that radio! The styling is plain but attractive for a boat. It screams highway cruiser. Look, this is a big, easy riding, comfortable, safe, boat that is squarely last generation. But, it's so easy to drive and maintain. A great car for trips and while that back seat is strangely small, it's still adequate and bigger than most mid size cars today. It's exactly what my 75 year old dad wanted: a big cruiser that's easy to get into, easy to drive, and easy to maintain.


So plain and unreliable

I bought this car used at 60,000 miles and I regret every bit. The car is unreliable and last week I was driving at my sons school and I was trying to pull up the hill and I lost power so I had to floor the car and then it shuddered and finally accelerated rapidly and it wouldn?t stop so then it was stalling out and it was terrible and the engine light was flashing and blinking. So then the temp gauge was all the way up and it broke down. Once I opened the radiator boiling water came out and I kept smelling smoke. This has happened three times now and this car is not safe for my family. It rides smooth though and there?s no technology. At 147000 miles now I need a new car.


I am retired deputy sheriff I had to have one !

I like this police car better than the new one the new one has 2.7 six I raced my buddy who still works there it?s too close to count I have comfort he doesn?t


Most reliable car I've owned

My 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor by far is the best value for my money. It is solidly built, and smooth. The ride handles the road because it is a real police car. It's just the right size, has very comfortable seats if you're looking for a crossover in this segment, put this one on your short list to test drive.


bullet proof

excellent full size car. they are extremely reliable. very good gas milage and power for a full size car. they do very well in a crash too.



It is all I was looking for in a vehicle. My first time purchasing a vehicle ever. I have been treated very very good