2011 Ford Edge consumer reviews

$27,640–$29,490 MSRP range
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87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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Ford edge poorly designed engine

After 150 thousand miles you need to put a water pump in it which is a major and expensive job because the water pump is in the engine, when the pump seals go out the oil pan fills up with water and ruins the engine , terrible design



The driver's side door latch is a known faulty unit and as it controls the auto locking mechanism is a safety issue. You are forced to drive your vehicle with the doors unlocked because the car does not akknowledg the door is fully closed. Leaving the the entire car unlocked while driving through areas where doors locked is a must for the safety of the occupants and driver. (You are vulnerable driving around with your doors unlocked!!!!!)


Items that should have been recalled!

It has been a great car. Two problems with it that seem to be more than individual happenstance. Both are quite common and should have been recall items for the safety factor alone. There were plenty of vehicles with the same defects. 1ST IS Driver side door alarm. The fix, replace the door latch. My car went in three separate times . First time they lied rigged it to work for a week maybe. They tried a second time with the same results. On the last attempt I was told there was a recall and the service tech told me no it was too late or too old even though I'm the original owner! The door may be fully latched but all the doors including the back hatch remain unlocked while driving. The second, the ABS master block failure. Everything works fine until you need to turn the steering to the right to avoid an inevitable collision. You lose all breaking abilities instantly. I'm not certain the actual number of cars with this defect but I can tell you that first they will try master cylinder and next the vacuum assist drum. Even after telling them in the beginning that I checked vacuum drum as prescribed and found no defects they replaced both before doing the ABS Multi port replacement. One other, the the backup camera! It's practically impossible to see behind vehicle for backing purposes. The camera is important safety item. Without it you are backing blindly!


My car has recently posted system shut down.

I love my 2011 Ford Edge. I have over 250,000 miles . I drove from Beaufort SC to Ashland Ky every two wks due to my mothers illness. I have to say . I was never the least bit insecure with this trip while traveling. When I purchased my car it had 86,000 miles . I hope to purchase another in the near future. but , as for now mine is paid for . Still in fair condition. I was just checking on recalls because my car recently is coding system is shutting down.Such has my phone thru blue tooth due to low battery . But I had it checked because I had replaced battery . I thought possibly it may have been a default on it. It wasn’t .


This car good

I have owned my 2011 Ford Edge for 8 years now! This car was my first and only car from 15 to now the prime age of 23. Since owning the car it’s had a few issues brake booster (recall replaced) and the nav system the black screen of death with a few minor things over the years. What I can still not get over are the features the 2011 limited package had, this car was ahead of it’s time, back up cam, rear radar, full pano sun roof, remote start keys, ambient lighting through the entire cab and much more. Don’t get me wrong this car has had its down moments but they are minuscule compared to the value I’ve gotten out of it. Also I’m not sure if this is an all Edge thing from that time period but they are ALL over the road even the 2010’s This car is great for anyone that want a great size that can fit almost anything but still go anywhere and mechanically it has been nothing but perfect. The Microsoft sync system lacks to be honest I had to replace my entire dash screen because one day it just glitched and went to black, after salvaging one out of a wrecked edge I was plug n play back in business. Overall : this car good


2011 Ford Edge Limited

A short time after I bought it in 2016, I had to have the gas tank replaced because it had leaks in the top of it, the microsoft system would go out, then a few days later, come back on. This happened a few times, then went out completely. I still don't have a radio,back up,phone,Cd, nothing. It only has 54,000 miles on it.


Comfortable car roomy

I owned a 2010 now 2011 ford edge I love both cars . was in a wreck in my 2010 totaled it I was not hurt at all other than the seat belt left a mark. Very safe car.


Too many issues.

Car needs a lot and they let me drive it off the lot knowing. The car itself isn’t bad if they would fix it the correct way not half xxx


Excellent condition

Great car has been in our family for 10 years. Selling it because we got an electric car. New tires and AC. All the bells and whistles


Fun car with only one complaint

Super comfortable with lots of pep. My only complaint is the buttons for the air. They are easily pushed. My kids have turned on the emergency flashers accidentally bc of this.