2012 Ford Edge consumer reviews

$27,770–$29,620 MSRP range
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90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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Not reliable

I have had my Ford Edge for 6 years. In that time, I have had so much trouble, starting with the My Ford Touch which finally had to be replaced (thankfully it was still under warranty). Since then, I have had difficulty with it starting (unless the fob was under the console), passenger-side window wouldn't go down, memory has gone out for the passenger seat, and TWICE now, the shifter has had to be replaced. I want to get rid of it, but it is paid for. I did buy an extended warranty a few months ago, because now it is in the shop again, needing the shifter replaced. Will never again have a Ford.



I love this car. We bought it used in 2015 and I am very very very happy with our decision to buy this car. First, it is such a quiet car. There have been more than a few times when I was sitting parked in my car for a while, forgot the engine was running, and went to start my already running car. That's how quiet it is. It's also nice and quiet on the road. The "pick-up" on the car is fantastic. It definitely has that get up and go when you need it! Gas mileage is good in my opinion. I went from a Chevy Trailblazer though which sucked the money right out of my wallet in terms of gas cost. This car has Bluetooth. such a nice option to have. The SYNC system (which connects to your Bluetooth device) is amazing. So many options, and bells and whistles. It took me quite a while to realize all these options out...but that was a good thing...that's how much you have! The car will run a self-diagnostic for you, and send the results to your email. There are many handy settings for the car...like the oil pressure, DTE, tire pressure, etc etc etc etc etc etc... The interior is VERY comfortable and the fact that the rear seats recline for the passengers is such a nice feature. My daughter loves it, and it makes napping so much nicer. No more "neck rolling". There is ALOT of leg room for all passengers, however most notable in the rear seats. Any large person would feel comfortable back there. The rear seats fold down flat which is great for travel or just hauling larger items in the hatch area. The size of the hatch is deceiving. Once you put down the seats you realize how huge it is. I have black cloth seats which do attract my white dog's hair. I don't know if I'd get black cloth again. But it's a given that leather is always nicer. That being said, the cloth seats are great. Kindof a "mesh" look to them. Not like your older style brushed cloth look. Back to the interior...very nicely done. It looks very elegant and "rich" and is very comfortable. And I have the base model! The control panel (Audio, etc) buttons are nice a big, which I prefer. GPS was an option but ours doesn't have it. The rear backup sensors have been a godsend. A few drawbacks: -the sound system is not as great as I had hoped for considering it's a 2012. - I'm not thrilled with the Climate control. The chest level vents don't blow as hard (hold your laughs) as my Chevy Trailblazer. The foot vents blow much more than chest level. -There is only 1 spot for a cd. No CD changer. This is not too huge of an issue though because I connect my music on my phone to the bluetooth audio system. -No automatic seat lift. It is manual. Same with moving the seat forward and backwards.You can't adjust the seat height on the passenger. HOWEVER I have the very base model. This might be an option on others. However the plusses of this car FAR OUTWEIGH the few little minuses. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the body style is beautiful. So far, I would definitely buy this car again. No hesitation. in Summary - This is a great car!!


Ecstatic so far!

[This review coming off of a poor experience with a Chevy Equinox] What can I say? This is exactly what I expected in a midsize SUV. Great handling, punchy accelerator and some cool options to top it off! My wife and I purchased our Edge as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle about one month ago. We were able to get some pretty cool options that we would not normally pick, including leather interior and a vista moon roof. The Edge comfortably seats our family of four, and allow ample hauling space in the back. The seats will fold flat, providing some additional space to move things if necessary. The rear seats also recline, a huge plus for us as we like to travel, and sometimes we are driving later at night. This allows our 6 year old to sleep more comfortably. Up front, seats are situated well. The console is a bit different, but there is a place to hide my phone to charge, or while using SYNC. The dash cluster is a bit awkward, but is ok. There is a ton of digital on it, but is lacking a speedometer, other than the traditional dial. Speaking of the SYNC, ours works for calling, texting and we could get a vehicle history report, but we cannot get it to work with our phones to do directions. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice. Handling is very good. I've taken a few hard corners on the highway, and I always feel in control. There is no extra play, and I feel like the vehicle turns exactly how I would expect a vehicle to move. We have the turbo-charged I-4, and I love it! On only highway this weekend, we got over 29 MPG. Mixed city/highway I get anywhere from 22-25. Not the greatest, but much better than some. The engine has a great feel, and the accelerator can put me in my seat.


What a Disappointment!

I am really surprised that there are so many positive reviews for the 2012 Ford Edge. I doubt the 4,500 character maximum will be enough to express my extreme disappointment in this vehicle and Ford's lack of customer service. I have experienced nothing but issues since the first month I owned this car. The sync system is absolutely useless. At least 50% of my calls are either dropped, or never even placed. Ford's response to this was that it might be an issue with my phone. After purchasing a new phone the problem has continued. Several more attempts bringing my car back to multiple Ford service centers and the problem still exists. The navigation system rarely works as well. My home, it turns out does not exist as a place to go. Understandable if I lived in the sticks or a new community, but my house is in the middle of Los Angeles and has been here since the 1950's. At best 20% of the time the navigation will work properly. If I drive over a speed bump at a reduced rate my passenger side mirror pops out. Twice I've brought it to Ford for repair and each time they say theres nothing wrong with it, although it continues to pop out. I've had everything under the hood replaced (brakes, boosters, a/c, master cylinder, leaking brake fluid, faulty power steering, faulty condenser) as well as faulty door latches, and today for no apparent reason the car just won't start. The majority of the issues all took place during the first year I had the car. Naturally one would assume that it must be a lemon. I contacted Ford and they quickly responded with a letter stating, "We have reviewed your concern and find that your vehicle does not meet the eligibility requirements under the California lemon law." Odd, since they never spoke to me about my car, or ever took the time to inspect it. Most frustrating has been all the time and money I have spent attempting to address these issues. I am a single working mother and have lost wages due to these issues as all Ford service centers shuttles are just beyond my place of employment and they refuse to accommodate me. I will say that one of the last times they had my car (for 4 days) the service manager finally felt some pity on me and offered me a beat up smokey rental. I was beyond grateful even though any other dealer would have offered a loaner from the start. Also, on one occasion my car needed to be towed in and while Ford claims it has roadside assistance they asked me to use AAA instead. I am literally counting the days until my lease is up. A 3 or 5 series BMW would have been a more affordable choice. They never breakdown, they cover all repairs and upkeep, shuttles available to all locations and loaners on request even if you're just getting an oil change. All for less than the price of a basic American car. Thats just sad. I hope that no one else has suffered with this vehicle as well.


Probably the finest vehicle I've ever owned.

I had never rode in or driven an Edge prior to purchasing one. What a wise choice. This is probably the nicest and most sound vehicle I've ever owned. It is quiet on the road yet handles with the soundness of a sports car. The best of both worlds also comes with a well appointed interior and smooth exterior styling. I think Ford hit the "jack pot" on this one. A very, very nice vehicle.


Absolutly LOVE it!

My wife wanted a small to medium SUV. We looked at many types and brands and settled on the Ford Edge. I started my search and cars.com gave me the most information and opportunities. I narrowed it down and found the perfect one that fit our budget and had everything we wanted. cars.com helped me find the perfect SUV for my wife. It was the best Christmas gift she has received in a few years.


A very nice SUV to own!

This SUV rides very smooth and feels solid, the interior looks and feels of quality materials. The exterior styling is smooth and has great eye appeal. I feel Ford is really going in the right direction in the last few years!


Never again

This vehicle has been nothing but problems. Owned since May 31, 2012. I have had the vehicle in the shop 7 times for repair issues. The car started with issues of dying when slowing down. Extremely dangerous. Finally the dealer replaced harness and adjusted the idle speed higher which leads to burning more fuel. Now the brake booster has failed and I have to pay to replace and owned the 13 months.


great looking vehicle

wish it got better gas mileage, however - only 22 max so far on the highway, whereas our Escape got 25. In town driving it only get 18.


Somewhat Disapointed . . . .

I've owned my Edge for about 10 months and here are my pros and cons: PROS Performance - I don't know why some people need a Turbo. It performs very well without it. Handling - It handles bumps and curves very well for this type of vehicle. CONS NO Bluetooth (it does have a PHONE button that just mutes the audio) Cruise Control - awkward controls (GM is much better) No Compass - Audio System - I must have the cheaper radio. Poor sound quality. Manual Headlights - Interior - Too much plastic Mostly my fault for not shopping the competition. Just average value for the price paid.