2022 Ford Escape consumer reviews

$27,185–$28,685 MSRP range
side view of 2022 Escape Ford
50% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.5
  • Interior 3.4
  • Performance 3.4
  • Value 3.3
  • Exterior 3.6
  • Reliability 3.4
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Issues with 2022 brakes, squealing when wet

We just bought a 2022 ford escape, it only had 1 owner, and the mileage was at 20,000. Now a month later , when i either go thru a car wash or wet roads my brakes squeal for the 1st few times. A loud squeal. I called the dealer i bought it from and they say its normal. I can believe the ford company is okay with this issue. This escape make our 3 in a row for vehicles. Our last one was over 200,000 miles on it. But if this is the new normal for the ford company, this will be our last ford for sure. Very sad with this purchase.


So far, so good

I have no had this car too long. So far, so good. But I have owned previous Escapes. Lots of added features on this one!


Nick K.

Fully loaded titanium model and it still has some of the same cheap materials as the SE model. Nice comfortable ride with adequate space for a small SUV with getting you the good MPGs you want in a hybrid. Pros: Gas mileage, full LED dash, great headlights. Cons: Cheap dash material, unpainted bumpers/fender flares, cheap heads up display. Recalls due to possible engine failure in the 2.5 hybrid engine.


I would not recommend purchasing a escape

I’ve had my 2022 Ford escape for a year in October, it’s hard to believe that the value has dropped from $35,000 that I paid one year ago to 18,0000. Makes me sick !!! The driver seat is extremely uncomfortable, I do drive for a living at least three times a month round-trip being up to 600 miles. I find it very hard to get out of the car after I’ve driven at least for a couple of hours the seat kills my back and kills my legs. I would not recommend this car to anyone.


A good little suv.

I purchased new nine months ago. No problems. Lots of good options. Good mileage. Up to 35 mpg on highway using cruise control. Acceleration is excellent. A lot of room for a small suv. The only thing I don't like is the dial shifter. I prefer a stick. In my opinion this is an excellent all around suv. It doesn't do everything and it doesn't please everyone but show me a car that does. I would recommend it.


RIP Ford Escape Used to be Such a good car

This car looks very nice but is made as cheaply as humanly possible. As soon as I drove us away I noticed the brakes squeaked LOUDLY as I backed up. The front wheels are constant filthy due to the cheap brake pad used. There are black (rust?) marks coming from the mirrors and handles if I don’t get a car wash for a few weeks. Also, within a month, the battery died in one of the two key fobs that came with it and they wanted me to replace it on my dime. The system is glitchy and has trouble hooking up with my phone and disconnects while I’m having phone conversations via Bluetooth. I’d like to add this is the 3rd Ford Escape I’ve consecutively leased because I had loved the car so much in the past. I can’t believe the downgrade in quality with the 2022 model. You may not notice if you’ve never driven an escape before but this is the worst car I’ve ever leased. Poor quality in a pretty little package.


Want over 500 mile range in your non-hybrid SUV?

I’m really enjoying my 2022 Ford Escape SE more than I expected. This SUV is new to me having purchased “used” at 4500 miles just 3 weeks ago. It’s mainly used for my work commute. We just finished a trip we take several times per year and what comfort and performance! The several drive modes - normal, eco, sport and slippery roads - really make a difference in response, feel and performance. I used eco mode for the 350 mile trip home and confirm an incredible range of well over 500 miles on a 16 gallon tank. This is not a hybrid! This shreds the performance of our well-liked 2015 escape that gets about 350-400 mile range on the same size tank. The turning radius of my 2022 is noticeably improved over our 2015 model. The headlights with auto high beam is a real treat too. The heated seats are excellent & improved over our 2015 for fast heating & comfort that goes beyond the seat to the seat back as well. I’m looking forward to owning this SUV for many years.


This SUV is underrated!

It appears that too many negative/unhappy individuals have posted reviews on this car. My experience after a month has been great! Yes there is a problem with squeaking brakes at low speeds and the brake dust is excessive, ehh h speaks to cheap ones being used but just use brake cleaner and it hasn’t been an issue since for me. When it comes to the comfort, I am very satisfied! Front seat adjustment is great and I get almost zero back fatigue. The heated seats and steering wheel are fantastic and heat up very quickly. I also love the sliding rear seat and I already fit a 29 inch mountain bike inside and only had to fold down the 60 split to do it. The engine is kind of odd sounding because it’s a 3 cylinder. It’s not suede refined, but when you really get in the has it’ll break the front tires loose and does sound kind of good because it’s half a v6. The looks are conservative, but I painted my wheels black with plastidip and it transformed the car and now it looks like a baby Porsche Cayenne. Kind of sad Ford already redesigned the front but I get it that they had to make it look more SUV and less lifted Focus, which is mostly what it is because Americans hate cars I guess. But I love the benefits of an SUV, but driving dynamics (to a degree) of a car. It’s very planted and at times fun to drive. Sync 3 infotainment is a breeze to use and I LOVE using the remote start through the FordPass app for free. My car is always the right temperature when I get in. I know this generation has some problems when it came out, but so far I am loving mine and look forward to many reliable miles (hopefully) with proper upkeep and maintenance.


Regret of the purchase

Brand new, as soon as I started driving it black smoke dust on the front tire rims was covered, a month and half later it got worse and the dealer or ford are still not able to figure it out or correct the problem! It’s the worst car I have driven and very uncomfortable! Very disappointed!


Do not buy a car from San Tan Ford in Gilbert, AZ.

I regretted buying this car as soon as I drove it off the lot. It is not comfortable at all and there are so many buttons to figure out how to use them all I feel like I am in an airplane. And forget trying to read the manual. The dealership sucked, too. I don't know why I went through with the purchase.