2022 Ford F-150 consumer reviews

$31,520–$36,835 MSRP range
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100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 5.0
  • Reliability 4.7
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Trucker with a Purpose- F150 HEV, Best Truck Yet

On July 26, 2022 I picked up my fourth F150. This one was different. It was the first one I ordered (waited 10 mths.), the most costly and a hybrid. Now, almost a year later, I find I am greatly enjoying the truck. It tows 7000# with ease, is quiet, and the feature set is fantastic. Each rendition of the F150 has been better. I started with the 2009. Nice but heavy. The 2015 was the first aluminum one and I did have some trouble with the brake controller failing and catching fire. The 2017 was great but in its last year it developed a dripping leak when raining in the sunroof that thankfully I was able to fix. It was the best up until this one. The recalls-windshield motor and flickering taillights (LED flash). My motor was fine and the taillights were reprogrammed. I would say that is minor compared to my friend's Red Silverado who in 2015 got a notice that they were catching fire on rear defroster wiring! I haven't had any issues and I am just amazed at the technology. It drove me 200 miles to Tallahassee. I cannot wait for the BlueCruise update supposedly this year. I get about 3mpg better than my 2017 10spd, Ecoboost in town and about 1mpg better on the highway. It varies but that is about the average. Ecoboosts can be thirsty if you want power. They like to cruise so I have learned to get to speed, not crawl up and keep a light foot. I own a truck because I need one to tow my camper and I need one to serve dual purpose as a daily driver too. I find that the Ford F150 fits that bill. I have shopped all the choices on full size pickups. The only other truck, to me, that met my needs with positive factors was the GMC Denali diesel half ton. I was not impressed with the overall package of the Tundra, RAM or Titan. They did not check all the boxes for me. I look for comfort, MPG, engine/power/torque RPM power curve for towing, tow features, style, etc. The hybrid eco and the diesel blow the others away for low RPMs while towing which is torque and that makes for a more enjoyable tow. Less noise , stress, etc. My two finalists also got the best MPG. I leaned toward the hybrid more too because of the current stance on diesels and the DEF and the cost of the fuel compared to regular gas. As a long time sports sedan owner turned trucker, I would tell you to shop. Read and research but some facts, well, aren't facts. I remember my legacy of sports sedans and buying recommended models- LOL. The Lexus- bad radios- all of them on the lot, cyclops brake light bulb not replaceable when blown, BMW 328is coupe- bad electrical battery blew up 2yrs., Infiniti G38 jerking and slamming 8spd. auto transmission on Interstates on quick braking- these were all top rated/reviewed cars and not cheap. I had more trouble with those three than any other vehicles I ever have owned. If you are looking for a truck, a vehicle meant for hauling and towing, then I highly recommend an F150. There is a reason they have such high sales in spite of what some reviews say.


when i first got the truck didnt know what to expe

had to get used to the truck now i love it. would recomend that you compare it to other trucks and you will love it


Beautiful ride

Plush ride and plenty of power. Side windows are lower and offer more comfort when down. Safety features are awesome. Engine without cylinder shutdown was a plus for me. Price was higher than expected but in line with other brands.


Sophistication and luxury, F150 fits the bill.

I replaced my 2019 Chevrolet Silverado RST 4×4 with the new 2022 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Lariat 4×4 with 502A and the bells and whistles I wanted, BlueCruise, tow technology package, bed utility package, bed scale w/ smart hitch, continuously controlled damping, 7.2 kw generator, and B&O unleashed sound system. If I were to buy it at MSRP, the price is pretty much in line with the others, but the out of state dealership sold it to me at around 7% below sticker. The continuously controlled damping makes a difference with the ride quality. The BlueCruise is a little tricky, you need to have lane assist on before turning it on, then it'll drive itself. The interior quality is better than my 2019 Chevrolet (but I hear the 2022 Silverado is much better now). I am very satisfied with the overall appearance and quality of my new F-150, and the gas mileage is amazing with the PowerBoost, I have been getting better numbers than EPA's.


Great TV

Got it to be my tow vehicle and it does the job great. Good power, great 4WD, and it has style. I loved my experience with the dealership. They were very helpful and knowledgeable.


Great Truck

My F-150 Lariat is very comfortable and stylish. It's very quiet at freeway speeds. The remote access with the FordPass app is very helpful. The bed access with the retractable step and handrail is very handy. The tie downs work well. Fuel economy in the 3.5L is OK, actually only a bit lower in town than my old 09 Focus. The truck has had one recall already, but with all the technology on it that's not too surprising. And the technology is really nice. The adaptive cruise is really nice, but coupled with the lane centering makes driving for long distances very easy. Even heavy cross winds are effortless.


2022 Ford F150

My 2022 Ford F150 is quiet, stylish, driver access friendly, economical and comfortable. 2.7L EcoBoost supplies plenty of power. It is truly a very nice vehicle!