2014 Ford Fiesta consumer reviews

$14,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2014 Fiesta Ford
74% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior 4.0
  • Performance 3.8
  • Value 3.9
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 3.8
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Great Car!

I have a '14 ST and a '17 SE. Reliable, fun to drive. Had to replace a door actuator on one but that's been it. Did that myself (it's on YouTube).


Great manual transmission car

Back in 2014 I visited the Ford dealership in Brownsville, Texas to purchase a Ford Fiesta with a manual transmission. They only had automatic ones. I went to another Ford dealership and they had one Ford Fiesta with a manual transmission. I bought it. I will now discuss the bad and the good. One issue I had was the timing belt tensioner. It was bent at 75,000 miles. Luckily I had the timing belt removed on time. When I had uhaul install the hitch I noticed the design in the rear frame was poorly made by Ford to the point towing was not an option. I took my car to a welding shop and had all that rear area reinforced super strong. Now the good. Aside from those 2 issues my Ford Fiesta has been extremely reliable. Currently it has over 168,000 miles. And within those miles I have driven basically all over the USA occassionally towing another car. Overall, the Ford Fiesta is an awesome car on the condition you maintain it and make sure you get one with a manual transmission. The automatic Ford Fiestas are garbage because of a defective transmission.



I replaced 12 tires in 4 months, the seatbelt nearly choked my kid to death in the back seat. This giant turd with wheels should be recalled immediately. My child is now scared to be in the car calling it the "Air Taker". When i leave my kid in the hot car to get groceries, he is almost dead when i come back!!!! Who would have guessed???? I can only hold two beers in the cup holders, how the xxxx can i drink my Miller's and drive? I'm sick and tired of not being able to go 125 through the Lowe's parking lot like my old PT Cruiser. WORST CAR EVER.


Fun car that is hard to choose wrong!

As a mechanic I have owned two Fiesta's, and worked on several. Particularly the Fiesta ST - these are some of my favorite cars. Its easy to work on for a small car and parts are cheap. I have seen people do minor mods to make them wicked fast but best of all - they are generally bulletproof inside and out. It is amazing how many VWs I have seen with busted strut towers, Mazda's with leaking sunroofs or soft tops, but the Fiesta's are rocket ships that only have issues when the owner does something stupid. The 6-speed transmissions are really great - i have yet to need to do a clutch or fly wheel repair or see any issues there really. Turbos are good for 200k miles it seems. The automatic transmission in older ones can suck - avoid those. Take good care of these cars and they will take care of you. Ford's best product in years. Dont get a Focus ST - get the Fiesta.


Ford sucks! Stay away! Take siestas off the market

I bought a 2014 Ford fiesta SE with 56k on it and before my first payment the water pump gave out. Now not even six months in and my clutch needs to be replaced for apparently the 2nd time. All the research I've done now is pointless because Ford knew about their issues and covered them up. I will never buy another Ford again!


Piece of xxxx Car!!!

I bought with 1700 miles on a 2014 fiesta SE. I now have 70,000 miles and had to get towed home as the transmission went out completely. Ford shop tells me it will cost $6,500 to fix. I don’t have it so it’s been sitting in my driveway for over a year🤬🤬 thanks Ford!!!!


Piece of garbage

2014 Ford Fiesta (Edsel). Garbage. Transmission, new motor, sway bars, sway bar links, all 4 shocks gone. My mechanic says for year of car shocks shouldn't be bad. Catalytic converter shot. Have had to buy 8 new tires in 5 months. Now it needs wheel bearings. Don't know what I was thinking when I bought a Fix Or Repair Daily car. Never again!!!!!


Worst vehicle I ever owned

In the year 2022 was when I purchased a 2014 Ford fiesta. Worst mistake of my life! Water pump going out, & the least expensive quote I got was $600 (which did not include the timing belt, $200 more). No mechanics have special Ford tools to work on the vehicle. The one it two that do charge outrageous rates! This thing is a nightmare! Once fixed, it's a fun number to drive that I wouldn't mind keeping. But Ford really jacked this otherwise cute, fun-to-drive little compact car up! *Special tools, hhhmph 😤


The green phantom

Have my Fiesta se sedan for 2.monthes now what a great car great mpg quick little car nice pickup plenty of nice options inside comfortably seats rides nice and smooth I love driving it great handling it is fun to drive would not trade it for any other car in its class better than a Honda fit or spark and no problem so far Fiesta is top small car


You'll have to replace the transmission!

This is a nice looking, affordable little car that gets great gas mileage. Sadly, Ford knowingly installed defective transmissions in these. Ford has known these hybrid transmissions have a major design flaw for many years, but they continued to put them in a million small cars. Maybe that's why Ford doesn't make cars any more!