2005 Ford Five Hundred consumer reviews

$22,165–$23,965 MSRP range
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87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.3
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Great car, strange tranny

I bought my 05 SE a couple years back, and honestly I like it a lot. I love the handling and plenty of cabin and trunk space, and despite being such a big car and slightly underpowered, it somehow manages to pull off a bit better gas mileage than my 04 Acura TL. What I don't like is the way the tranny operates at highway speeds. I don't like the fact it likes to hold into such a high gear (for example I could be cruising at 75mph and it's still in 3rd gear). For me to get it into the top gear I have to let off the gas and then accelerate again until it eventually realizes I don't want to go any faster and shift to 6th. It's also quite noisy under highway speeds acceleration, but I do like the grade logic control feature where it'll downshift one gear so I don't lose speed going up hills. Other than that, good car, I'd say it's worth the money, and I love the space - its huge!!!


Finally trading

We bought the car new. Put 70,000 miles on it. Had to do the back brakes at 40,000. Nothing else. Finally after 7yrs. the AC compressor is leaking. A common fault for 500s. Ford compressors aren't the best on the road. Love the car. Roomy and quiet. Huge trunk. At this age I will trade before repairing. Averaged about 26mpg combined driving.


Ford 500 Great

This is a great and reliable model--the power under the hood is just right, the comfort is great, and the stereo, moon roof, and leather seats give it a somewhat luxurious feel..


good car found

after wrecking a car i had driven for 12 years (1998 Ford Contour), I found a 2005 Ford Five Hundred that is a better fit for me and my family! It rides nice and has several features that we may not have considered before, but are glad to have now!


Ford 500, Slow and Steady

For the price, the Ford 500 is an excellent used car. Comfortable room for 5, smartly appointed, decent gas mileage (22mpg avg. overall) all point to a solid purchase for the person who is not looking to go fast or corner quickly. The ride is smooth, and the dashboard is very easy to read. What is it missing? No fuel mileage indicator, a basic radio with an AUX jack under the console, a huge trunk but no segregated storage areas.


Ford 500 - a good compromise of value and luxury

We've only had the car about four months but it's pretty solid. Quiet, safe, and fairly nimble, it's a car that an American car company couldn't have built a few years ago. This is an early 2005, actually built in 2004, yet it has surprisingly good build quality. Everyone comments on the vast room inside, especially the back seat, and the trunk is enormous. The 6-speed transmission is very smooth and makes the most of the aging technology of the Duratec V6. It's course and noisy at low speeds but quiets as you speed up. It doesn't have the refinement of a Nissan or Toyota V6 but you won't be paying the price either. Gas mileage is okay - again not what a Maxima or Avalon would deliver - but acceptable. We found this one from a local private party for $9500 with 26K miles. If you can get a deal like that, go for it. The market is soft for these and if you're buying from a dealer, there's lots of negotiating room.


One of the best cars I've owned

I own a 500 Limited AWD with a continuously variable transmission which I bought used in 2009. All around this is one of the best cars I've owned. It had 24K miles when I bought it and now I have 65K miles. Except for a break job it has needed nothing but normal maintenance. On a long trip it's a dream and you actually arrive rested. I would not hesitate to recommend this car or buy another one myself.


It was my baby

I just traded in my 2005 Ford Five Hundred Limited and if my family would've not expanded this year, I would still have it. I'm over 6 feet tall and I had plenty of room in this vehicle. I'm not sure where some of these reviews get their mileage info from because I never saw over 26mpg on my car. The back seat was spacious and the trunk could easily fit strollers, golf clubs, luggage etc. This was the only car I've ever driven that I could sit for 12 hours straight on road trips and not be uncomfortable. I would recommend it to anyone.


Great Used Car

This car has been very reliable. I drive around 15,000 miles a year and have never had any problems. Gas mileage is very good (30 mpg highway, 24 city) for such a large car. The interior plastics arn't the best, but considering what I paid. I'm not complaining. It could use more power, but then the mileage would probably go down. Overall. A very good car.


It's a great value - 2005 ford five hundred

I bought used with 46000 miles. Only owned it 5 weeks. No problems. Shifts smooth, comfortable ride and yet relatively sport like handling. I love the command seating. Makes long drives less painful on the legs. Mine is a Limited, black on black. Classy styling in and out. For 11,500 I got a lot of car. Power is adequate. Gets 28 highway. Avg mpg ~21