2005 Ford Five Hundred consumer reviews

$22,165–$23,965 MSRP range
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87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.3
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2005 Ford 500 affordable tast of luxury and class

I just recently purchased the Five Hundred Limited and so far have been really impressed. Pros: The ride is smooth and responsive. Interior is refined and has a very import luxury feel. Features and extras for the money are unbeatable. Engine is quiet and sounds refined. Sound system is solid. Braking is firm and confident Cons: 3.0 Engine is definitely underpowered but more than adequate for passing or accelerating when really needed. Don't plan on drag racing or hitting the strip but otherwise its honestly fine. Fuel economy leaves a little to be desired. I drive a mix of city and highway and am averaging about 21mpg Minor maintenance repairs associated with miles. The 6 speed transmission is great but DO NOT GET THE 2 SPEED CVT. Ive heard horror stories, Surprisingly impressive car for the money! I would confidently recommend the car to just about anyone in the market.


Best Sedan Value

Great car! AWD - great; CVT - Great and economical. Spatious inside. Good for tall people. Huge trunk w/fold-down rear seats and front passenger seat to boot. Low maint. costs.


Disappointed in Ford!!

I just purchased a 2005 version of the 500 last month and have had problems already. Hopefully you are already aware of the NHTSA's investigation into the cluster panel going out and all the gauges on the panel dropping to 0. I experienced this problem last week. They had to replace the instrument panel with a new one. I am furious with the Ford dealership and Ford as a whole because I am sure they knew about this issue before I bought the car last month and they should have corrected/replaced it. Of course, they see it another way. I refused to pay for anything (i.e., warranty deductible nor rental car charge) because I felt it was their responsibility to fix it. I have never felt so afraid to drive a car before in my life! I have had two Toyota's before this and had no problems whatsoever. I put over 90,000 miles on my last Matrix within a 3-year period and had no issues. Honestly, I wish I had bought another brand of car. I've never been a Ford fan and now I really have no faith in them at all!!!


worst ford ever

back brakes need to be replaced way to often, door handle sticks and wont close, awful noise in the front end when turning and way to much in gas. Is comfortable and roomy but not worth my headache.


Most comfy car I've ever driven... period.

Bought a used 2005 with 70,000 miles 10/2007, and love every ounce of the car so far. It's initial acceleration is not quite as brisk, as say, the Ford Fusion, but it has plenty of power and style to go around. VERY nice car, and we're proud to finally own an American car again.


Very pleased with an S80 to Five Hundred Trade

We traded in a Volvo S80 to buy this car used about 3 months ago and absolutely love it. We hated to see the Volvo go, but couldn't afford repairs. The Five Hundred averages about 29 MPG on the highway and it has more interior room than a cave. The trunk is bigger than you need (believe me). A baby stroller, tool box, umbrellas, and standard carry arounds doesn't even take up half of the trunk. Plenty of grocery room left. The fold down front seat is a great option for getting the baby carrier into and out of the car. One pull and easily folds. Very comfortable riding car. Easily the best I've ever owned. If you want a very practical vehicle with modest styling, this is the car. The only issue is the rear brakes early wear (design flaw). Make sure the brake recall for the rear disc brakes has been completed by 30 K miles.



I have had several cars,and this is the only one I've ever owned that actually gets the fuel economy it claims to have.I actually averaged 26.7 on the highway,which is MORE THAN THE RATING!! Ford finally gets it right,and they discontinue the car.If this car had satellite capability,it would have been the perfect car.


too much gas!!!!!

I have the 2005 limited. It looks nice but man does my car eat up gas like theres no tomorrow. 17 mph gallon. The weird thing is that it lasts longer IN city than ON highway. im confused!


A good looking car with problems

When I saw the Ford Five-Hundred I was immediately impressive; looks, styling, sense of comfort and the price was not bad. I brought the car in December of 2006 with 34,500 miles on it so it was still under warranty. After about a week of driving the ?CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" came on, so I dropped it off at the dealership where it was purchased for fixing. They working on it and supposedly fixed the problem, I picked the car up and no more than a day later the "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT? came on again. Once again they supposely fixed it, I picked the vehicle up ad couple days later the light was on yet again. Now, each time I took it in for service they claimed, we fixed and replaced this and that part, so now it should be good the go. Each fix was temporary and the last time I took it in for servicing they kept it for three week and when I received it back no more than 10 days later the ?Check Engine Light " is back on. So, I'll be taking it down to the dealership yet again with a derogatory letters to the dealership, servicing department and the FORD COMPANY. If you were thinking of buying a ?Five-Hundred" please think again. As a consumer, we need vehicles we can count on for us and our family and this is not one of them. I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHY THE AMERICAN COMPANIES WONDER WHY SO MANY OF US BUY FOREIGN CARS!!!!!!!


Terrific After One Year: Exceeds My Expectations

Much happier after 1 year than with former Toyota Avalon. Not one problem in 15,000 miles. (Three oil changes and one new set of wipers) Love the look, plus it's roomier, quieter, more comfortable, has a better stereo and gets better gas mileage (22.0 to 26.5 mpg on a long freeway trip). Actually cost LESS than the Toyota. We love this car! Why is it not the #1 seller? So, it doesn't have a fancy foreign brand name. Don't be fooled. This is a terrific car, an unbelievable value, and made in the U.S.A. in Chicago! I want to tell other people about it.