2017 Ford Focus RS consumer reviews

$36,120 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Focus RS Ford
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Most fun you can have under $100k

I've driven a lot of sports cars both on the street and the track. I've raced in numerous serious from autocross to road course. And I can tell you, this is the most overall fun car out there. It ruins the day for porsche owners on the road course, it make subaru lovers angry because of its mere existence, and it takes audi owners to school around the corners. This car is insanely forgiving, yet corners like a GTR. It's super easy to slide and drift for a little fun too. The seats a little tight. It rides smooth (for a track oriented sports car). It has all the amenities of a luxury car (with the RS2 package). It looses a star for the head gasket issue, but Ford is owning up and fixing it, so no real issue.


Highest Smiles Per Gallon

This is an amazing vehicle that may not be around for a while in the US. It never fails to put a smile on your face, or impress you with the power and agility it possesses. Get one while you still can!


What a great car

Ive owned fast awd cars most of my life. But the new RS is a different beast all together. I sold an evolution X mr and im so glad i did. The rs does everything better. The thing is like its on rails.awsome job ford.


I'm I the only one that likes wagons

The choices are slim in this segment. You can't have it all. It's either FWD or automatic or sedan that you have to compromise for. Not the case with the RS you get AWD a traditional manual transmission in a wagon (hot hatch) you do have to compromise for a bumpy less refined ride as well as a very simplistic interior that reminds you that your in what looks to be a rental car. But you're not your in a RS. Once you turn that engine over and put it in first you know well that this isn't a rental is a 350hp AWD wagon with the option to drift. Sure there's a few others out there but don't forget to check this one out as it might just end up in your garage.


The almighty focus RS

From the moment I saw the rs I knew I needed to own one, especially in stealth Gray. So I searched and searched for a fair deal on one with 0 miles, and my amazing dealership (Ron lewis ford, beaver falls pa) helped me end that search. The paint on this car is wicked, it has a flat color but let me tell you, does it shine. Every detail is immaculate, Ford really paid attention to detail when producing this vehicle, from the recall seats, the way it handles when driving down to the blue stiching everywhere.


Best car I have ever owned!!

Truly a magnificent piece of automotive genius. This car is exhilarating to drive. It yearns for every opportunity to get on a road and devour it. It holds the road as if the tires were made of magnets and the road a ribbon of sheet metal. I have read about an aggressive ride but at every level, it is appropriate and comfortable. All you want to do is DRIVE this car as it dares you to push it more than it will push you.


Best car I have ever owned!!

Turned in a 2016 Focus ST and upgraded to the RS and it is simply AMAZING! Crazy-fun to drive! Have see. Reviews knocking the seats and I am 5'9" and fat (240 lbs) and the seats are actually more comfortable than the ST. The handling has been reviewed as stiff and that you can feel every bump which I too find to be an exaggeration. Drives just as smoothly as the ST which is very comfortable. Car feels more solid. Styling is the same as the ST pretty much minus the larger rear wing and the grill. Love the subtle changes. No spare tire!! This is a little bit stressful, but the car has a very unique tire repair system that seems pretty straight forward that will get you off the side of the road faster and safer than having to change out the tire. It is different though and just hope that when and if my tire goes flat all works as advertised. This car is totally amazing to drive though. Going to have this for a long time or until Ford decided to add another 100 hp and 100 ft/lbs of torque again!


Fast Hot Hatch

This car is exactly what I had hoped it to be. It's quick off the line, has loads of power, and It corners amazingly. The interior is incredibly comfortable and the stereo system feels very modern.


Great Car but feels like a spruced up Focus ST

Car has plenty of cargo space especially when rear seats are down. I usually average 19mpg around town and mid to low 20s on the highway so not great on gas. Launch control is great but a pain to get to and activate. The interior is essentially a base focus with some seats a steering wheel and some blue stitching which is sad considering it costs 20k more. Even with it in normal mode and not with the sport suspension on it still has a vertical choppy ness to the ride, but even with the extreme bolstering on the seats once driven a few times they become extremely comfortable and huggy. Car is a hoot to drive but still pretty easy to live with.


I traded in my 2013 GT500 for this! Great choice!

I have been in some sort of race or performance vehicle since I was 9 years old. Because of this, the interior shortcomings that others talk about, do not phase me one bit. In fact, they are a welcome site. There is more than I need, with heated steering wheels and seats, sunroof, which I will probably never use, but came with the car. It's a blast to drive everyday. I am thinking about getting a second for the track. It does suit specific types of drivers though . It can also bring out the racer in those that have that suppressed gene(: Use it with great care!!!