2017 Ford Focus RS consumer reviews

$36,120 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Focus RS Ford
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Excellent vehicle

I think that the Focus RS is well built , fun to drive and a great value. I purchased the RS as an extra vehicle to use for spirited driving. I love that it?s a four door hatchback. It allows my family to all enjoy the vehicle.


Excellent vehicle

I think that the Focus RS is well built , fun to drive and a great value. I purchased the RS as an extra vehicle to use for spirited driving. I love that it?s a four door hatchback. It allows my family to all enjoy the vehicle.


Sports car performance in a hatchback

My last three cars before my 2017 RS were a 1981 911 SC, 1998 Corvette, and my "beloved" 2005 Honda S2000. I can say that after driving my new 2017 Focus RS in "Stealth Gray" for just 500 miles I'm extremely impressed and satisfied with the car. The handling is superb and although still in the break in period the performance is superb. The ride is stiff but coming from sports cars I'm ok with it. The optional power Recaros are very supportive which at times make them somewhat uncomfortable. The turning circle is like a U-Haul truck but all of this disappears when you put the car in sports mode and hear the exhaust pops/backfires as the torque curve pull you away. Although I live in S. Florida which is known for sports/luxury cars I have yet to see another RS since I bought it a month ago. I also love the fact that only purist/car people recognize the car. A week ago at a gas station two young men in a 370Z came over to me to compliment the car as well as to tell me that it was great to see "someone old" driving this type of car.


I couldn't wait

I fully intended on waiting until I had a good amount of miles on my RS before Writing any reviews but I don't need anymore miles than the 2000 or so that I've already put on it, I have already come to my conclusion.. For lack of a better word This car is Epic! Of all the Magazine reviews, YouTube videos and Car Forums the hype is, in my opinion, much more conservative then what I have experienced in this 4 cylinder, Turbo charged, 350 - HP / Ft.lbs of Torque, All Wheel drive Beast! The power is seemingly limitless, the acceleration will throw your head back and put butterflies in your gut every time, especially with Launch mode activated, it is insane! Handling? Pshh I have taken curves at speeds that I have never attempted before, and I push all my cars to my limit. The Brembo brakes are so tight I thought my neck was going to break when I punched the brake peddle at 85 mph. The steering is super tight, the suspension is rock solid and the Michelin sport cup ll tires are sticky and grip like a cheetah on sandpaper. Okay, so I'm sure my review sounds incredibly sensationalized, possibly fabricated and maybe even a little ridiculous. Well I assure you, I am just a regular guy and a genuine owner of a 2017 Shadow Black RS2 pkg. Focus RS. I bought into the RS hype but I prepared myself for the possibility of being underwhelmed. Welp I'm not, quite the contrary, I am pleasantly shocked! How do they put so much power and performance in a four cylinder for around 40k? I don't really know but I know that I am glad I got one before they stop making them next year (2018) As for the durability and reliability, I obviously can not speak for that, I only have about 2000 miles on it so far but I bought the 100000 mile extended warranty. And aside from driving it like I stole it, for which it was made and intended, I will maintain and baby it like it was a 2 million dollar Bugatti. And hopefully it will last a long long time. But I'll definitely make some updates as time and miles pass. So.. if you're looking at the Hyperhatch class, you're probably checking out the Golf R, Type R, WRX Sti ( And so many more in the European market. Lucky! ) these are all super cool cars and I can't see you going wrong with any of them. But I can only speak for the RS.. If you're considering the Focus RS.. Yeah, It's freaking Awesome! It's a great time for the sports car enthusiast. Enjoy!


more smiles to the gallon than any other car

This is one of the most fun cars I have ever owned. I haven't taken it to a track, but I know this car will outperform many cars double its price.


Fastest,best handling car I have owned.

Four words, Eco beast, torque vectoring.This thing corners like it is on rails. 25.2 mpg or less if you want.


Pretty sweet ride

I used to work at a ford dealership and had a few opportunities to drive the Focus RS. It definitely live for up to my expectations for the car. Drift mode is a blast in an empty parking lot.


Top 6 things I like about my Focus RS

1. 4 Different drive modes! This alows my focus RS to behave like 4 different cars or or one care with 4 different personalities! Actually when you think about it it's like 5 different modes because you can change to track mode then delete the stiff suspension to the you are I. Normal suspension with all rest of the responsiveness of track mode. It's pretty awesome! 2. The looks! It is sporty with out being too overly aggressive. The front grill is beautifully bold. The rear spoiler is a nice touch and appropriately aggressive. The black alloy wheels are perfect and that deffuser with the duel exaust note is insane!!! I owened the 2013 Focus ST and just adored that car. It was the best car I have owened to date. But I just kept wishing The looks matched the performance that thing was capable of. I think the Focus RS is the right balance of aggressive looks and style. 3. ThebFocus RS is a Sleeper Hyper Hatch. Incognito to many. An unknown entity. It is, for the most part a sleeper car because most will look at it and say "oh that's just a spirited Ford Focus and not really know what it is! 4. its a "Rare Bread". The nice thing about it is there aren't that many on the road. You don't see them often and that makes it special!!! Plus my Focus RS is Stealth Grey which makes her even more rare and under the Radar. 5. LAUNCH CONTROL!!! This is such a special feature! I absolutely LOVE this feature! The first time I used it.... it scared me!!! I was impressed!!! She took off like a rocket! Just awsome!!! 6. Last, and certainly not least, THE SOUND SHE MAKES!!! It is crazy that the stock exaust is that good. Those pops and crackles are nothing short of brilliant. It's an addiction really!!! They are just a smile factory. It's the cherry on top really! Well done Ford!!! You knocked it out of the park!!!


The hype isn't wrong!

This has been such a great car to own. It's an everyday fun-haver that begs to be driven hard and will reward you when you do. Would I say it's better than a STi, Golf-R or Evo? I would prefer to say it is deserving to be included in the same circle! If you're a fanboy of either this car might not convert you, but it should garner your respect. It's a very capable car and extremely fun. You can't argue that it has a bit more personality compared to it's competition. The interior and controls are great, CarPlay and AndroidAuto are great systems to use for safe driving and convenience. The recaro seats really hug you in, but can be a bit firm if you don't meet the ideal size they were intended for. The drive modes are great and each one has great effect on the car's dynamics. To fully appreciate this car, it must be driven around a race course where it was designed to shine.


So much fun.

It's so cool, can run with anyone, I personally love the styling. Mileage is as advertised. So far so good on reliability.