1994 Ford Mustang consumer reviews

$13,695 starting MSRP
side view of 1994 Mustang Ford
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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I won't sell my '94 Cobra

In reading some of the other posts, people having problems with the SN95 Mustangs are simply not doing the maintenance. The 5.0 is an old school V8 with nothing all that complicated. I have owned my '94 Cobra since '95 it has 98,000 miles and runs perfectly. I have not had a major issue with it. I suspect that those having problems have either created them, or bought someone's beater. I love this body style, it is probably the sexiest that Ford ever came up with, it has curves like Sofia Vergara, and you can tuck some seriously fat tires under her rear! The seating is the most comfortable I have been in, although except for hauling groceries or kids, the back is useless, but that's okay. Handling is decent and power is decent. If you install lowering springs, caster/camber plates, decent tires and some basic power adders it will give you more than enough power and handling to get into and out of trouble. The car is quiet and comfortable on long trips, I used to drive mine daily in winter snow and summer heat (if you have trouble in snow or wet weather, you can't drive), as well as cross country trips. Now it only sees sunny weekends, road trips and car shows. Back in the day I compared it to new Firebirds and Camaros, and found the quality with Ford to be superior to Chevy and Pontiac, the GM interiors looked cheap, like they were designed by Fisher-Price, although the GMs had more power. The Cobra and the Firebird have the best styling, I liked the way the Firebird looked then, however, the Camaro was downright ugly (it still is). I have considered selling this car and buying something else, but here is the deal, it is faster than a 66-70 GT350 and handles better (stock-to-stock comparisons obviously) (I have auto crossed this car as well), everyone from Mustang enthusiasts to Kit car manufacturers are using the parts from SN95 Cobras and GTs to make their cars go fast, so I wouldn't gain anything from buying another project car when all of the parts came off of an SN95! Mine is all there and I have taken care of it, go fast goodies for it are not outrageously priced, so modifications can continue. I might could see buying a new 2017-2018 Mustang GT, because 418 horsepower with a warranty, but you are looking at $47,000, a fat car payment and high insurance premiums! So if you can have one old car to play with, you could do a lot worse. If you can find a Cobra, you have a relatively inexpensive and fairly rare base to start with. Until I win the lottery and can afford to do everything, this Mustang Cobra is what I am happy with (...and even then I'd probably keep it!). A final disclaimer, I have owned VWs, Chevys, Dodges, Fords, Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, Mercedes Benz, etc., and this is the car I keep, although I'm kinda sweet on old VW's, especially Type 3 Notchbacks!


It's a mustang

At first, this car is great, it's sporty, its a mustang... but when it comes to the maintenance after awhile it can be a slight pain. Granted this car is over 20 years old so when you take the year into account it held up great. I've had mine for over 6 years now and I didn't think it would last for more than 4. If you like Mustangs but can't afford a brand new one(or a really nice older one) this model is great. It looks decent and isn't the body style I personally prefer but it's still a mustang. Overall, I loved this car (more so when I first got it) and it'll be hard finding something else.


V8 has good performance and solid reliability

I've owned several GT and cobra models and they area good value for the money. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a nice example.


Nice car! Owned for 2 years.Summer ride ONLY!!

I have a 1994 GT 5 speed convertible!!This year went under major changes to improve the fox body style mustang.For most the GT 5.0 H.O. has more than enough beans to blow your head back in your seat.The biggest restriction is the stock exhaust.If you put headers and pipes you will free up 20HP easy.Made a BIG difference in my car.Bolt on performance stuff for this car is cheap and plentiful!! I have under drive pullies,and a cold air intake.You can pick up over 50 HP in small bolt ons!!That now put's you in better performance specs than the 1994 mustang cobra!I Handles good,Rides smooth!


Most enjoyable sports car to drive I've owned

I have a severe back problem, and was really surprised to drive this car and find out how well it drives for someone with a back problem. Most sports cars don't drive with comfort as well as this one. It also handles extremely well and has plenty of power, not to mention gets decent gas mileage as long as you don't keep your foot inn it. I would love to keep the car but with a crushed spine I need a automatic transmission car to drive. The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra is the most comfortable, great handling, good looking, sports car I have had the pleasure of driving. The model I'm driving has power windows, door locks, seats, and trunk release. It has an after market stereo with factory speakers which sounds decent, rear window defogger, and AC. The thing I dislike on this mustang, is that it doesn't have a low fuel warning light, or alarm. Other 1994 Mustang have this light but not this Cobra. I checked and it's not that the bulb is burnt out, it just never came with one. In all if this car came with a automatic transmission and the fuel warning light, I could see myself owning this car for a very long, long time. Just a great all around car to drive.


Awesome car 94 Mustang GT

This car is fantastic and extremley reliable. It was purchased brand NEW in 94 and we still have the car and is running great with no problems whatsoever. Our mustang was used everyday from work to vacations and was driven all throught the year including winter. Just a pair of good tires bags of sand or any heavy object in the back for weight and it was good to go!We still use it for eveything to the present month June 2011.*NOTE* PREMIUM Gas was always used nothing else and proper care and maitenence Garage kept. The car is just amazing and the mileage for ours is a whopping 170,000miles and still going with no problems.


favorite car ive ever had

the car is a great buy for any new age muscle car enthusiast. i had a 98 v6 when i was younger and really enjoyed it. now that im older i've bought a 95 gt! love it even more. the car has great response and excellent pickup/ the only negative thing i could say is it does not handle well in inclimate weather. but that always changes with your experience at driving a rear wheel drive vehicle



The best value for the money of any car ever owned(owned my first in 1964). My wife, kids and grandkids similarly enjoy. Great ride, great performance, great fun! Get a convertible!


fun car for the money

Mustang GT with the 5.0 and a 5 speed. Have owned my mustang for a little over a year, bought it last fall and drove it all spring and summer this year. Wouldnt recommend this car for winter, the engine has too much torque. Awsome car for the summer months though, and good on gas in stock form, I was getting 27 mpg on the hwy before I changed my gears. Changed rear end ratio to 3.55. Still get 22 mpg, and car gets up and goes really well now. These cars with the 5.0 last a long time if proper maint. is done on the drivetrain. Very common to have the front suspension wear out between 110k and 130k miles, cost me about 550 to rework all of it(tie rod ends, ball joints, etc) These cars were very underated in the handleing department. With some wider rims and sports tires the car can really carve some corners. Not as fast in stock form as the newer mustangs, but the 5.0 is easy and cheap to modify and performance can easily be made superior to cars ten years newer. Interior is much improved over the fox body cars from the 80's, and overall is pretty good, but there are a few weak spots like the door panels(insert with the power window switches gets loose) and the rear seat belts make noise sometimes. Overall the materials are pretty good though and hold up well. Mach 460 stereo is fantastic, just put a modern head unit in to play MP3 etc and you are golden. Overall a fun sporty car that is affordable to buy and holds its value well.


Great Car

Wife drives to work everyday 86 miles round trip. MN winters are terrible, but this car was driven 5 days a week with no problem. 150K and don't have a problem with starting and not ever being plugged in. Still get 32mpg and my wife loves the manual shift. But all my Fords are just short of 200K and they all run great without ever having to be plugged in, even at -30!