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2015 Ford Mustang consumer reviews

$23,800 starting MSRP
side view of 2015 Mustang Ford
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.7
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It is the best car every built.

It is the best car every built. Comparing everything and its value and maintenance costs. Its looks is fantastic. Its best designed car. In fact 2024 Mustang (S650) is a downgrade, they designed it to look like an accord. 2015-2023 mustangs have the best design of any 4 seater sport car. Has 4 seats and plenty of power. You can add boost and go to 800 hp with stock internals. Premium line has leather cooled seats. With 325 wide tires, it handles like 911 on track.


I wish that there were a "maybe" option for recommending

I wish that there were a "maybe" option for recommending the car. Disappointing quality. Computer system is trash. Two shock absorbers failed before 60,000 miles. Rear engine seal started leaking badly at 67,000 miles. Gets all over exhaust and smokes. Left mirror will wig out and run to its limit and click until I stop it. Seat will randomly choose to adjust to different positions when I start the car. Computer in general is laggy. Tons of delay. Horn even goes through the computer. You can't tap it. You have to hold it. Hooking up Bluetooth is super slow. Tuning the radio manually is super slow. The car will sometimes honk at me if I get out with the engine running, but don't shut the door (it's supposed to honk the horn if I do shut the door, which I also hate). One time the computer got stuck when I shut the car off and kept dinging at me as though I left the headlights on. I had to turn accessory mode back on and off. Throttle has tons of lag except in sport mode, but in sport mode it holds in lower gears even when cruising, so I have to switch back to regular drive. This is all especially annoying in rush hour traffic. Transmission programming in general is a disaster. I'm used to manuals, and this was supposed to be a manual, but the dealer lied. I liked the car a lot otherwise, so I bought it anyway. When accelerating hard, the transmission will shift to ridiculously low gears, screaming the engine (there's no power here), and then will stay in these low gears long after I'm done accelerating. The torque area for the Ecoboost is around 2500 rpm, not 5000 rpm. Even when accelerating moderately, the trans will skip maybe two gears, and then will shift to some excessively high gear like 6 when only going 45 or 50. This gear should only be selected if cruising for a while at these speeds. Otherwise it just lugs the engine. All of the buttons on the dash are painted, and are chipping and wearing already. It's amazing that they charge what they do, but they can't injection mold the text into the buttons. Extremely cheap. It speaks volumes about Ford, which I've been warned about, and will avoid in the future. Oh, and the instrument lights are too bright at their dimmest setting when out in the country. When I'm driving in the dark, I want maximum visibility, and want the instrument lights dim. ...And I had to replace the driver's door gasket. It leaked and whistled a ton. Also, moisture gets trapped on the sill plates after driving in the rain. This will likely promote rust. The car is fun to drive with good shocks (I replaced the bad ones), and if you learn to manipulate the transmission. The Ecoboost has good power *when* the transmission shifts correctly, and when the throttle doesn't have lag.


GT Performance

It’s a GT, what more can I say? It has style, performance and that sound! That deep tone of the engine is unmistakable! The V8 sure makes this Mustang gallop!


Mustang GT 50 Year Limited Edition

Found the 2015 Mustang GT 50 year Limited Edition with less than 13,000 miles. Love all the features not found on the regular GT models. Great car!


No issues at all, drives well. Mt82 is clunky

Like the car, mt82 trans is a bit of a downer but I'm careful with it. Moved the air intake farther from the engine and runs cool all the time.


Awesome car experience

Mustang 5.0 Gt Rocks the World, im bless to own this exiting beast,every day is Nascar time for me,head turners every where,just love it,thx ford for making me young again.


It's a ROUDY comfortable very fun and reliable car

I'm in love been a mustang guy all my life and this is the best one by far. I couldn't even dream of owning a different car this is perfect.


Very comfortable car and plenty of zip to it.

Car was exactly what we were after and after looking at several listings finally found the one we sought. Had comfort, performance and styling rolled into one. Nice job by Ford on this anniversary mustang


Never loved driving a car like I do this one.

Love everything about this car except some of the parts i.e. lug nuts Fird knew were crud. Got a class action suit because of it. Other than that I could not have anything better to say about my Mustang.


Beautiful, fun, reliable, fast

Have had the most fund drives and amazing experiences in this car. You will not be disappointed when driving this car, totally worth buying .