1993 Ford Probe consumer reviews

$12,845 starting MSRP
side view of 1993 Probe Ford
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.9
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 3.3
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The most fun car off the track

This car was a gift to me by me in 1993. Fire engine red, Independant suspension, gator back tires that were glued to the road. You could take clover leafs at 85 and it never got loose. The faster the turn the closer to the ground it was. Very stable, 140mph was like driving at 30mph. Gas mileage was great even the way I drive. I taught all the kids how to drive a stick on its 5 Speed. More importantly I taught them how to drive like a driver. In the end they could make it do anything. I loved this car but I had to trade it for an explorer sport, my business changed and I needed a more practical vehicle. I still miss it.


Best car I've had so far

The 1993 Probe GT is an incredibly fun car to drive. This thing can handle corners like it was nothing and is over-performant when it comes to slamming it to the floor. The first one I had was a '93 and passed away at the venerable age of 23, after Canadian winters took the best of the floor and frame. I took the main parts of it out and used them on my '95 GT because they were still in good shape. I paid 1,500$ for my '93 and it cost me 1000$ (including a 700$ welding of the rear shocks plate) in repairs. This car is very unexpensive for all it can give to its owner. It's a real head-turner, especially when you add a body kit to it and it's extremely mod-friendly (for KL-ZE swaps, for example). For a good price you can reach a decent 230 HP and beat most of the modified cars you will likely find out there. Despite having to be careful about the rust when you buy one, if it has been well-treated you will certainly find pleasure in driving it on an everyday basis. These GT's are very affordable and so underestimated. I gladly recommend this car to anyone who's willing to go out there and have lots of fun for cheap.



If this car has more than 60k on the odometer, run and run away fast. It was great new, but it cost me big $$$$$ on repairs after 60k miles.


Great Car !

I've owned my car for 2 years and has LOTS and LOTS of problems, but every time i put money into and had the problems fixed it was worth it once you get it on the streets, very good handling best I've ever felt no body roll, brakes are very good and stop on a dime ! it is very fast and get me into a lot of trouble as i have some after market goodies for it, but I will say this is a well car for its price can't beat it!, I would say for others that don't race it and maintain it very well then this would be a great and reliable car but on my hand i had lots and lots of problems, but i abused mine very badly it saw red line and very high rpm's daily so thats why mine messed up alot, also this car is very easy to maintain and keep up with but im telling you if you do not maintain it it will break down easily unlike toyota and hondas you HAVE to keep up with the regular tune up and do not skip it or you will be sorry. Great car on my hand I'm doing a popular motor swap in mine next week my oil pump went out and the motor went dry on oil and i blew the motor, so their goes 1500 gone,, Very good car other then mine being abused daily, i would recroment this to anybody looking for a fun car to drive.......


Great First Car

My parents bought me this car when I was 16 and I am still driving it eight years and 80,000 (150,000 total) miles later. Mine averages around 27 mpg city/highway combined. It is very quick, agile, and overall quite light on its feet, but it doesn't feel like driving a tin can. It has been very reliable. Only within the last year did it start having problems. The water pump, distributor and trunk struts needed to be replaced. These problems didn't end up to be too expensive as a family member got salvage parts and was able to fix them. However, the dealership quotes to fix these was over the current value of the car. The front seats are quite roomy and comfortable for the size of the car, but the back seats are a tight squeeze. This is a good car for parents who don't want their kids hauling friends around. The trunk is surprisingly big for the size of the car. Much larger than the similarly sized Neon. Overall this has been a very good car for the time that I've driven it. Great value for the cost.


"Best car ever"

This is my second probe except my old probe was a probe 4cyl i just bought my second probe for 1800 and it is a hundread times better then my 4 cyl it has a lot of power very reliable and nice look i recromend this vehicle to enybody.


Fun but expensive and tempermental

I've owned my 1995 Probe GT for nearly a year now. This is actually the third Probe I've owned, the first two being first generation bodystyle. On thing that sticks out immediately about these cars is the handling. If you're looking for a fun car to drive, that sticks to the road and corners like a dream, this would be a car to consider. If your looking for a car that will allow you to pass someone on the freeway relatively easily, this would be the car to consider. If your looking for a car that will offer you the above but still be inexpensive on repairs, cheap on maintenance, stay away from the Ford Probe GT. The phrase "pay to play" serves this car well. I bought this car for $3500 with 120,000 miles on it, mainly highway miles the previous owner informed me, which I still believe he was being truthful about. In the last year I have spent close to $1,000 replacing trunk struts (trunk door always fell down, and is VERY heavy), Front shocks, Crank Sensor, two oxygen sensors, ft brake calipers, and a few other things. As of late, I'm having intermitant starting problems, fun fun, and I'm starting to get a ticking noise from my engine, possibly the lifters getting noisy. To make a long story short, if you have the money to keep up with repairs, and are willing to accept the fact that you are going to get ticked off at times with the car, you will overall love driving and owning it. I borrowed a Ford Taurus from a Ford dealer recently (which was very awesome of them to loan me) but once I got my car back, I was at home. The Probe GT is just a fun car to drive, point blank, just be prepared to pay the piper when there's a problem.