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2012 GMC Terrain consumer reviews

$25,560–$27,310 MSRP range
side view of 2012 Terrain GMC
74% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 3.8
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.0
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Junk that should have been trashed off the line.

In 2012 bought a 2012 GMC terrain sle brand new with only 60 miles on it. I had to replace wheel bearings before 25,000 miles, car stalled when entering the freeway with less than 10,000 miles, rumbles in eco mode, took to multiple dealerships for excessive exhaust noise and they all keep saying it's fine and normal noise. I had the manifold welded around 10,000 miles because they said I was right, there was an exhaust leak. Ok, well, I had to have the exhaust resonator, the flex pipe and catalytic converter replaced less than 60,000 miles, radio froze up on me multiple times and I recorded it in high definition and showed to dealership and they said they couldn't duplicate it so couldn't repair it, it finally stopped. The backup camera goes in and out whenever it wants, been doing it for years, driver side door panel came detached around 5,000 miles, windshield wipers stopped on the freeway in a torrential downpour in 2016 then again this year (2023) There was a recall for that so I was reimbursed for the first time I paid for it. You have to smash the gas pedal to the floor board and red line it when entering the freeway or you'll be ran off the freeway also when pulling out into traffic make a good judgement call because it doesn't have power to floor it. I have hundreds of paperwork receipts from everything I had repaired at the dealership,. I have kept up with all required maintenance and kept the oil changed on time or even before it was due to be changed and had the transmission fluid filter and fluid changed. I have kept tires rotated on time too. I also had the spark plugs replaced. It's 11.5 years old now and I think everything has been replaced on it except the motor and trans, I have less than almost 98,0000 miles on it. I had to sue under the lemon law and got money back because it was paid off since it was three years old. oops almost forgot the front window motors had to be replaced too. I wouldn't recommend this vehicle and in fact, I lost and Desire to buy any other GM made vehicle. I might expect it from a used car but not one bought brand new with ONLY 60 miles on it. I will never buy another GM not even Cadillac or Buick the supposed higher end upscale vehicles they slap together.


Great car love the design

I've had mine for 12 years I've driven it a cross country 6 times. It is a fantastic vehicle. I pulled a small travel trailer and it didn't change my gas mileage one bit. From IL to LA California never a problem.



I had this GMC for 6 years. Very dependable. Nice amenities. Don't confuse it with the SLE. This model is one step below the Denali. I only traded in because I missed my sports car convertible.


now it is not dependable car

when i brought the suv it was adepenable car now hachback door will not open good took it to shop 3 time they can not fix the problem other than that it is a good suv also have problem with oil leak ,i took the car to winchester tenn russell barnett car dealer they still have not fix my car on the back hatchback lock


So not happy

I had to replace the motor within 3 month of buying the car, have to continuously add oil to the car every couple of days, have no idea where it goes, the engine that was put in is getting ready to go also as soon as I can I'm selling it!


I was happy, but GM doesn't stand behind them

I was very pleased when I purchased this car new in 2012. I don't drive a lot so I'm currently only 50k miles. Very well kept and maintained. Recently in the last year, it started using oil (a quart a month), I'm told this is normal, yet I've been driving for 36 years, and NEVER had a vehicle that used a quart of oil in 1 month that was under 120k miles let alone just hitting 50k. Over all it was a fine vehicle, but since GM does not stand behind their products to fix their mistakes in the name of profit, I can't recommend anything GM.


GMC Terrains Recalls Issues

Unknown recall on 2010 to 2012 Terrains that was a class action suit that was settled. However, for those of that purchased low mileage in good looking condition what's our recourse when there is major mechanical failure?


Nice-looking and comfortable driving vehicle

I chose this vehicle because I needed one as soon as possible I was pleasantly surprised by the ride aside from the issues hidden by the dealership


Best looking SUV on the market

The SLT has everything I need and want in an SUV. Loaded with options that come standard, and able to tow our small travel trailer. Also very stylish compared to all the bellybutton (everone has one) cars in this class.


Nicest car I've owned

My 2012 Terrain is 8 yrs old and so clean it looks brand new for its age and has very low miles. Its in immaculate condition inside and out. It still has that new car smell to it!