2019 Honda Accord Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,320 starting MSRP
side view of 2019 Accord Hybrid Honda
67% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Beautiful car that runs perfectly

I love the ride, the electronics are easy to get used to and the seating is spacious and comfortable. Beautiful exterior in champagne and interior black and grey


Great car and great gas mileage.

I think I can address some of these people who are complaining about the gas mileage. They clearly have NO idea how the engine works and how it obtains the gas mileage. I have put about 5000 miles on this car. It’s the touring hybrid. I drive about 35 miles to work on the commute I got 47-50mpg in eco mode. Traffic. Stop and go. Highway. Backroads. It’s a full mix. I also just drove from Denver to Las Vegas. And given the time spent in the mountains going up hill, with the engine being on the 2.0 turbo majority of the climb, you’re gonna get 20-24mpg with AC blasting, etc. and going downhill you aren’t going to get 90mpg to offset that. So that average is gonna be lower. So I see many people from mountainous areas having this complaint. Also when in Vegas I’d remote start the car to cool it down. The battery goes quick in this scenario and then the engine kicks in to charge it every minute or two. You are using pure gas engine to run the car and to keep the battery charging. This is using a ton of gas compared to driving in normal hybrid mode. So even if you are on flat grounds driving. If you’re doing this daily youre causing it yourself. Honda didn’t say “gets 47 mpg no matter how you drive, where you drive or how you use the car” so the class Action clowns are a joke. You can see tons of people getting the advertised mileage. So it’s you. It’s you or where/how you drive/use the car. Maybe you go to lunch and sit in the car burning pure gas while eating. Who knows. But in gas mode it uses gas less efficiently than a normal gas car as it’s designed to use the hybrid engines together. It’s got a 2.0 liter turbo. On its own it would get terrible Mileage for that heavy of a car. If you floor it from every light you’re screwing yourself there too. Understand how the hybrid engines work and adapt that to your life or don’t buy it. What kind of person does no research on how the car they are buying works and ensures it fits their commute and driving conditions?!?!? Then threatens lawsuits cause they aren’t smart enough to make good buying decisions? Ridiculous.


Good car; horrible gas milage

This IS a great car, but it needed to be advertised with an MPG of 34-37 and not 48/48. This is around a 25% difference. This mileage included a trip of around two hundred miles of nearly all interstate driving. If I had known this, I would NOT have purchased the vehicle but would have gotten the non-hybrid CRV. The advertised mileage was the big selling point for me. Honda suggests I contact the dealer.


I love it so far.

I have it for 3 weeks and it has one thousand miles on it and I got 47.8 miles per gallon so far. Overall, I give it 5 stars.


Gas Mileage Better than stated

Drives smoothly, handles well and great safety features. After two fill-ups I've gotten 46 and 54 mpg, WAY better than I expected.EX-L Hybrid. No spare tire - no problem. I live in Texas so the weather is warmer which probably helps my mpg. I recommend driving in ECO mode the whole time and accelerating slowly to help engage the electric motors. I've found when the software has selected the gas engine, if you take your foot off the accelerator and slowly press it down that most of the time you can force the electric motors to be engaged - but not all the time. When I've got 60 - 100% charged battery this trick works best. This trick also works when I get to the top of a hill - engages electric more. Love this car! Only real issue I have is that the driver's seat is too narrow. I strongly recommend this vehicle.


Like a dream !!!

This car should meet all our needs; 50 miles to the gal, roomy interior. It also handles great. Perfect car for the wife, but I like it too.


Excellent car. Excellent dealership experience.

The car feels and rides like a much more expensive luxury sedan. It is a Hybrid but has really good power when you need it. I whole heatedly recommend to all who truly want luxury without the luxury price.


Very reliable and smooth ride

Great car. Reliable, comfortable, and quiet with great features. Doesn't get the advertised gas mileage, but otherwise it's an excellent car. Really like the 2019 body style!


Gas Mileage Lower but not Worse Than Expected

I bought the Hybrid EX in Pennsylvania in January, and found the gas mileage was in the range of 37-40 mpg. As the weather became warmer, the current mileage increased to 43-44 mpg, which is pretty much what I expected. I had owned a Camry Hybrid in the past, and found that mileage figures were about 3-5 mpg lower than advertised. I do like the driving experience in pretty much every other area; seats are low--this is true, but I am already used to this position. I am pretty happy with the purchase, based on my own gas mileage expectations. I do wish it had a full 16 gallon tank though. The range of this car should be considerably more than 430 miles before deciding to fill up. I was getting about 550 in the 2016 Camry Hybrid.


Beautiful, reliable and feature packed!

I love everything about the car. I do wish it came in more colors but it is very sleek and stylish. It's full of convenient features and drives so smooth. I test drove a few cars and even some from other car makers but the Accord just outshone them all.