2003 Honda Civic consumer reviews

$12,810–$13,860 MSRP range
side view of 2003 Civic Honda
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.8
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Most reliable car ever owned!

I used this car to drive house to house in a teaching business. It handles grades even the manual 5 on the floor. Never had a problem with the clutch. A very solid car!


Amazing MPG!

I love this car! When I first bought it in 2012, we cleaned and waxed it and my grandpa, who drives BMW's, said it looks like a sports car. It's never left me stranded and never had any unexpected repairs or maintenance. It had about 90k miles on it when I got it, as the third owner, and I've put about 75k on myself since. The MPG it gets is amazing! I drive with fuel efficiency in mind and, for me, it gets 25-30 city and 40-45 highway! I spend only about $50 a month on gas, and that includes one 6 hour round trip each month. Wonderful!


Will last you forever

8 years ago this car came into my possession. Since then I have driven it everywhere, up to the mountains, on road trips, etc. Things rarely go wrong with it and if it does, the fixes are always super inexpensive. It is not the most stylish car, especially compared to more recent body styles on cars, but it is very reliable and gets pretty decent gas mileage. I'm glad I decided on this car as my first.


Not Sexy. Gets the job done

For a grad, young professional or anyone who needs a reliable vehicle, this car is perfect. I had this car for 10 years with no issues


Best value, long life

I love my civvy. She's been around for a long time and she's still kicking. Servicing has been super easy. And she keeps purring like the day I got her. This is a great car for budget-minded individuals. A 2003 in 2017 and I have no complaints.


good commuter car

It is great on gas but not much for horsepower, Style could use a lot of improvement. Handles nice on the highway, except for entering the interstate.


It has had no major repairs in over 5 years.

Considering the combination of amazing gas mileage (average of 350-400 miles per tank) and the lack of repair bills, I would say that the Honda Civic is a very cheap car to own and operate.


Surpising Preformance And Quality

I recently purchased my 2003 Honda Civic-EX Sedan, nearly a month ago now after losing my 1993 Infiniti J30 in a minor bump-up accident. I always wanted a Honda vehicle and had driven many different Honda's over the years, but had never been afforded the opportunity to own one until now. I found my Civic in an ad locally and had contacted the gentleman and later went to drive the car. First Impressions, I was thinking, OK another boring Econo-Sedan. WOW, was I wrong...! I had read about the Honda VTEC system before but I now have experienced it first hand and I am very Impressed. I must say, for a tiny car with a small 1.7 Litre Engine, I guess the VTEC System really does make the difference because even with the 4-spd Automatic, it sure doesn't disappoint in any way and is still a very peppy little thing. Talk about a little Powerhouse while being gas very conscious, Really the best of both worlds. I must say, I really do think that Honda was really hitting on something with this one. I really do look forward to driving this little car every time I go out in it. I have done some of the needed minor repairs that had been somewhat neglected and I still have quite a few more things to go on my list, before I get this car the way that I want it, but like with everything, it all takes time and money. I will say that in this case, the drivetrain is over all is very sound and is obviously in great mechanical condition. My Civic is now 14 years of age and has now has just short of 131k miles and things will need always need doing on any vehicle. Overall, I think that thus far it has been and it will continue to be well worth the effort in the long run. After all it is a Honda.


I Love My Civic Thus far

I recently purchased my Shoreline Mist Metallic, Honda Civic EX Sedan about a month ago now at just short of 131k miles. "Siobhan or Sian (for short)" was a local Craigslist find and for the money and that her being a Honda, I wasn't going to complain all that much. I finally contacted the gentleman to get a look at the car, yeah it had its little fiddly things that needed to be done, and still need doing. But Drivetrain/mechanically it was very sound. My first impression was like oh my, not another boring econobox with an Automatic. I must say when I went down the road, I was pleasantly surprised for a tiny econocar. I guess that 1.7 VTEC (DA17A2) is a gas conscious little powerhouse for such a tiny car. I have put two door lock actuators on both left doors (front and back) and had to trace and repair a damaged ground wire from the door lock actuator into the door jamb of the driver?s door and to under the dash and replace it. I also had ordered a driver's door color matched handle from eBay as well as two aftermarket Honda remotes for the two Master Honda keys that I have. And there are a few more fiddly repairs that I would like to eventually complete as well as catching up on some of the maintenance. Other than that, I am very impressed for what I paid for this car. This thing is very easy to handle, fabulous gas mileage and a really fun car to drive that looks very simple to repair for the most part. Besides, I do really look forward to driving this fun little econocar. I must say, coming from a '93 Infiniti J30 this is quite a different twist but I wanted practical, gas conscious and something that didn't need Premium Gas ONLY, just to function. I had driven and test-driven many Honda's over my lifetime and always wanted one but I had never had the opportunity to own one until now. I must say, I really think that Honda hit on something with this little car.


It's a very reliable car

I love this car very practical never fails you it you can travel from city to city or even from state to another state it's safe