2014 Honda Crosstour consumer reviews

$27,380–$37,240 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Crosstour Honda
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 5.0
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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I love this car. It is sporty looking. The inside is very roomy and it drives very nice. The car is not difficult to figure out. I have owned Accords in the past and it is very similar to it. I love this cat.


Very Reliable

This car is very reliable; we've not had any problems with it at all. If you decide to purchase one, make sure to get the six cylinder version not the four cylinder. The difference in gas mileage is only 1-2 miles per gallon but the difference in power is night and day.


Good, but an un-Honda like noise

I've had the car about 6 months and have about 8000 miles on it, so I've had a chance to live with it a little and gotten to learn the good and the (not very) bad. First, the good. The V6 2014 EX-L Crosstour fit the sweet spot for our family of four; it's really a nice size vehicle. With about 6-8 months of winter where we live, we opted for the AWD V6, The V6 is smooth and punchy and MPG isn't bad (average in a mix of driving around 22-24 in the winter). The car is mostly quiet for a Honda - more on that in a moment, though. I find myself on the "love it" side regarding the look of the car. In Nighthawk Black, the car is just sexy, even the grizzly bear rump. Now, the mildly bad. During the first cold snap this winter, I noticed a metallic rattling from the back seat. I thought it was just an unsecured seat back or seat belt rattling and fixable - no big deal - but it wasn't. I couldn't isolate it and it drove me nuts. It would come and go. Finally brought it in to the dealership. They ended up keeping it for a week, and tracked it down to a deformed bracket near the gas tank (?) that caused the noise. After they fixed it, the Crosstour is far and away the quietest Honda I've owned, and that's included our current CRV, and past Element, Odyssey and Civic. Rear visibility is not optimal, but isn't the worst I've ever driven. (Camaro). You adjust your driving style and move on. The one baffling thing about the Crosstour is the choice of the passenger side camera with absolutely nothing on the driver's side. The lane departure and crash avoidance beeps are obnoxious, and of no real help - I turned off the lane departure alarm almost immediately. As a past owner of an Element, I apparently like Honda's quirky cars, but I also know that they tend to get killed off when the niche is no longer lucrative enough. I'm hoping that doesn't happen to the Crosstour. Overall, I feel like I'm driving a higher end car; it has a good blend of SUV and car characteristics that I was looking for. Is it the best car ever? I don't think there's such a thing, but my simple test of a car is whether I look for excuses to drive the thing, and I definitely do with the Crosstour. (And I confidently say that after the "new car" shine has worn off).


Great car

I have had this car for about two months and love it. I think the styling is cool and unlike anything else on the road. The car is very fast and build quality top notch. Don't knock the car till you have driven it. I traded in my Accord sedan and was going to buy another accord. Had looked at the Crosstour but thought it was overpriced. The dealer had a loaded new 2014 and took 9k off the sticker price.


Very nice car, handles the road very well

The hatch back window is obscured. So you have to be very careful. Also, I bought the black car which is really sharp but requires a lot of maintenance to keep cleen.


Unique , original , reliable

High end quality that feels, looks, and rides like a Lexus- Infinity or Mercedes without spending the money


Great Car

I have had my crosstour for two years and love it! It has almost all the bells and whistles and gets great gas mileage. I love the back-up camera even though it is now causing me a little trouble, but I would still recommend this car to my child.


My Favorite Car

Although it has only been two weeks, my Crosstour is my favorite car that I have ever owned. It drives so smoothly and effortlessly, it is amazing. A little smaller than my previous car, Volvo Cross Country Station Wagon, I like the Crosstour better (which I never thought I would say)! Now that the kids are grown, I do not need as large a car, so it is perfect. My only problem is that I am enjoying driving it too much and need to curtail a bit of my driving :)


Honda Crosstour, Best in Class!!

Having owned my 2013 EXL V6 4wd w/Navigation, I can only say it has been exceeding my expectations every day. I commute 84 miles roundtrip 5 days per week. This is my 3rd Honda product and I trust it will be as bullet proof as my two others. Traded an 05 Accord EXL for this one. I also own an '11 CRV EXL 4wd w/Navigation. The styling is very edgy, not only do I love the stand apart from the crowd design but the positive comments from people really ice the cake. First off, the car handles exceptionally well contrary to consumer reports stating that it is rather clumsy. Really? Have you ever driven a Tahoe or Explorer? I have to say the V6 is impressive both in 6 second acceleration 0-60 times not to mention I have achieved 33.4 mpgs on several occasions with the cylinder deactivation at cruising speeds. This car weighs in at 4200 lbs. I handles snow and ice with ease. Car feels well planted on the road, is very comfortable and roomy. Everything works as well as advertised. The only con I can think of is the rear liftgate should be power open and close. Test drive one and you will buy one.



love this car. wanted extra storage and there is plenty. very unique body style which is a benefit because u don't see same style at every stoplight like you do with other makes and modles. v6 variable cylinder engine giving me 31 mpg hwy(great for 4000 lb car with excelleration power) im 70 yrs old and owned many cars including 3 other Hondas and 1964 mustang. the crosstour is by far best car i've owned. great vehicle Honda, be proud. should be voted best car in class.