2005 Honda Element consumer reviews

$17,450–$19,650 MSRP range
side view of 2005 Element Honda
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.9
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If you own an Element and you don't love it, you probably picked the wings off bugs as a child. It's probably the best all round car that anyone has ever made, and while some folks don't like the boxy looks, I think it's cool and unusual. It signals that you are happy, don't give a crap what folks think about you, and you have probably moved 20 bags of mulch, 100 pot plants and a few friends out of their apartments in one trip. It is surprisingly quick from 50-80, though that is just a wee bonus. It has great headroom, so if you have a gargantuan cranium, regularly wear a helmet or are Brian May, you're good. Also happens to be sought after in Portland, so you can figure out for yourself if you want that association. Mine lasted 180K before I traded it in, had a little tear in my eye, though we had a good run. Farewell my beauty.


Great, safe vehicle...

It is perfect for a first time vehicle owner, our 16 year old daughter. She carries a lot of gear and needs the space plus comfort.


for the price, a good car.

Reliable. Sturdy. Roomy. Fun to drive. Has plenty of visibility. Economical. Good value for the price. Maintenance is straight-forward. I would buy another one in the future.


Room to Stretch Out and Then Some

I co-own this 2005 Honda Element with my wife who purchased it new in 2005. She is a self-employed floral designer and craft services guru who needed a vehicle with room to haul flowers and food for events. I own a kettle corn business and needed the same kind of versatility when traveling to events. Both of us have loved this vehicle - so much so my wife bought a second 2005 Element. Mine now has 325,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. Living in MN we appreciate the all wheel drive these vehicles have, the easy to maintain interior design and the ability to remove the rear seats to create enough space to haul most everything we need for work or play. The stereo is awesome - six speaker system with a subwoofer and Aux jack for plugging in external music players. We are bummed that Honda discontinued the Element in 2011 and we're hoping they create something similar in the near future. Until then we'll keep our Elements and enjoy the ride.


I?ve loved this `ol gal for 14 years now!

By far the best car I?ve ever owned. So reliable and comfortable. I?ve had almost no trouble with this car either. However, at 150,000 miles I had to replace the transmimssion. That was a HUGE expense, but I STILL loved the car and decided that it was still worth repairing. I LOVE the look of it. Every other car seems to look exactly the same... BMW or KIA... no difference, but the Element stands apart. I LOVE that about it. I am just now getting ready to sell it. There will be tears.


best car I own

this car is the best car I own it ride good it low mileage haven't had any major problem had this car sense 2006 love this car


Great car

Dependable vehicle, has no need for costly maintnence and can be used for a variety of activities such as business.


Love it - Super versatile, plenty of room - Safe !

Used to absolutely hate the vehicle when mom bought it. Years later when I started driving it as my primary vehicle, it started to grow on me. Now, I love it. It's an 04 that has well over 200k miles on it, probably closer to 250k or 300k. It's been loaded down time and time again with boxes upon boxes of comic books stacked floor to ceiling with display shelving and cart to boot and still has plenty of space in the front seats for my father and I to comfortably drive to and from comic book shows in it - no boxes on laps or toys underfoot, all of it in the back. It's moved my roommate and I in and out of a college dorm in a single trip per move. Works well for weekly 2 hour commutes to stay with the bf for a few days and go back home for work - a full tank of gas before hitting the freeway on the way out will guarantee a round-trip on the same tank, 2 hours out and 2 hours back. The Element can fit full-size bikes in the back for taking out to a trail to ride. Flooring is great for pets and kids - muddy paws aren't even a huge issue with the seats - once the mud dries, it wipes right off. Seats and trim come out and off to make for easy cleaning in spaces that otherwise would be difficult to reach - makes it super easy to clean up if there are messy eaters in the back seat. Drive-in movies? Not a problem - fold the back seats up against the wall (or take them out), blow up an air mattress in the back and you're good to go. I've found it's also a very safe and reliable vehicle, as it's survived being rear-ended countless times by other vehicles throughout the years it's been in our family - each time coming out with only a few scratches and scuff-marks to the back bumper, while the cars that hit it took anywhere from a couple scratches to a bit of a dent in the front bumper. The hit that finally shook this little Element came from being rear-ended by a Yukon. The bigger tank crushed the back end of the Element and dealt some damage to the frame - but not without taking a bit of damage itself. Though, not nearly as much as the Element did. Despite the back end being crushed and the frame being shifted, the Element still drives as if it had never been touched. Sure, the door sticks a little opening and closing it getting in and out, but without looking at it before getting in and driving, you'd never know it was beat up. Still handles nicely even in heavy winds, though it is likely nearing the end of its days. The car's a true champion. Still using it to get to and from work and home until I find a new car, and am hoping to make that one another Element as well.


The best car Honda has ever made.

This is a solid, well built car. It's the highest quality I've seen in a Honda. The interior space is massive. You can remove the rear seats and it becomes a box van. The engine is solid and keeps on cranking at 190,000 miles.


excellent car. really comfortable.

this car meets my needs. plenty space, comfortable to drive. everything works. perfect drive to work.