2007 Honda Element consumer reviews

$18,900–$21,100 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Element Honda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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Love it - Best in Show!

I just bought a 2007 Honda Element LX 4WD with 92k miles on it. I usually drive the same car for 5 to 8 years, so I found one the is attractive, and adaptable. I used to drive a Subaru Impreza, which I owned for 8 years, and only put 32k miles onto. The Element is roomy and flexible, and I'm enjoying the new change. The vehicle is not perfect, though, if you a short person, you might not have as good a view as I do at 6' tall. It's a utility vehicle which also looks good on the road, and if you have a dog, this is the SUV for you...


07 Honda Element

very well made utility vehicle. Moving the back seats to use the full length of the vehicle is easy and a GREAT feature. Love, love, love that there is no carpet. After 2 days in the vehicle with shedding dogs, it took about 10 minutes and a damp microfiber cloth to remove all hair. At this point, only negatives to the vehicle is the console between the front seats - almost impossible to drive with it in the down position (maybe easier for a taller person) and not the greatest MPG.


Practical commuter

I purchased the Honda Element partially based on reviews, function and Honda myth. Now that I've owned the Element fo a couple months I've found the good and the bad. I find the interior space for both passengers and cargo is as great as advertised. Interior is a little overly simple and too much out-dated plated incorperated. I understand they were trying to be rugged in design but the plastic is very weak and easy to scratch. I am in the auto repair industry and am very familiar with the powertrain in the Element. The 2.4 liter engine is very long lived and durable. It has plenty of power to get the car in and out of traffic. Gas mileage may be the worst in it's class though so far getting 22mpg in mixed driving and it actually goes down to 20-21mpg when driving strictly highway. It will maintain highway speed but will spend a lot of time in 3rd gear working the engine on any incline or hint of wind. Cruise control is almost worthless as it will move 5-7mph as it cannot react fast enough to maintain constant speed(which is hard to understand as it is a drive by wire system). Ride is poor as I have yet to be in a Honda vehicle that I would ever say has good ride qualities. The traction and stability control features of the Element are also the worst I have every driven. Again very slow to react and prove to be almost ineffective. It reminds me of driving and old Jeep. Overall I think the vehile at the core is of good quality and I think will work very well for me with it's great interior space. If I wasn't looking for the use of space provided by the Elements interior I would have to say the Ford Escape offers better everything else and I would surely have purchased instead.


honda element

I really like my Honda Element with 2 exceptions. The back side windows are manual and so is the sunroof. I have had to stop and get out of my car when a sudden rain storm rolled in. otherwise, 4.5 stars


Great Outdoor Rig

My wife bought me this 2007 Red Ex for my birthday. Four years later and 100,00 miles this has been a great car. With the rear seats removed and the front seats all the way forward there is enough room to sleep in the car at the trail head for an early morning hike. Has been a perfect car for the city and the woods. Small enough to fit in those tight parking spots but can still handle the snow in the mountains. The only complaint is the rear windows don't roll down so the dog can hang his head out and the suicide doors can be a pain in the parking garge for the people in the back.


Quality Automobile

We purchased the 2007 Honda Element SC used from an individual 3 months ago. The car had 85000 miles on it. The SC is the highest trim package offered in the Element. On the positive side, the styling is "cool" and the room and functionality of the interior is very nice. The rear seats fold up in such a way that you almost have a small box truck to haul light cargo. The interior is cool and the instrument panel is almost futuristic looking. The standard MP3 input is a real bonus. The sound system is very very good for a factory sound system. Turning radius is the best I've ever seen. Honda quality and almost zero fear of ever having a break down really rounds out the positives. On the down side, the SC is the best interior package, but the SC does not even have the option of a sunroof?? The headlights do not turn off or on automatically and that is just strange to me that in 2011 Honda would omit that feature?? The ride is a little rough and a little loud, however, since this is my daughter's car, she doesn't even notice that. I would definitely recommend this model to someone that is younger or doesn't mind the road noise.


Never thought we'd buy one.... but we did

We bought the 2007 LE fully loaded midnight blue with the black fenders. We LOVE the look off this car and we love the black fenders. They help knock off small rock and road debris that would normally scratch a car, but these wonderful fenders are the best. They match the window/rain guards perfectly. My wife says with all the acessories on this car it looks alot like the SUV version of the "batmobile" we get constant compliments and it is so fun to drive! buy one now and xxxx it up... there is so much you can do with this car, oh by the way it has a racing air intake and other modifications so it really takes off! The most fun we've ever had with a car.


Honda Element "The Tough Versatile All Fun" car!

I was quite surprised with the Honda Element. My husband convinced me to just try it for one year. Three years later (60,000 miles), I wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. We live in the midwest in the country and it handles well in all weather. This year we tested its ability to get through snow drifts...it was awesome...and got both my husband and I to school. (Our truck got stuck...never would have thought that would have happened.) Overall, I love my Element. It handles well in small towns and large cities, on country roads and interstates, and gets good gas mileage. The only thing I wish was better would be the quality and comfort of the seats. I have nicknamed my Element "BlueBird of Happiness." It makes me happy to drive.


love it

my hubby actually bought this car for him but I loved it so much I now drive it. This car was a used one but has been great. I have dogs and very handy and make frequent trips to Nashville from Iowa, front seats are comfy and got 25 mpg all the way there with air on the whole way. We are looking for another one for my husband. :)


Big Element Fan

I have owned an element for 3 years now. I think its a fabulous vehicle. it does everything i need it to. I am an active person: traveling, rock climbing, mountain biking, adventure racer and this car has taken the headache of getting from point a to point b to do all of these things. i haven't had a single problem with the car. its very low maintenance. it drives excellent in the rain, snow or rocky mountains. the interior is amazing, its so easy to clean. i drive a manual and it has a kick to it after it tacs to 3.5... so its got some power. it has good gas mileage for the amount of car you get.its the only one in its class. i will continue to own elements for sometime to come.