2007 Honda Element consumer reviews

$18,900–$21,100 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Element Honda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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I purchased my Element new in 2007, and had high hopes for the car based on Honda?s gas sipping reputation. For the most part the element has a great car it offered lots of cargo space. The gas mileage was very poor it only returned about 20mpg out of its 2.4L inline 4 power plants, and it also lacked sufficient power to lug this boxy rig up hills. Is my element to haul the kids around in, and to take on family camping trips, and thought the cargo space was great, it just guzzles gas, I diced to trade it in on an Escape Hybrid.


best car ive owned

this has been a great vehicle. after 2 years and 30,000 miles i have no complaints whatsoever, its fun to drive and can haul a lot when need be, and my dog loves it too. i would buy another one in a heartbeat, a couple of my friends have bought elements after driving mine.


Tons of cargo space!

2007 Orange SC....we have hauled more things in our Element than we ever thought possible! Stove, 46" flat screen TV and a king size bed (not all at once mind you). We also have a golden retriever which loves to ride in it. I like the fact that there is no carpet so it is really easy to clean up all the dog fur. The only complaint would be that the seats can be really uncomfortable on long drives.


This thing is amazing!

I adore my Element. I have a 2007 Element SC and have had it for about 7 months. I've actually praised it so much that someone else bought one just based on my love for it. There is so much room. I can haul anything that I want. I've fit a full size matress, the headboard, footboard and side rails into this, along with blankets and pillows and a passenger. It simply amazes me how much this thing can hold. The gas mileage is really good too. I look forward to going on trips because it's comfortable, reliable and I can bring anything I want. If you are forgetful about oil changes, it reminds you when you are low. It tells you if your tire pressure is low... which is great. I normally don't check my tires and I got into the car and it had the (!) sign on. I checked my tires and one was half flat, I had ran over a huge nail in the construction area! My dog even loves this car! If I ever buy another car, it will be a newer Element... and that will be years down the road!


SC turns heads!

I have the SC version - manual 5 speed - VERY peppy - 0 - 70 before I get off the entrance ramp on the highway! I'm 6' 3" and have plenty of head room. Leg room is just right and with cruise control no problems on trips. The SC doesn't have the ugly black fenders - it is all one color (Mine is "Root Beer") with a deluxe interior that is dark brown with embossing on the seats and side panels. We went to a car show and the ticket person came up to us and took a step back and asked if we were visiting or in the show. Very cool five spoke wheels add to the sporty look. With more of a sports car suspension system and beefier engine my Element feels like driving a sports car not a very versitile truck/van. I've brought 2 x 4s home from Home Depot and huge sheets of insulation (the pink styrofoam type) all inside the vehicle! At 50 the joke is that most men either want a sports car or a girl friend. I told my wife she has nothing to worry about - I've got my sports car (that I call my "girl friend").


For the money, a great car

My wife and I own a West Virginia mountain cabin and need 4 wheel drive to get up our driveway. While the Element does not have great ground clearance, when it is not "high-centered," it will go thru almost everything. Decent fuel economy (24 to 27 mpg). Good reliability. Great interior space, especially if you are hauling dogs Couple of negatives: moderately noisy; top-heavy; and front windshield seems to attract rocks.


My first new car. Excellent design I love the look

I am really enjoying my SC, just wish it has a few more bells and whistles but its the best. Good mpg so much room inside. Hanldes very well around curves and mountains. Good in heavy traffic (breaking, swerving, etc.). price was right and I got more than my moneys worth.


Extremely versitile little worker bee.

This is the perfect back-up family car. Our primary is a mini-van which my wife drives. The Element is my drive-to-and-around-work car and sometimes doubles as the back-up family car. It's versatility makes it perfect for this. It's easy to clean and extremely quick to modify if I have to move something big either at home or at work. I don't have to drive long distances so can't comment on the fuel consumption, but knowing that it's a low emission vehicle helps me sleep at night. This little guy is perfect for my needs.


first new car

i just bought a 2007 element lx as my first new car and its great so far. the 5 speed manual is fun to drive around town, and i like the fact that i can fit my mountain bike in the back without taking the front tire off. theres plenty of legroom in the back and it gets decent fuel economy.no complaints so far.


I love my new Element

I just purchased my 2007 Element a couple of weeks ago, and I love it! The Element had exactly the features that I wanted, without a lot of extra stuff that I didn't want. I have two german shepherd dogs, and it's a great vehicle for them! I also love how different it is from the other cars on the road. Mine is usually the only Element in the parking lot - so it's always easy to find! The backseats provide lots of legroom for passengers, and are very easy to fold flat or flip up against the side of the vehicle, leaving the entire back open for cargo or dogs. Stadium-style seating allows passengers to see out easily, but limits headroom for people with long torsos. The floors are not carpeted, and very easy to clean. After taking the dogs for a ride, the interior was covered in dog hair, and I was able to wipe down the entire thing and have it clean in just a few mintues. The interior is very spacious all around - for the driver and any passengers. There is plenty of head room in the front, and leg room for everyone. The vehicle sits up fairly high, providing good visibility. The ride is smooth for this type of vehicle (my friend compared it to the ride in her Accord), and the turning radius is very tight, making it easily manueverable in parking lots. The tailgate configuration in the back makes loading dogs or groceries easy. And the driver's controls are all easy to use and located exactly where you would expect them. I especially like the steering wheel mounted audio and cruise control. Overall, the Element has a solid, substantial feel and is a very utilitarian vehicle. The engine provides enough power to merge onto the interstate, but not enough to win any drag races. So far, I'm averaging 24-25 mpg for a combination of city and highway driving. I've driven the Element for ~800 miles, and I haven't found anything sigificant that I don't like yet. It's fun to drive, and the XM radio really helps my enjoy my commute. I commute 2 hours each day, and it's my favorite part of the day now! I would definitely recommend the Element to anyone with dogs. If you are looking for an exceptionally powerful vehicle, or one with a lot of luxury features, this is not the car for you. But I think it's a great, practical, fun vehicle, with just enough extras. My recommendation: give it a test drive to see if it's for you!