2010 Honda Insight consumer reviews

$19,800 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 Insight Honda
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.7
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Insights are great on gas

Great fuel efficiency, awesome gas mileage, spacious for 4 adults. The best model is the EX more bells and whistles, but for a commuting car in a big city the insight does the job.


Great car with wonderful MPG!

This is a great car! we have had it now for 4 years and it has never needed anything except regular oil and filter changes. It was always a pleasure taking it on trips because its so economical. The only thing is the seats could be more plush but they are reasonably comfortable.


Good economical choice for city driving

This car is my first experience with a hybrid vehicle. I commute about 4 miles total downtown daily, and have never achieved the optimum mpg specified for this car. Nevertheless, it is economical at about 30 mpg. A drawback is the small gas tank, so I visit the fuel pump about as often as I would for a nonhybrid. The car is reliable and very quiet. I have not adjusted so well to the low ground clearance and low seat position after years of driving a small SUV...my next vehicle will be taller. The only other criticisms I have of this vehicle is that it feels a little sluggish off the starting line and I don't care for the light beige interior cloth that shows everything. My EX model has paddle shifters but I never use them. The hatch interior cargo space with 60/40 folding seats is nice. It's a very good little car for buzzing around town for work and errands for a single person, but maybe not for a family car or long road trips...though this hybrid engine type would probably yield impressive mpg with less stop and go.


best car I've ever owned

love the car getting 49.6 mpg city driving and haven't even started highway driving yet. Drivers seat is a little hard but I've never had a luxury car so it's no big deal to me



i had been researching and comparing the insight, prius and vw tdi wagon. i chose the insight for several reasons: price, interior design, hatch back. the biggest issue i have being a 5'10" woman is the uncomfortable driver's seat. it is painful and the only reason i am getting rid of the car. i have gotten up to 59 mpg hwy mileage consistently. mpg around town comes in around 43-48 in the summer and about 38mpg in the winter months. i have hauled a dining room table, a chaise lounge chair, two bales of straw, an entire garden box of plants in buckets, various loads of lumber and much more :) the car is incredibly reliable. i keep the oil changed and the tires filled and it keeps going and going. we had a 2003 honda civic hybrid that we got rid of at 249k, and it still had a lot of life left in it, just wanted something newer with a hatch. i am really going to miss it when it's gone.


Good for MPG, not long drives

Bought a used 2010 Honda Insight EX last year when I changed jobs that led to a longer drive. Most of my 70 miles per day is highway and the Insight averages 46 mpg. City stop and go driving actually brings up the mpg. I'm an average sized woman, 5'5" tall. I am not fond of the ergonomics of the Insight - I sit too low even with the seat height up all the way. The seat is uncomfortable, the armrest is too far away, my legs are in an bunched up position. My friend is 5'10" and the passenger seat doesn't go back far enough for her legs. The car handles well if there is no wind or snow, horrible if it's windy. Blows all over the road. Has decent pick up though. I don't take it on long trips or drive it in snow. I'd recommend an Insight for someone who prefers an affordable reliable import with good gas mileage over comfort.


Worst Car I've ever owned

I bought this car used with 110K miles. I drive 62 miles each way so with other driving we put 40,000 miles a year on the car. Very uncomfortable with no lower back support. Head rest bends forward and constantly bumps you in the back of the head. Car is very light and blows all over the road. In winter with factory spec tires the car has completely lost grip on even light snow covered road (I'd rather drive a 70 Buick with bald tires). You don't drive an Insight you wrestle with it the whole time you are driving. After an hour I unfold from the car worn out and ready for a drink. Since the car hunts all over the road the cops will think you're drunk as it wanders down the road anyway. I've had the car aligned 3 times in hopes of fixing it; that's just the way it is. No idea how anyone claims to get 50mpg with this car. I get 40 with the stearing slightly toe in, 42 with it at Honda spec. Car drives better with slight toe in. I drive 70 on expressway all but 4 miles of my commute. Might get better at 60, but not 50 mpg. Display is off by about 3-4 mpg vs. actual fillups. I've owned big 70's sedans, old VW beatles, even a Chevy Chevette. This is the worst car I've ever owned.


bought from klein handa

drives well, feels good, performs even better with its hybrid drive system, i was optimistic about it, turns out handa will always be a handa, great gas millage, good engine. overall a nice car.


Gas Mileage Above & Beyond

I purchased a used 2010 Honda Insight after my 2005 Mercury Sable transmission went out while driving I drive 50 miles to work one way, and was on a tight budget to begin with. My Sable was getting 21 mpg and spending $360 a month on gas alone. I was looking for a car to double my gas mileage so I can cut down my gas expenses by $180 a month to compensate for the extra car payment. Bought this car with 42,000 miles, and the fuel economy is well above the 43mpg that the car says it gets. I easily get over 50 mpg on the highway and have been averaging around 55-58mpg on the highway. Love it. The digital display lets you know at the moment how many mpg you are getting as you are driving. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also rated this car a top pick for its safety. Extremely affordable , and enough space to fit a baby seat for my 16 month old, along with two other children, if needed The hatchback portion of the car is enough space to fit a stroller, as well as having additional space left over for other stuff necessary. Acceleration coming from a complete stop is is slow but steady and a full feeling. Once above 15 mph the car picks up a nice speed and you get excellent fuel economy. Once above 20mph acceleration is consistent, and picks up well. Once at a steady speed your gas mileage is easily above 50mpg and the car runs smooth. The speedometer has a green light background when you are using electricity and fuel, driving fuel efficient. It turns a blue background when you are using fuel and not driving. Really cool. I bought a car that was three years old and I feel like I have the latest technology with all the displays that car to let you know if you are using gas or electricity. The only complaint I have would be that the visors on the car are so small they never block out the sun, and there are no mirrors on the visors either. Aside from that, no complaints. Love this car and would recommend it


Cheap Hybrid

It is true, this car gets mileage in the 40-50 mpg range, is less expensive than the Prius, has an attractive exterior, and an efficient hatch design that provides more cargo space than a sedan. That is it. The ride quality of this car leaves a lot to be desired. The IMA charging system is unpredictable, causing the pickup at intersections to either be very rapid or very slow depending on the charging state of the battery. The CVT transmission is the worst I've experienced in a car. It is quite jarring at lower speeds, especially when starting from a dead stop, and causes the engine to drone when accelerating onto the freeway or going up hills. The stereo has a weak, tinny sound that will cause a headache after long hours of listening. Suspension is almost nonexistent - it seems that every bump is felt in the road. Lastly, there is no center armrest between the two front seats, just a parking brake, making the ride unsuitable for long trips. I originally liked this car because of its high MPG, low cost and cool design, and the fact that is was not a Toyota. Unfortunately, purchasing this car was a very bad decision. After driving 20k, both the transmission and the MPG seem to be getting worse. Looking back, I really wish I had waited another year and purchased the Prius C.