2010 Hyundai Genesis consumer reviews

$33,000 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 Genesis Hyundai
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.7
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Lotsa bang for the buck

I got this car at my local Acura dealer's; it had been taken in on trade. Low mileage, pristine condition and they gave me a good trade-in on my '03 Acura. So far, no problems, although it is bigger and grander than I was used to. My only reservation is the ride, which is harsh on small irregularities, but other than that, the car is well sorted-out and quite luxurious. I have not had it serviced yet, although I do have an upcoming app't at the local Hyundai dealership. Stay tuned!


This car runs.

I've had the car for 2 and half years and have had no issues with this car. It's extremely fast, agile in traffic, great stereo system. The ride is not as smooth as a my old BMW 7 series, but it has a shorter wheelbase. Rather drive this than a 5 series.I put after market wheels on the car and I get tons of looks and comments.


Bang for the buck

I traded in an 07 E-350. I got tired of the high maintenance for a car that did not brake. The Mercedes is a very good car and handles well. My 2010 Genesis rides much smoother but does not handle better than the E350 but, the genesis is a really good car. My biggest problem with the Genesis is the Dunlop tires and the gas tank should have at least been a 22 gallon tank. Other than that I have no complaints. Keep up the good work Hyundai.


Serious consideration

While this sedan will not deliver the tighter more rigid ride of the Audi or BMW, if you are considering the E-Class or Lexus or Acura you should be looking at the Genesis. There is absolutely no better bang for the buck. I have the 6-Cyl and it delivers close to 300HP in smooth fashion. great gas mileage and while I am not crying poverty, it is nice to be able to fill up with regular and not high test. The interiror is elegant and and the displays easy to read. Loads of room (unlike my old 5 series which had no true comfort for rear seat passenger and the trunk was tiny)and a giant trunk. In addition to providing a superb ride, Hyundai have managed to also include practical touches not found in other "name tags". Woudl like to be able to fold the mirrors automatically, but this is not going to impact my buying decision. I think they do need to offer an AWD model if they really are serious about the Northeast sector. That said, I have 40,000 mi on my Genesis and have done nothing past oil changes and tire rotatons. Try that with a German car!


Solid car with a few annoying quirks

I've had my Hyundai Genesis for about a year. I've been overall happy with the car, but a couple of deal killers would prevent me from buying another: The Driver Information system was designed by xxxxxxx. It's not only useless, it's dangerous. As long as the DIS is in the car, I won't buy it. The GPS is the worst I've ever used. Trying to find even simple addresses is incredibly difficult and takes 2-3 tries. When I bought the car, the GPS was already several years out of date, and upgrading it costs over $200. Unfortunately, to get the upgraded leather, you have to buy the GPS and the DIS. Both of these will prevent me from buying another Hyundai. Service. I've owned a number of luxury cars, and you expect a certain level of treatment within the service bay. You also expect certain issues to just be handled without a lot of negotiating. It's one of the reasons you pay a premium price for the car. Unfortunately, there's no separation between the Hyundai luxury line and the Hyundai base lines, so the service bay nickel and dimes you on every item. There are also few loan cars available, which means hanging around the service bay for hours. In a nutshell, if they could fix these issues, it's a great car. Unfortunately, these items are painful enough to keep me from considering another Hyundai in the future.


My First Import is a Winner

I bought a like-new certified pre-owned 2010 Genesis 3.8 - my first import ever. Simply put, I just don't think there is any more car out there for the money. If your ego requires that you have the status of a Lexus, Benz, or BMW nameplate, stop reading now and go spend the $20K-$30K that you'll need to get that badge. The 3.8 has plenty of horsepower,and I recently got 30 mpg on an 800 mile trip (much better than the already decent hwy mpg rating that it has). LIke many reviewers have said, there is nothing new or daring about the exterior design, but that's another way of saying it's pretty indistinguishable from the much-higher priced competitors in its class. One major downside (and I think it's something that Hyundai will need to address if they want to penetrate the premium market) is that to buy a Genesis (and now, Equus) you have to go to a Hyundai dealer. I have not experienced the kind of premium service that one should expect to get from a dealer that sells premium cars. As things are now, if you shop for and buy a Genesis, you'll get a "Cadillac" car, but you'll get "Chevrolet" attitude and service.


24,000 miles and perfect

Great car. quiet and smooth. I love the v8 with the zf transmission, the shifts are so smooth. 375 hp, wow what fun. Brakes are the best we ever had on a car. Soft leather interior is holding up very well.





The WORST riding car I've ever owned.

The 2011 Hyundai Genesis is the WORST riding car I have EVER owned. It even makes smooth roads feel rough!


First in class/comfort

I never thought of a Hyundai,having had Cads,Lincolns,Lexus,and a Jag. But Genisis is a class itself, Every aspect is quality, the V8 is a powerhouse with surprizingly good mileage. The warrenty is unbeatable, and unlike others there has been no recall. Only thing I wish it had was a back seat lighter for G-kids DVD.