2010 Hyundai Genesis consumer reviews

$33,000 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 Genesis Hyundai
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.7
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Best value ever

Great car at very reasonable price. It compares to the Lexus 460 in just about aspect except the price is $26,000 less


The Coupe

What a bargin for the car you get. It is fast and quick. Reliable and modern day design have lifted Hyundai to a new level. I test drove over 11 cars in this day of modern coupes the infinity, the nissan mazima, Audi A5, nissan 370z, camareo, sho taraus, caillac to name a few but for the money the Genesis coupe beat them hands down. It has everything power all the amenities, blue tooth, voice naviagation and paddle shifters. Modern interior with great wrap around seats. It was priced about on average 8,000 cheaper than the above cars. If you wnat excitement and a great ride the Genesis Coupe is the bomb for teh money. Jc


Dealers Choice

Electronic gremlins and dealership unaccustomed to highend auto service account for not making higher recommendations


my first genesis

i have owned one for two months this is my first owned 6 cadalliacs every thing about this car is far and above what cadalliac hac to offer.


Very Satisfied

Bought the Genesis 4.6 with Tech package 2 weeks ago. Before that I spend at least 6 weeks researching and driving almost every luxury car on the market. This car blows most of the others away on value alone. It drives great, has a wonderful interior and the Hyundai version of I-Drive is very easy to use. I have had 2 people get out of their cars in a parking lots to come and ask me what kind of car I was driving.


so far so good

2010-3.8 v6 premium package. i had a caddilac deville , i'm a big man 6'3" 280 lbs. room is inportant to me. the genesis has the most room in its class. looked at (infiniti m35)(bmw 5 series)(lexus es350)(ford taurus)and (toyotia avalon).it was no contest,the only problem was getting my wife to except a hyundai , she drives a bmw 330ci convertible.so i changed all the bagges,no (H) on my car .i don't care but it makes a big differance to her, go figure . the genesis has great handling(not a sports car),290 horse v6 has plenty of power, interier is plush,14 speakers(great sound)exterier has a european look , ok with me.getting 22-23mpg around town.like i said, so far so good.


Totally Awesome Car From Bumper To Bumper

Elegant style, pure luxury, loaded with features and neck-snapping performance. This car is a head-turner. Everyone who comes to my home mentions it. On a recent trip to Virginia Beach, someone pulled up next to me in a gas station and asked if it was a Bentley. Hyundai is spinning off the Genesis luxury lineup like Toyota did Lexus. I purchased the 4.6L V8 engine and my gas mileage is better than the sticker averages (and I don't have a light foot). I have never been more satisfied with any car. I know I'm not supposed to reference other companies, but this engineering masterpiece made the price-comparable BMW look like an Amish buckboard. Don't buy anything else until you drive this one.


Frequent Troubles

please precisely see whether right side of quarter panels,out more than bumper. Mine and my friend's one has the same problem.


Outstanding Value

Best car for the money. Powerful V8, (0-60 in 5.3 seconds) and surprisingly economical! The interior is roomy, the leather is as smooth as silk and the amenities are abundant. The fit and finish equal the best available -and at 1,000s less! All of this and it comes with the best warranty out there. If you don't consider this vehicle because of its badge your stumbling over your ego. OUCH! Nick J. Like they say, ("Think about it.") No, I do not work for or am I associated with Hyundai other than being a customer and cat enthusiast.


Great vehicle for someone who's a tough sell

The genesis coupe was the 4th vehicle I've purchased personally but was by far the easiest. This was also the first vehicle I've bought simply because I liked it so much and not because I needed a new car. I noticed the genesis coupe shortly after it was released and immediately fell in love with the styling and curb appeal. Other cars I've owned have been a mustang, toyota MR2, and most recently a mazda 6. I've always been driven more towards a sporty vehicle and the genesis fits the bill. The most difficult decision for me with it was choosing a trim package. Because manual transmission verions are still somewhat hard to find I had to be somewhat flexible when it came to color but when my dealer found a mirabu blue 3.8 v6 base model I knew it was the car for me. The turbo model has gotten more attention but the v6 for a little bit more money will significantly outperform and also require less maintenance. Oil changes are recommended every 7,500 miles but I've been told the turbo version should go in every 3,000. After not driving a RWD vehicle for several years I was somewhat worried about handling in wet weather but the electronic stability control and overall balance the car has seems to add a lot of drivability in less then ideal road conditions. Going with a track model will upgrade your performance and head turning ability significantly but I found the ride quality to be too much of a compromise when I was going to be driving into downtown Baltimore almost every day for work. I liked this vehicle so much that I want to drive it every time I go out, if you want more of a toy I'd suggest you wait for the R-spec model which comes out later this year or go for a 3.8 track model if you have deeper pockets. Regardless, owning a gencoupe kind of makes you a member of a club so if you see one of us on the road make sure to give a friendly honk and wave!