2013 Hyundai Genesis consumer reviews

$34,200 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Genesis Hyundai
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.4
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Loved the 2009, went back for a 2013.

Had the Genesis 4.6, replaced it with the 3.6 after 120,000 miles. Luxury feel for $20,000 less than comparable car. Comfortable interior. Great ride.


Nobody wants to repeat mistakes like me.

I bought you a $ 13,999 vehicle and received a bill of $ 15,865.92 including all the fees. I paid $ 16,103.91, including 1.5% of the credit card fee, on that day. Then $ 6103 changed the payment with a debit card and received a fee of $ 91.55 for this amount. The manager angela told us that he would refund the credit card fee for the remaining amount of 1.5% when he brought the cash and chek. So even though I took the check 10 days later and paid again, you have not yet refunded me a 1.5% card fee. If I can not get a refund within this week, I went back today, but he refused to pay if he refused to return it. I bought a car here because it was about $ 500 cheaper than the average used car price. But I did not take a week to know that the judgment was wrong. I asked for a refund but was rejected. I spent more than $ 3,000 a month on maintenance since I bought it. It sells garbage cars. I regret that I have not listened to the person who wrote the review before. Nobody wants to repeat mistakes like me.


Great Car

I don't know what to say except test drive it and you'll know what's so great about it. From heated seats to dual climate control the beutiful high end looking exterior to the power. I just love this car.


2012 Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

After driving an AWD Pacifica for 5 years I was looking for something else. I needed room for two growing boys, enough HP to get around, some luxury to feel comfortable on my long commute and a great sound system. Well, I found everything in the Genesis. With over 420 horses there is no lack of power. Putting down the hammer is quite a joy and makes most cars blush. Gas consumption is to be expected at 23 mpg. Premium gas is recommended as low grade gas takes away some power. You can feel the difference. Sound is just beautiful with the 17 speakers surround sound package. Some negatives though: mine came with 19" 245/45s which make the ride somewhat bumpy. Roads in the Midwest are not the best so be prepared. RWD is something you need to get used to. Overall I am very pleased. Interior quality is very nice and of higher quality materials. This is a driver's car, pure understatement. Don't see many on the road so you certainly stick out of the crowd.


great car for the sensible shopper.

If you shop for good value, the Hyundai/Kia products in the preowned Market are made for you.since 2006,arguably, these are "best bet's".a good researcher/negotiator can find comfort,reliability,safety and efficiency to satisfy. Have experienced from Rolls Royce to Yugo & in between. We have owned 2008 Kia Rio and Azera,2007 Sedona, 2015 Kia Soul and now 2013 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 SedanUltimate. All reliable, affordable etc. The 3.8 Genesis Sedan is smooth, comfortable, with lane departure warning,smart cruise control, adaptive H.I.D. headlights,heated and cooled driver seat,Lexicon driver info/enternainment/navi. Limo back seat comfort. My arthritis loves this car, solid chassis/ long travel suspension,soothing comfort for around town or long day on Interstate. A three year old one owner with some Factory warranty remaining, $48500.00 new(premium,Tech. & ultimate Pkgs.), 50,000Miles/for less than 30% of original Mulroney Sticker!!. For pre owned smart shoppers, here is alot of car for not much money.


Genesis v Lexus 350

I have driven several Lexus models over the past 20 years and I believe they are A+ in all particulars. There is no doubt Lexus is a slightly better quality car than a Hyundai. However, if you consider the lower cost of the Genesis vs. the added benefits of the Lexus 350, it is a no brainer. The Hyundai is a much better value, all things considered. I love mine.


Good value, comfortable ride.

2013 Genesis 3.8 L. 31,000 miles, CPO and extended warranty. No tech package. I traded in a 2008 Mercedes C300 and was looking for a reliable, comfortable car with a long warranty. The Genesis fits the bill. My initial observations are as follows. Interior fit and finish is good, but not by any means Lexus quality. Car fits 4 adults comfortably and rides smoothly. Big trunk, so a long road trip is possible for 4. Handling is overall average. Steering has little road feel and is not weighted like a German luxury car. Throttle tip-in is sudden and it's hard to take off from a stop smoothly. The 8 speed transmission is not particularly refined, especially as it hunts around for the right gear after a turn. The engine is loud and thrashy under hard acceleration. Fuel economy is about 14-16 in town - less than expected. I can't imagine how bad it is with the 5.0 RSpec. . Brakes are barely adequate. In sum, it's an older person's car. The stock sound system is average for a 2013 car. It does have a sub on the rear package shelf. The Bluetooth will not work completely with the latest phones, like and iPhone 6. It will receive calls but won't respond to voice commands. The good part is that it's a good value and has a transferable bumper to bumper warranty to 10 years,100,000 miles. No more worries about $8k transmission replacement like the Merc.


Great car until

I now have 28K miles on the car. Everything was going very well. Suddenly the entertainment system went out. When I got home I set the parking brake and turn it off. It woul not start up. Now the whole electronic system was. The brake is also electronic and could not be overridden. This meant the tow company couldn't move the car. Two tow companies late finally it was towed to the dealer. All the tow truck drivers confirmed thelectronics were dead. But, when it was dropped off at the dealer it started. The service tech trouble sot the problem with a factory service tech. But, they found nothing. I was driving it today and had a short time the entertaianment system blinked. I'm apprehensive about the happening again. Has anyone had this happen to them?


Absolutely the best vehicle I have ever driven.

I am 63 years old and have owned at least 20 cars in my life and this one is by far the best. Extremely quiet ride, tremendous acceleration and decent gas mileage, smooth ride and great interior. If I didn't know it I would never thought it was a Hyundai. My friends all agree it is a great car and as amazed as I am with it. Not a fan of the exterior design they attempt to make it look like a Mercedes and don't need to. Otherwise you will not go wrong if your looking for a luxury sedan.


Lovin my Genesis

I bought my 2013 Genesis 3.8 a month ago with 4000 miles. It has the premium and tech options and is black with black interior. I'm a car guy and couldn't be happier with this awesome ride. The 333 HP direct injected V6 provides more than adequate performance with very good gas mileage. The 8 speed tranny is a perfect match for this engine. The ride is smooth and solid and the cabin is super quiet even at highway speeds. It has all the bells and whistles and the stereo is awesome. Hyundai even went so far as to add covers under the car to reduce drag, making it more fuel efficient. If you're self confident enough that you don't need a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus to impress others, then this may be just the car for you. The only things I wish it had are a folding rear seat and a heated steering wheel. They've added these in the 2015 Genesis, but I really like the look of mine better.