2013 Hyundai Genesis consumer reviews

$34,200 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Genesis Hyundai
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.4
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Great Price Tag Without The Name Tag

I've had my Genesis for almost a year now and my wife and I are extremely impressed with how much we got for our money! We drive 500 mile round trips on a regular basis and it's very, very comfortable. It drives itself without any driver fatigue! Love the sound system! Lately however, as it does in south Texas, it gets extremely hot and it seems that the a/c system is not able to keep the cabin cool (grey exterior w/black interior). The dealer recommended window tint which I have already installed but it's still not adequate. It's in the dealer again for the same a/c problem. Hope they don't make the claim that there's nothing they can do....I don't take those excuses very well.


Best car I ever drove

I bought Genesis last year and I just love it! It is beautiful and ride very smooth. The interior is roomy and the trunk is big enough. I like this car better than Lexus I drove before. I highly recommend it.


handsome beast

Both used 2013 Genesis with 7400 miles on it, great condition. Interior is very comfortable and elegant. Love all the gadgets once we learn how to use them. Has all the up to date bells and whistles. Quite new to us so we can't vouch for reliability but all independent repots are quite good. would recommend to anyone looking for a luxury car in same class as Lexus, Audi,Mercedes,BMW, but much less expensive.


Amazing value

Very reliable car, with great acceleration. The car drives like the lexus LS460, extremely smooth and comfortable and has great features. The interior is a little boring and does feel cheaper when compared to other luxury cars, but the drive and the price definitely make up for it.



Where to begin? For the money, this is by far the best value of any car I can think of. Performance: I have the 3.8L and it performs incredibly well. Acceleration is effortless. Rear wheel drive rocks. Transmission is very smooth. I get 24-26 miles/gallon in mixed driving. I had a 4 cylinder car prior to this one with half the horse power and I would average 28. It's remarkable. Safety: this was the main reason I bought this car. It is built like a tank, top crash scores in all tests. Braking is very responsive and effective. The massive power available to be called upon at anytime with just a harder push of the gas pedal has already helped me avoid a couple of potential crashes. This is not a beefed up Sonata, this is in a class of its own. At 333, it has more HP than most SUVs. Comfort: acoustic glass, extremely quiet, once you put the music on you're completely isolated from outside noise. Seats are comfortable, wish the driver seat had an additional height setting. Do yourself a favor and buy some high end tires, the ones that come with it in the 6 cyl are a joke. I put 18" wheels and 245 Michelin Sport tires and it has made a huge difference in handling and comfort. The car also looks more masculine. Warranty: the other main reason I bought this car. Complete peace of mind, can you put a price on that? Looks: simply stunning. I got the Casablanca white. Paint quality is very high. Led brake lights are very classy. This car is better looking than most of the luxury sedans out there in my opinion. Install the Genesis badge in the back for a killer look. Could not be happier with the purchase. Find one that's just under 1 year old and you'll pay the same others pay for a new small and uninspiring vehicle with a dishwasher engine and 5 star crash scores against a flock of birds.


A Great Car and a Bargain

This car is a very nice package. I am a new owner of a 3.8 Genesis sedan that is almost ready to change the break-in oil. I have owned an 06' Hyundai Sonata prior to the Genesis that proved to be very dependable. I still have the Sonata and hate to get rid of it. The Genesis is just so nice to drive... I typically buy my cars a year or two old and let the first owner take the biggest loss on the vehicle. Also, I am not a typicle luxury car owner. I have a Ford F-150 pick-up, that is stick-shift but the Genesis is just so nice to drive...I say that the Genesis is my wife's car and she says the Genesis is mine. I looked in the used car market for about two years and found the value to be very high. Private parties wanted two or three thousand less than I paid for a new one and their used car was about two years old! I could have bought a lease return a little cheaper but most of them had about 20,000 miles on them or more. I did not know anyone still in the car business or at the auction, so, I started to shop on line! What I found was that when you put your name out there to shop, you get a response. They want to know what you are looking for and then they want you to come out and look. I wanted a 3.8 sedan and I wanted a black or a white one, as simple as that. I told them to get me their best price and if I thought that it was a good price, then I would come out and look. When these internet guys email or call, you have to stick to your guns; they want you to come out, you want the price. No good price first, no coming out! They tell you that they all have the best price, service, reputation, etc.,etc. Also, the manufacture has the same rebates with all the dealers, so the bottom price will be the same, if you qualify for all the rebates. It is a little work but it is as simple as that. I don't trade-in, so I get a real price. If you trade, then you will have to drive out to two or three of them to get your total price in writing. Then when you get into contract or finance, again, you have to stick to your guns with price or walk out. You can push the price down below 30k if you work at it. If you find this all too much, you can always go and pay the sticker price like they want you to. My wife and I are happy with our Genesis and satisfied with what we paid, although, for us, it was still a lot of money. When we were in incontract/finance, the manager got upset and we argued briefly about the price. He had to go up-front and check our price because he thought it was incorrect; he purchased a Genesis last year and paid more than us with his employee discount! It was correct! My wife and I were just out and we are careful where we park. We went out by the far side of the lot and parked near a Mercedes, black S-class sedan. She said we should take a look at it. She walked around and told me that she like our car better. The interior and the grill looked better! The S-class starts about $92.9! We chose the lighter interior and I had the windows tinted and then I used some Turtle Wax Ice. The Genises is just so nice to drive...


Great Car, Warranty and Price

I have both a 2013 Azera and a 2013 Genesis. These are truly great cars for the money, thousands less than others in this class. The 8 speed transmission and the 3.8 V6 in the Genny are made for each other. The average Joe does not need the R spec as this V6 will "get it" when needed. If you don't need Navigation, Camera, Sunroof, etc.., the base model Genny is a steal at around $30k. Both my Azera and my Genesis turn heads!


I love it!

sturdy, stylish, responsive. happy I bought it! doesn't look like a Hyundai, but is sporty and some say resembles Mercedes.......I think it's better looking!


Nice car

Stylish reliable car, smooth ride with great exceleration roomy for long legged person and a pretty large trunk


Under rated luxury performance sedan

After owned multiple vehicles this Hyundai is by far one of the best. RWD driving dynamics are excellent, suspension provides a balanced comfort and performance. Seats are very comfortable. Very quiet and refined ride. 3.8L V6 provides more power than most people needs. The only complaints I have is the brakes are very sensitive and a smooth stop takes some practice, the center dash lights for the buttons can also get washed out in the sunlight easily, passenger seat are also not height adjustable (I'm 5' 9" and height is perfect for me but anyone shorter than me felt seat position was a little low).