2011 Hyundai Tucson consumer reviews

$18,895–$19,895 MSRP range
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83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.3
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Good value, but----

I got 2011 Tucson Black/black, limited, +package with everything. After driving a while, I have to write a review about. 1) Air condition was not working after I got new car, it turns out it did not have fluid in a/c, so I went to the dealer and filled in. Now it works fine, but it was a upset experience. 2) The car drives well on high way and local. but MPG was poor, It is consistent with other posting on the web, I drives around NYC, it gets 18 mpg. Not even close to what is listed. I am going to try a bit high grade gas and see what is like next time. I really don't why the official review says it has good MPG, probably because they never really drives this car in real world.... 3) Since I got everything in this car, and I have also drives Honda CR-V loaded. I have to say this car is still not as fine turned as Honda, either from design or the set up, Honda is just a bit refined, which is probably expected, since Honda has a long history of refinement. 4) To me, considering the price, and what I get, I have to say it is still a pretty good buy. The biggest con is the poor MPG. My CR-V gets 20 MPG. The car only gets 17-18 MPG. I don't know why...


Finally something to be excited about...

I recently purchased a 2011 Graphite Grey Hyundai Tucson Limited, and overall, I am still loving it. I traded in my 2006 Suzuki Aerio SX AWD (which was a GREAT car) and have no regrets. Here is an abbreviated list of my pros and cons (I think you will find many more pros than cons with this vehicle). PROS #1 Pro has to be the value for the options you get. I got every available option and package they offer with a price of less than $30k. Other car makers (yes, even the value brands) can't say that... #2 The warranties that come standard are unbelievable. On top of that, they also replace your tires, and battery for the life of the vehicle. So they don't include free oil changes, who cares? The tires alone make up for that... #3 They guarantee the vehicle's trade in price. It's not an estimate, it's almost like getting a gift certificate that comes with the purchase. #4 Personally, I am not a fan of that wood grain and this vehicle has a brushed aluminum-ish trim. It?s beautiful against the black dash and leather seats. #5 The trunk/cargo area is quite large without taking up too much cabin space for legroom. There is also an outlet and light in the trunk. #6 The steering feels very solid when taking corners, but still easy to turn the wheel. The fingertip controls on the steering wheel also make for an easy drive. There is a green "ECO" light that comes on when you are driving really efficiently to let you know you are saving gas. Who knew this could happen in a non-hybrid? #7 The technology in this vehicle is outstanding. The touch screen navigation system is easy to learn, bluetooth for your phone (and it even plays your ringtones over the speakers), call quality is super clear from both callers, the premium audio and subwoofer sounds great. 3-month trial of XM radio standard. Built in iPod/iPhone controls through the stereo is awesome. #8 The things that really got me are the small details that they didn't give up on to save money. Things like extended visors, cupped front seats, multi-mode odometer that displays range, time to empty, mpg, etc., blinkers on the exterior mirrors, fog lamps that don't look like they added them after car was designed, a shoulder seat belt for the middle person in the back seat; and so many more. It really is the little details that put this vehicle over the edge for me. CONS #1 It sounds stupid, but I would really like some kind of small tray or drawer to put my change in. #2 Again, minor point, but to have a separate key and key FOB is silly. Can't they figure out how to get it just on the key by now? #3 The pick-up is good, but not great. Even with 176 hp it feels like it could use a good kick. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but I couldn't imagine towing anything heavy and getting up a steep hill easily. #4 This is a mix of pro and con; because they are such great vehicles it can be VERY hard to find you the exact one you want. They searched for days and days for me and could not find one in white, so I went with grey. Obviously I am still in the honeymoon phase (sort of), but I am always a realist about this stuff and have not found anything that makes me think twice about this purchase. If you are on the fence because it's a Hyundai, I would say go to your local dealer and drive it. I was reluctant about it at first as well, but when I researched vehicles this was one of the final 3 contenders and I am extremely happy that I chose this vehicle.


I love it so far

Bought the GLS Front wheel drive, went in looking for a GL but saw the GLS with all it had to offer and after test driving I fell in love. The drive is very smooth, and light. Loved the fact that it has a bluetooth feature in the car. Kind of disappointed that it doesn't have the outside temp feature or the auto powered seats, I feel in this day and age the power seats should be in every car. But overall I am loving this car which also came with tinted rear windows, so I'll only need to get the front one tinted.


Reliable and Affordable

My husband and I were in need of a new vehicle, and after looking at new and used car selections and reviews, we decided to go with a new 2011 Tucson. The GLS model came standard with features we were looking for but were not expecting to be able to afford. The ride is smooth and comfortable. When loaded with skis and equipment, the pick-up can be a little hesitant going up steep mountain hills, but overall it handles well in the snow and performs great around town!


hyundai flop

11 tuscon limited front wheel drive, loaded. gas mileage horrible took it into dealer and they said everything was fine, trans seems to use alot of engine breaking when you let off the gas pedal, asked if they could calibrate the ECU to change shifts so the SUV would coast more, so inturn better gas mileage< they looked at me like i was crazy. engine feels like 105 HP not 175, unless you tac out the RPM's. body panels are thin and dent easy, for limited it should have top of the line factory, I have seen macco paint jobs better than this that hold up under the elements. also look under the rear tire, you can see the speed sensor cable which breaks in half anytime road debree hits it. 400 to fix warranty does not cover design flaws. recomend chevy or ford


possible class action law suit safety issue ABS

1st thing, what every hyundai posted on the 2011 tuscon as far as hwy/city mileage was inflated. at 65 with cruise control on the hyundai limited w/ecco only averaged 27 hwy 200 miles flat surface. same trip with a 2007 colorado with a I5 3.7 averaged 30 mpg. we had to stop so we could fill up the tuscon again. during the trip with both vehicles the ABS light,traction control light and the incline light turned on. We took the vehicle in to the dealership to find that under the new tucsons are exposed speed sensor wires in the open without any protective covering. during the trip a rock must have severed the right rear wire which disabled the ABS, TRaction control and incline , WE were on a highway flat dry surface not off roading or on a trail.(keep in mind this vehicle is listed as a SUV) "Hyundai reconized it may have to look into the design,but refuse to cover it under the great warranty you always hear about" Replcement part and labor $400.00 CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT FOR SAFETY FLAW **PRICELESS***


Great looks, decent value

I bought my Tucson Limited FWD a year ago in February, 2010. PROS: + Great looks + Attractive interior + Nice stereo + Bluetooth/Handsfree phone connectivity + Excellent iPod control + Hyundai air conditioners work great, even for my black Tucson in southeast Texas summers! + Outstanding legroom for front seat passengers (are you listening, Honda?) + Excellent handling for an SUV Cons: - Gas mileage FAR, FAR lower than Hyundai's promise of 22 city / 31 hwy - Ride is a little on the rough side, but supposedly the 2011 model has better shocks on the Limited - Too noisy with the roar of the tires. I ended up buying Dynamat to apply to the metal under the carpets and in the cargo area. Again, supposedly the 2011 models have improved in this area, but I have no reason to go verify this. Traded my 2007 V6 Sonata in February, 2010, for a new Tucson Limited (FWD). I was initially attracted by the exterior looks and design of the interior. The saddle colored leather seats look sharp and nicely contract to the dark interior. The leather feels nicer than in my 2007 Sonata. The stereo is great with CD, XM, iPod/USB, and Bluetooth audio features standard on the Limited. I wish I could have gotten the separate amp/subwoofer without having to buy the NAV, so I skipped both. My biggest disappointment is the POOR fuel economy. I do not drive at excessive speeds. Houston is very flat. Most of my commuting is freeway-based and yet I consistently average only 23-something MPG (based on actual calculations and not the trip computer's AVG MPG, though it tends to be accurate). Hyundai said 31 MPG HWY and I've never achieve that. The best I've ever gotten was about 27 MPG. Considering that part of my reason for trading the Sonata in was for the promised improved gas mileage, I am heavily disappointed in the gas mileage. I consistenly averaged over 27 MPG and sometimes over 28 MPG in my Sonata on the highway, and that was with a considerably more powerful V6. xxx?! My other disappointments are related to the noise levels inside the car and the slightly rough ride. The 2010 Tucson is far too noisy with tire roar being the predominant contributor. I ended up purchasing sound deadening material that sticks to the bare metail under the hood and to the floor of the car under the carpet and in the spare tire well. That has helped tremendously though it did set me back a few hundred dollars and the better part of a day doing the installation myself. All things considered, it would likely cost Hyundai far less than I spent in materials and labor to do this. Regarding the ride, it is seemingly harsh and smooth at the same time. I seem to feel every bump and crevice in any road, but it also handles major bumps and potholes with aplomb. My 2007 Sonata Limited was the opposite, with reasonable isolation from minor bumps and crevices in the road but harshness from larger bumps and potholes. Finally, the engine is a little underpowered for the vehicle. The 6-speed transmission is always hunting for a higher gear to maximize fuel economy (but it's attempts at doing so fail miserably). Thus, on the highway when driving over a small rise in the highway to make it over a cross-street, the transmission has to downshift to maintain the speed you are already cruising at. If the car had better performance at the expense of fuel economy, I might not be so critical. But unobtainable promised gas mileage AND a lethargical engine are a definite disappointment. Overall, I still love the car. I seriously considered a Chevy Equinox instead but chose the Hyundai because of my previous experience with Hyundai value and reliability. The Equinox was a little larger and definitely quieter, but it was going to cost several thousand $$ more to equip it to the same level as the less expensive Tucson. Rear passengers have good legroom but front seat passengers have outstanding legroom. My 6'6" tall partner has no trouget getting in/out of the car and can fully stretch his legs out. We've yet to find a Honda that can accomodate tall people, so the CR-V was instantaneously removed from any further consideration when he tried to get into the car and get comfortable. Yes, I would recommend this car to other's but I would also tell them my disappointments so they would have the full story.


the best in its class

hyundai tucson is simply the best in the compact SUV segment.... the exterior is flawless... it's comfortable to ride, even in the backseat feels very roomy... gas mileage is better than a crv or rav4...i even get 41 mpg on highway.....


A Flawed Jem

This car has 2 flaws, the gutless engine which is merely annoying, and the brakes which are - simply put - lethal. How Hyundai can allow a vehicle with such mushy, ineffective brakes onto the market is beyond me. If you like the car, try an emergency stop on the test drive, just make sure it's not for real. I love everything else - the styling, the interior, the handling. But those brakes are really bad.


The Bar Has Been Raised

Hyundai has raised the bar on the 2011 Tucson. I just purchased a new FWD Limited, Graphite Grey, Leather seats, Navigation System, Upgraded Sound System, Moon Roof, and have not questioned my decision once. In fact, all I have been hearing from others is ?Wow?. Sure I could have purchased a BMW or other top of the line vehicle, but at the end of the day, when I sit inside my Tucson and drive, I feel like I am in a top of the line vehicle. The feel, the handling, and the performance are the same if not better than the other SUVs of the same class. The body style of this SUV is incredible! Its futuristic design makes it a head turning object as you drive around. Additionally, it sits up like a full size SUV, giving you comfort while driving in all conditions. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The comfort inside sinks in when you first get in. The room is far better than most reviews indicate. I am a golfer and my large bag and 3 wheel push cart along with all my accessories fit like a glove. The back seats do not need to move or recline. I am near 6 foot and find it very comfortable, even when the front seats are fully extended back. The ease of accessing all the components on the vehicle while driving are without effort or difficulty. I can operate almost everything from the steering wheel, and what I can't, I have within reach. I am impressed with the heating more and more everyday. The system does not start blowing air until a certain temperature has been reached to provide additional comfort. Other vehicles begin to blow air the moment the air is turned on and the air can be very cold at first, not fun in the winter up North. The sound system is incredible. You have to experience it while driving alone. If you are with a sales person you will not experience it the same. The Nav Sys is quick and very easy to use. The comfort while driving on the road is excellent by my standards. If you are on the highway you will really enjoy the comfort, agility, and ability of this vehicle. I can't wait till Summer to roll the windows down and open the moon roof and turn up the tunes. I can't see anyone not enjoying this vehicle, if an SUV is what their looking to purchase. Great Job Hyundai!!!