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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee consumer reviews

$25,995 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 Grand Cherokee Jeep
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.1
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I bought this vehicle because I spend about 25% of my drive time on forest roads to get to hiking trails. This vehicle just excels on dirty, pot hole covered roads. It fits camping gear, dogs, kids, and then some. At first, it seemed awkward in the city, but once I got used to it, I realized the all time 4x4 was an advantage getting into parking spots. Certainly, if you never leave the city, this isn't the vehicle for you. I hear a lot of complaints about mpg. Honestly, it's not much worse than my last car (BMW M3). This is a work truck with a heavy drive train and extra safety protection. If you don't expect it to behave like a car, which it's not, you will be pleased. I got the limited edition, so I'm certainly thrilled by the leather, heated seats, and other great perks.


not worth the money

looked at the car an wouldn't start the got it started and it wanted to die out. these motors run for ever unless they get over heated and that is exactly what happened. dont recomend buying this car unless you wanna put a motor in it.


Love it, sometimes.

Throughout my driving experience, (I'm 16. This is my first car) I've driven a variety of cars. I've always loved jeeps and this car was no exception. My grandparents owned a '00 special edition Grand Cherokee Laredo and I loved it. The 99' didn't fall too short of my grandparents. I bought this jeep with around 100k miles, and it's done well so far. It's loud accelerating and slowing down, which I can't complain for buying a jeep. A completely different car compared to my sisters Lexus. Its exterior styling is sub-par, considering it's makeover from '98. I have a rust spot from when I got it and a dent in my back bumper from someone running into it, but I can pop it out easily. Its handling is fine. Isn't great, isn't terrible. Acceleration makes me want to stab something - my mothers minivan has faster acceleration. But, it drives nice when driving in town. Its interior design is brilliant - whoever planned out the layout of buttons in the main console and the levers around the steering wheel is amazing. It's easy and simple. I was disappointed with no leather seats. There are some minor defects in the plastics in the car (faded, some things pop out at times), but I can deal with it. I do have a sticky drivers door - which is pretty annoying at times. When I have the spare key on me and unlock the car without the remote, open the door two times when it's unlocked, the alarm goes off every time. Overall, this is a great SUV and would definitely buy another Grand Cherokee later.


Only car I have ever owned

This is the first car that I have ever owned and got it for my 16th Birthday. It has exceeded my expectations on performance, and handling. The 4.7L V-8 is very powerful and can accelerate very fast for an SUV. It is very comfy on the inside and overall a great car.


Best vehicle I have ever owned

I bought my '99 Grand Cherokee when it was 6 months old; a former rental vehicle. I tried several brands of 4X4 SUVs, but I chose the GC because of it's ride and handling. It handles very well, and off-road prowess is great. The only problems I have had was with electric radiator fans that would stop working after a few months. After the third fan replacement in the last two years, I installed a belt-driven fan and clutch assembly for better reliability, and unplugged the electric fan. (The fitting for the mechanical clutch/fan is already on the front of the water pump.) Now, with the mechanical fan, my air conditioner works extremely well on the hottest days (+102F), and combined gas mileage actually improved by 1.5 MPG (from 17 to 18.5). I think it's because the constantly spinning fan makes the a/c far more efficient than the cycle on/cycle off electric fan did, which means the a/c compressor doesn't run all the time on hot days trying to keep the vehicle's interior cool. Plus, I don't have to worry about the mechanical fan failing and stranding me 105 miles from home, like the electric one did on July 4th. I recommend this vehicle.


Loved it!

I was driving a 96 Blazer and HATED it. I went to test drive a explorer wehn I was driving it I stopped and drove a new Grand Cherokee Laredo. I was sold. I did upgrade to the Limited however and it was worth every penny. I bought the car with 12 miles on it and it now has 250,000 miles on it. It has NEVER let me down. It has took me and my family across the country at least 5 times and never has it yet to leave us stranded. I have had to replace the water pump and that's it! I keep up with maitnence and that's all it needs. This previous winter we had one morning that it was -12 degrees farenhiet and my jeep started right up with no fuss. 4.7 v8 is very quick and with so many miles on the engine it still will out do my 05 Rendezvous and my PT Cruiser (expected). I will probably trade in my Rendezvous for a new JGC Limited.


First Jeep

I bought my first ever Jeep Grnd Cherokee at a repo auction 4 years ago. She was in pretty rough shape but I got a great deal on her. Not appearing very well taken care of, I figured it to be temporary transportation at best. That was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! She now has 185,000 miles on her and she still runs fantastic. I must say that the 4.0 6 cylinder is bullet proof. Not much on power but super reliable. I've heard from many who have exceeded 300k miles with little effort with this motor. I also love how these things come decked out. I've never had a vehicle with as many bells and whistles. At first I thought, " Great, let's see how long they work.." but wow, no problems there either. Sun roof, power windows(shocker), 4x4, power seats, heated mirrors, everything still working great at 10 years old and counting. I'm really impressed with this rough old girl. My Chevy, Ford's and Nissan's have never held up this well.


My Jeep

I drive a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee and wouldn't want any other car. I live in the Midwest and must drive in multiple conditions which the Grand Cherokee has no problem with. It handles well and makes turning almost like driving a car. It runs great in the cold and snow or in the dead heat of summer. I've never had any problems with it other than regular upkeep.


what a piece of JUNK

I bought my 1999 Jeep grand cheerokee with 30,000 miles on it and it ran fine for about 5000 miles. I didnt realize that the 1999 s had a major defect with the brake rotors. they warp and if you brake going 45mph or faster it feels like an earthquake. You can replace the rotors of course but they will warp again within 6 months. Also every sensor you can imagine has gone bad. The water pumped has had to be replaced twice within 3 years. The radiator fan module has been replace 3 times, twice in atwo month period and to replace it isnt cheap because they have to take off the whole front grill just to get to it at a cost $250 to $300. It drives great in the snow though. Bottom line Jeeps look cool but if your thinking about buying one DONT DO IT, DONT DO IT, DONT DO IT


99 Grand Cherokee Laredo

At 16 years old, my 99 Grand Cherokee Laredo was the coolest car I could drive, at least living in Chicago and dealing with the winter snow. It was loaded with every available option offered on the Laredo model including dual power heated leather seats, moonroof, Infinity Gold sound system, auto-dimming heated side mirrors, 10-disc CD changer, and more. The only option that it didn't have was the 4.7 liter V8 engine, which is also an option on the Limited model. I drove the car for about 3 years and doubled the miles. At 125,000 miles the car has been handed down to my brother and still runs like new. The only real complaint I have about the car itself is the lag of the inline 6 motor, especially after driving a few of the V8 models before this one. Maintenence and repair wasn't costly, and the majority of the work I had done was due to my driving habits (such as new tires twice and brakes). However, I did have a problem with the car "putting" on a few bad that it wasn't driveable and had to be towed or taken right away to the mechanic. The first time this happened the car was still under the dealer's 3mo/3k mile warranty and they replaced the fuel injectors. About 9 months later it happened again, and I had the computer replaced. Less than a year later, a third time, and I had the fuel injectors cleaned. My suggestion would be to MAKE SURE that the fuel injectors are new, as well as get the computer tested by an independent mechanic you trust before purchasing this vehicle, as it cost me between $350-$500 each occasion. Otherwise the car handles amazing. It is very comfortable, especially on long rode trips with friends, has amazing turning radius, tight steering, and is a breeze to park, even in the city. Out of all the SUV's I drove, and have driven since, the Jeep has definitely been the most manageable and fun to drive. This includes the Explorer, Blazer, Jimmy, and 4Runner. Overall, the Grand Cherokee is one AWESOME SUV.