2011 Jeep Patriot consumer reviews

$15,995–$23,895 MSRP range
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80% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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Refreshing Discovery

At a glance: Pros: - Heated Seats - Remote Start - Fold-flat front seat - Reclining Rear Seat - Nice handling & good acceleration - Gas mileage - 115v outlet - Removable flashlight - Steering wheel mounted audio controls Cons: - No full size spare tire - Back window is stationary, would be nice if it could be rolled down/popped open - Seems like it should be just an inch or 2 taller Overall: Great value & most amenities for the price point In Detail: I purchased a 2011 Patriot about 6 weeks ago after my 2004 Freelander was totaled when someone ran a red light. I had a love/hate relationship with the Freelander - in the 4 years I'd owned it, it had probably spent the better part of 5 months in the shop having everything from the window harnesses to the water pump to the entire engine block replaced - fortunately all of it was covered by an extended warranty, but still aggravating. When it worked it was great - super comfortable, heated seats & windshield, it was a CHAMP in the snow, etc, however, all the trips to the dealership were very frustrating. So, with that said, as I looked at my trashed vehicle laying at the bottom of an 8 foot ditch, I was excited to have an excuse to get a new car, but at the same time, I hadn?t been planning on purchasing a car for at least another 8-10 months (whenever the 100,000 mi extended warranty ran out), so I was somewhat concerned that in order to stay within my savings I would have to give up most luxuries get another 4x4 SUV. Luckily, along came the Jeep Patriot. I was looking at the Ford Escape, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport & Hyundai Tucson, but for what I wanted, the Patriot was hands down the most bang for my buck ? especially given the $1000 rebate. It had exactly what I wanted (heated seats, sun roof, 4 wheel drive, decent gas mileage) without making me pay for items I didn?t want (satellite radio, leather, etc) like was the case with so many other vehicles. It even threw in a couple awesome extras like remote start, steering wheel mounted controls & a 115 volt outlet. It also had a reasonable reliability rating & warranty ? both of which were very important to me after the debacle that was my previous car. So enough about what a good deal it is, let?s talk about how awesome it is to drive. Coming off a V-6, I was looking for a 4 cyl for improved fuel economy, but I was expecting to have to do some serious adjusting to a 4 cyl engine. Not the case. I had driven a relative?s 2001 Honda CRV with a 4 cyl engine numerous times & couldn?t ever get used to the slow acceleration or it sounding like the engine was going to blow up anytime you topped 30 mpg on a steep incline (don?t get me wrong ? great car, just different than I was used to). Well, I guess it shouldn?t come as a surprise that they?ve improved 4 cylinders in the last 10 years, but it sure amazed me ? it accelerates very smoothly & even relatively quickly, I have no trouble merging & it doesn?t sound like it?s going to explode on hills. It handles excellently & has really been a lot of fun to drive ? can?t wait to try it out in the snow! As for the interior, it?s very stylish & the 2011 updates are quite nice (though I test drove a 2010 & really didn?t think it was as bad as people made it sound). I love that the front seat folds flat ? I?m a big DIYer & being able to haul 2x4s is a huge plus. There?s a decent amount of cargo space & the back seat is roomy enough that 2 adults can sit comfortably ? reclining option is nice, though only a child will want to sit in the middle b/c of oddly placed cupholders. The sliding consol/armrest was well thought out & you won?t realize how nice the lighted cupholders are until you?re driving at night & trying to find your cell phone, but it?s a nice touch! Overall, love this car & hope to drive it for a very long time!


False start, but nice recovery

Being a two-time Cherokee owner, the Patriot naturally caught my eye when it debuted in 2007. I finally pulled the trigger in April 2011, and I'm very glad I did. I started shopping around in early 2011, looking at the Ford Escape and this thing called 'Kia'. It wasn't even close. Sure, I could have spent more money on those makes with comparable packages to the Patriot, but the value of the Jeep is what ultimately sold me. I bought a middle of the pack Patriot: auto, 4X4, pw/l, alum wheels and owl tires. Stickered at $22,495... paid $20,500 after negotiating and rebate. The Pros are quite obvious. Value aside, the MPG are very good. All hwy - 25.2, All city - 19.7. I'm doing about 22.1 mixed. You hear a lot about the "soft-touch" interior, and I suppose that is a nice amenity. But I was surprised by how comfortable the Patriot is. The biggest knock on my old Cherokees was that the seat never quite went back quite far enough ... and on a loooong trip, my knees locked up. I'm only 6'0". The cabin space is amazing. Plenty of room for me, my wife and our 2.3 kids. For a small SUV, it above average. The "quiet" Pro is the safety. High marks from crash tests are obviously important. I got to test the 4x4 in a freak April snowstorm. It handled more like my old Jeeps than I thought it would. That was a pleasant surprise. It rides like a Jeep (for the most part) and the new suspension for 2011 makes it an inch taller - less car, more truck now. The Cons are few. The acceleration is anemic... especially when running the A/C. After 23 years of V6s, I think I just need to 'get over it'. It had been in the shop 3x for the same issue. A pull to the left. To the dealer's credit, they never gave up and even called Chrysler looking for a fix. In short: camber bolts. A problem coming out of the factory. If you have a Patriot that sort of drifts left or right, especially with your foot 'off' the gas coasting = camber bolts. I admit, I had 2nd thoughts after this false start, but once it was fixed, I was happy and haven't looked back. The cargo space is minimal, though the seats fold down to make up for it. If we have to haul a bunch of stuff, we take my wife's Honda Pilot. Bottom-line: We bought a Patriot because of the value for the dollar, safety, MPG, previous Jeep experiences, and we wanted something that played well in these crummy Wisconsin winters. We could have easily spent a bunch of money on the other small SUVs/CUVs out there, but we questioned what we were getting in return. If you need or want a vehicle that "does the trick" without the fancy, gas-sucking ride of a big SUV - check out the Patriot. It's anything but a 'cute-ute'.


My 1st JEEP

I have always owned a car, but i have always liked the Jeeps. As i was looking for new vehical i noticed the Jeep Patriot. Its got an amazing ride, great on gas, and enough room for all of my traveling, gear, and two big breed dogs. For a first Jeep, i have most definatally found my Vehical CALLING


A classy Jeep

We wanted to buy a reliable ccar, one mostly made in the United States. The Jeep Patriot fills teh bill. It has a smooth ride, better acceleration than many reviews suggest, and looks good inside and out. Buyers have shown a lot of loyalty to the Patriot. After ten weeks, we can affirm that point of view. We remain pleased with our decision. The Jeep Patriot is a very good car.


first new car i ever bought

i would definitely recommend a jeep to someone else. it's a good car that will hold its value and will last for a long time.


Perfect Size, Price, Ride and Drive!

I have owned many Jeeps throughout the past couple of decades and this newest one to our family reminds me of the same kind of faithful wagons we had while growing up, except that the '11 has 4-wheel drive, is trail rated and comes with both truck-like and luxury car-type features combined into one. Our primary vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The Patriot serves as a second car. It makes the perfect transporter of the children to sports camps, the lake, ski trips and scouting events. The fit, finish, ride, handling, room and features are all outstanding.


Perfect Size!

I traded in a 2007 Jeep Liberty Limited in for a new '11 Patriot, mainly because if its looks, price and past flawless Jeep record of ownership. The Patriot is roomy, quiet, nicely appointed and excellent on or off road. It handles like a dream and rides like a car. This is the year of Jeep, with ever model refined or all new, like the Grand Cherokee. One of the best features is the modern CVT! I get over 30 miles per gallon and have nothing by praise. The seats have the best in class support, needed when off-roading. I ordered a Limited and with the high quality leather, materials and switches, it feels like a poor man's Range Rover!


Very happy with my purchase

I was initially attracted to the Patriot because it looks like my first car, the Cherokee. I decided on it because it offers all of the desirable features of a small SUV at way less than most others (compare it to a Subaru Outback, you'll pay $10,000 more for a car with the same or fewer options and similar fuel economy). I got the leather seats instead of fabric, the fabric seats felt very cheap. With the leather, 4WD and navigation/bluetooth system, it has as all the amenities that I came to expect after driving BMWs exclusively for the previous 9 years. It's not a fast car but it accelerates fine, drives very well on the highway and it handles heavy rains better than any car I have owned. Overall I'm extremely happy with the car.


Best 4X4 in its Class for 2011!

Opted for a fully loaded '11 Jeep Patriot Limited. It is well built, rugged, yet refined. Incredible value. The ride is smooth, settled & silky smooth. This 4X4 Jeep patriot "Trail-rated" wonder does everything with precision. I wanted an all-wheel-drive SUV that is macho, yet able to be decked out with leather, power everything, navigation system, top notch controls, segment busting entertainment system with superior sound quality, and closest to "hands off" Bluetooth, cruise control & radio/CD/DVD operations possible. The heated seats top all others with greater "warm cycle & area" out there. Not a cute 'ute, but still attractive inside & out. This is it, the real deal... a Jeep for all seasons. Chrysler Corporation thought of everything & didn't take way from the true character of a REAL Jeep. A winner. The Patriot goes anywhere offroad or on. It does not need to be babied. The Patriot begs to be driven hard. I used to drive a Subaru Outback V6 Limited & thought it was great, but too car-like for my needs & rustic lifestyle as ranger & emergency medical services volunteer - needing to drive in any & all weather conditions. I live on a hilly dirt road & this is the way to travel from the camp, to the ski slopes, to the lake shore, to a five-star resort, to work or to a church wedding. There are no rattles, glitches & only the BEST quality, reliability, paint integrity (perfect for my miles of daily driving on muddy, stony unpaved trails) & Range Rover-like materials. Not a blemish. Not a single complaint. A must for sports enthusiasts still desiring a respectable car-truck.


Jeep Patriot 2011

Great job on the new suspension. This is a completely new vehicle compared to the previous patriots. Better ride, better interior, quieter. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a vehicle in thi class.