2004 Land Rover Discovery consumer reviews

$34,330 starting MSRP
side view of 2004 Discovery Land Rover
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.7
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Good 4x4

Good car can be pricey to repair but the cool factor is worth it. Smooth ride nice handling and better ecxelleration compared to the Discovery I. Great option for a family car for those who cringe at a minivan


Very capable on and off road

A very unique car, not the most reliable, but I enjoy the off-road capability. Repairs at the dealership can be expensive, but the vehicle is not hard to work on if you do it yourself. MPG is not good because of the AWD.


Really loved it!

I really loved my 2004 Disco. Actually looking to buy another one sometime soon. As long as the frame doesn't have rust and the head gasket is done, you're good to go.


One of a Kind

I love my Disco. Honestly, I wanted one of these weirdly shaped, unique trucks since I was a kid. So, when I was ready to buy one in 2009 - I was elated. I'm still driving it 8 years later. Sure, almost 14 years off the production line shows its age. The headliner is sagging. I've replaced a head gasket. It got me through a front end crash. But I wouldn't change anything about it because it looks different than 96% of the other vehicles on the road. It handled the snow well. I threw brush in the back. It hauled mulch. It did almost everything I asked it to do.


Most reliable car I've owned.

I have taken this car through the ringer. I have been on many muddy, snowy, steep, rocky, trails, and I have never had one issue. The interior is incredibly comfy. I have gone on many long road trips and I have not once complained. I also love how the leather seats compliment the somewhat outdated buttons and radio. It has a modern yet rugged feel to it. I also drive around with my 2 year old nephew in the car, and I feel safe doing so. I am able to sit tall enough, and the huge windows make it easy to see every inch of the road. My Disco is over 130k with miles, and I have had no issues with the engine or transmission. However, the mph is low, but is expected to be for an offroad SUV. All in all I love this vehicle and I plan on keeping the disco, and if not I plan on buying another Land Rover vehicle. Extremely reliable fun cars.


Still on the edge of my seat

I have so far enjoyed the Disco2. I own other foreign cars. MG, Porsche, BMW, Volvo. I am not a "new-be" to the quirks of such. This is my first used car and first Land Rover. It is in great body condition with expected wear. It's gas mileage is around the 15mpg range. Not surprising from what I expected. It is comfortable around town and on the highway. I have had some concern with reliability even though it was under the Ford umbrella. I have had persistent lights on the dash: all three at the same time, traction control, decent and ABS. They resent, go off for a few days and return. Relay? I know they are connected. Then I had one occasion where it would not start. The starer motor was quiet while the battery was perfectly charged and all the electrical worked. After I called the tow truck the car started without hesitation. Yes, it was in park initially, when the attempts were made. Why it did not start and then it did within about 15 minutes? No idea. So yes I am on the edge of my seat until I catch on to the Land Rover quirks. Needs running boards so my wife feels comfortable when entering with a dress.


Last of a Good line of Vehicles.

I bought this vehicle because I had one before that got totalled mysteriously.The upgraded engine,4.6 from 4.0 is a powerhouse.I need to get used to the loud clanging of the door locking solenoids once vehicle in motion.Gas milage is much improved. 4.0 was 12.4 mpg. on the 4.6 I get 16.0mpg.all freeway driving.Drive trane on the newer model is a lot quieter than the older 1999.Main engine diagnostic computer resets automatically after problem is recorded.


The Last true Disco II

I bought the car from a friend of a friend who was just sick of it. Picked it up because I wanted something that would perform well in snow. That it does very well. If anyone has driven over the Donner pass during a winter storm they can relate. In snow: The AWD does OK but slipping does happen especially in heavy deep snow and ice however locking the differential will really improve your handling and confidence. If you have driven that stretch of 80 on a snow day you will have to negotiate numerous spin outs I have done so and if the road is in particularly bad shape the locking diff really comes in handy. One thing that I have had to get used to is the braking especially in snow the ABS just seems a little sub par. So that is something to be noted. Off Road: This car has done me well off road. From the back roads in Tahoe to the Dessert in Nevada to Launching my Kayak on a sandy beach the thing performs and performs well. I have only had it stuck once in the back roads of Mammoth Mountain and that was because I tried to drive over a 3 foot tall snow bank and only made it halfway over so that all 4 wheels were off the ground. In retrospect that was probably more driver error than anything else I probably should have hit it harder but the clearance isn't as high as the Jeep. I think that getting a 2-3 inch lift on the truck will fix that problem. I have driven through deep streams without a hitch as well with one time a little water seeping through the bottom of the door. Again a little more clearance and this would not have been an issue. Maintenance and Cost of Ownership: This thing is a beast. I call it the beast and it drinks gas like a Beast. I average 6-8 MPG here in the city in San Francisco. Average about 12-14 on the highway with cruise control set at 75. So it is definitely not cheap to drive especially on long hauls. I would also either fill up the tank before long off roading trips or carry an extra 5 gallons of fuel with you as your gas mileage will decrease if you have to push it hard off road. I have owned the beast for 3 years. And put 20k miles on it. So far I have done the brakes, ABS sensors, replaced the tires, replaced the battery, and of course changed the oil. I've easily put $3000 into it since I owned. I don't think that is particularly bad for a car that is almost 10 years old. Cons: The bumper is plastic. It is annoying. I cracked it on a snow bank in 2010 and if I wanted to get that part of the bumper fixed it would cost me $300. It's only cosmetic which leads me to my next point and the reason I won't get it fixed. The paint job from the factory is no bueno. It attracts scratches like nobodies business. Trees branches and air all seem to scratch this thing. I plan on driving it into the ground and really don't care how it looks but it is slightly annoying. This won't be a problem for most people but if you drive it through some narrow trails where you are constantly brushing up against trees and branches and bushes your paint will get scratches. Weird thing happened where the middle rear seat belt seized and made it really difficult to put the back seat down. I could have gotten it fixed for $150 but I just decided to cut the thing. It's rare that I have 4 other people in the car anyway because the back seat is small. The handle on the back door will stick especially after you get it all dusty. It's an annoyance but I carry a can of WD-40 with me at all times now. The windshield wipers suck. Especially in snow. They have way too many crevices in the arm that snow and ice get stuck in rendering the windshield wipers useless after 30-45 minutes. I have also noticed that the windows will get stuck as well. Another annoyance is that the windshield will crack easily but I'm not sure what can be done about that.


Very nice vehicle for my daughter

Landrover does not make the Discovery anymore; 2004 was the last year. Was replaced by the LR2. My 18 year old daughter and I have been very pleased with the purchase. It is well designed, roomy, not too big but lacks in the fuel economy. It has all wheel drive but no one buys thiese vehicles for fuel economy, right? I like how my daughter is able to sit somewhat high in this type of vehicle which increases her vision while in traffic. And everyone knows that Landrovers are bullet proof!!!


Wouldn't buy another rover.

Poor reliability. electrical problems, speed sensor and emissions problems, engine and transmission problems, money pit.