2004 Land Rover Discovery consumer reviews

$34,330 starting MSRP
side view of 2004 Discovery Land Rover
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.7
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Xcellent Choice

I absolutely love this car. The car rides smoothly and I like the fact that maintenance is needed every 5 years or so. I highly recommend this car even though it takes only premium gas....


Purposeful and civilized

I bought mine certified used w/ 12k mi on it. I soon learned how incredible it was off road. I was doing things that defy common sense. It was unnerving at first but after a while my confidence increased and I had everyone else screaming. Its like a Mercedes inside and a Jeep outside. I even drove Jeeps to compare, but all came up so far short in comfort and daily practical usability. This truck is amazing and great on long trips. On the downside, it's value was depreciating $1000/mo and it was in for some kind of unscheduled repair about every 2 months. I had an extended warranty, so that was only an inconvenience, and the customer service was impeccable. The gas mileage is poor, 16 downhill and 12 most everywhere else on premium. But even with the low profile tires/wheels it bests everything else with poise and quiet luxury. It's better off road than on and the worse the conditions, the better it feels. No matter how I abused it, and I tried, it never even got a scratch. It seemed like it was made of Kryptonite. It is so solid that I felt that if the wheels came off at 90 mph I would feel safe. This truck is rugged to the bone, if you really go off road it's cool. Even washboard roads seem like a paved road. The smaller size is perfect for negotiating difficult trails and the break angle is scary good. The wheels will find any available ground and use it no matter how steep, until you are falling against the window. I have a 97 land cruiser now, which is pretty reliable, but it seems crude by comparison in capability. The Rover is intelligent, capable and vault solid, but mine needed lots of attention to keep it up. If you dont go off road get a poser SUV and be happy. This is a seriously capable machine made to be used for some extreme fun and cannot be appreciated unless its put to task.


Landrover Discovery Owner

This car is comfortable to drive, but extremely expensive to fix. It breaks down every 10-15K miles. The transmission broke at 51K miles. Then it broke again at 70K miles. ABS Modulator breaks often on this vehicle and costs 3K to replace. Brakes go out every 18-20K miles and costs a thousand to fix. The costs of repairs will exceed the cost of purchasing the vehicle.


just love it

test drove it fell in luv with it and purchased it. best suv ever owned. one concern bad on gas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of Gertrude, My 04SE

I haven't owned this vehicle for too long but it has already won my heart. After owning a sting of European sedans it was time to jump out of my comfort zone into something different. This Discovery fits that bill. I find the interior appointments to be lavish, it offers great commanding view and exemplary performance. It's not a Vette or a Viper and it wasn't meant to be. I haven't missed my Audi A4, BMW 528i, Mitsubishi Evolution IX or Mercedes Benz C43 yet and I suspect I won't. Caveat emptor to future owners, yes it takes premium gas and you'll hover right around 10-12 in the city with the gentliest of driving. But is I can go vernacular slightly "you have to pay to play". No other SUV has the looks and performance of a Land Rover product.


Best SUV for daily driving and OFF-ROAD use

Love the styling of the Discovery II. It stands out among all SUVs. It is very roomy, comfortable and safe. Easy to park and use around town. Very nice on long trips. Incredible capabilities off-road. Drivetrain is very reliable and simple to maintain. No timing belts to change or fancy computer controls. Parts and service very reasonable as long as you do not go to the dealer. Highly recommended.


You need deep pockets

I bought an 04 with less than 50K miles on it a few months ago. It has had numerous problems since. Oil is leaking out the valve covers alot. warning lights are coming on and off. Plastic pieces are falling off in several places in the interior. Such as a horn button that keeps popping out. The rear door will only open when it feels like it. And several other problems. Consumer reports states that the reliability of these cars is far less than average. This vehicle seems to prove that. Some of the design is poor as well. the front seats don't go down and back enough for anyone over 6 feet. The steering wheel doesn't tilt up enough. And I don't understand why I have to put premium in a V8 that gives subpar performance and gas mileage. I average 12 mpg. It does look cool though.


Great SUV

I loved this car, it will take you anywhere from the beach to mountains. Works well on all terrains, I know because I took it to the Rover School in NC and was really surprise at what could be done in this car. As for room, I was able to move just about anything, not to mention people when I had company. The only drawback was my tall friends with longlegs wanted to move the driver seat back, but it worked for me. The Rover dealership people were great with every need on my car. I would definitely recommend this car to my friends, it was the most reliable car that I owned.


Just purchased

I just bought this vehicle but it has already became one of my favorites I have ever owned. I love the 4wheel drive and leather interior. Im very pleased!


For Off-Road Enthusiast

This is one of the most capable car I have ever driven. Nothing gets in the way of the car. I've driven through snow and mudd without the slightest slip or spin.