2008 Lincoln MKZ consumer reviews

$30,980–$32,850 MSRP range
side view of 2008 MKZ Lincoln
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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Do NOT be fooled by this cars beauty…

Please do not be fooled by the outer beauty of this car it will nickel and dime you to death… it will start with peeling chrome wheels that ruin tires because they cannot seal properly therefore resulting in aftermarket rims which don’t look as nice as the chrome ones did and costing $1000 for wheels… car is rusting out by wheel wells I have an 02 Volvo with no rust so yeah very low quality paint… paint is bubbling in other areas of the car. Then the mechanical failures battery, starter, fuel injector, spark plugs, headlight assembly, driver door handle breaking on the inside… car is shaky around 40 mph no idea why. This car IS A GREAT LOOKING CAR! but not worth being nickel and dimed to death… if you fix everything up it is not worth the money or headache. I have only had it for 3 years bought it at 140,000 miles in 2020 now has 160000 miles I just am done with it… the thx system was great the car is comfortable as heck I just cannot deal with it anymore. I could’ve had a brand new Honda with all this money I put into my MKZ. Be vary wary of this year Lincoln I will not buy another Lincoln MKZ EVER.


Champion Ford needs to fix my dashboard

It's been a good car I haven't had any problems until recently the brakes lights are on I guess it's electrical problem Ford pull my dashboard up to repair airbags and they did not fix it I had this car for over 8 9 years and I haven't had any problems yes I would buy another right now I am still driving the same car love it


Lost my car! On late lnfomation on a Recall.

Felled Brakes,Cause me my car.Lincoln MKZ. The day after I received a letter in the mail quote! Your car has been recalled for Brakes! So I had to Hit a Truck.All because of late information of late Recall on Brakes! I lost my Car!Dam


Still a Great Car in 2020

Purchased this car in Feburary 2019, looking to size up from a Toyota Corolla. I was able to get this car used with only 55,000 miles for under $8k with only one previous owner. I now have 78,000 miles on it, and have driven it as my commuter as well as on long hauls. Overall, it rides very smoothly and has plenty of power under the hood. The good: - Very smooth shifting - Plenty of get up and go when you hit the gas - Classy wood trim and leather wrapped steering wheel - A/C seats in an '08!!! (especially in Florida) - Factory (non-THX) stereo is adequate - Plenty of convenience features - Plenty of space for cargo - Reliable, only oil changes so far The bad: - Gas mileage has disappointed for a sedan (20.9MPG) - Very cheap plastic interior parts (door handles and dash) Overall, I love the car and think it still has so much life in it. For a 2008, it doesn't look like an "old man car" like my '03 LeSabre did. I think it has a great balance of sportiness and smoothness to be proud to own it, while enjoying the creature comforts for those long haul trips.


Excellent Car for everyone

It is a great family car that gets great miles per gallon. The safety features are awesome. It has a lock for your baby's car seat to lock the baby's car seat in properly for safety.


very comfortable plenty of power so far a great c

my only complaint is the armrest keeps sliding forward when I rest my arm on it by its self other than that it is a very nice ride



Economical,fun, a decent value, quality sound system, reliable, easy to service, dependable, meets basic needs and goes well in the snow when properly equipped with snow tires.


Loved the car, but there were some issues.

My biggest issue with this car was the rims. They kept leaking and I kept getting flat tires. (It cost me a letter grade in college and reprimanding at work). When I contacted Lincoln about this issue, they stated the "cleaner" I was using to clean them was corroding them. Not the case at all.. it was simply water. However, I could not prove it, and to replace my rims would have cost me $2,500.00 out of pocket. Then it started to nickle and dime with repairs needed. It only had 80K on it when I turned it in. I loved the luxury mixed with the sport of this car. Great body style, performance was amazing up toward the end of its life with me. I cared for this car very well, but time was taking it's tole on it.


Great car shopppng site

Love shopping on cars.com. First place I turned to when I needed to sell my car which sold in less than a week. You won’t be disappointed.



Love this car, inside and out, just got the passenger side airbag recall finally done, just wish FORD/LINCOLN WOULD PUT A RECALL OUT FOR THE CRAPY PTU / TRANSFER CASE UNIT, all the online reviews show they are crap, mine makes noise and needs to be replaced.