2011 Mazda CX-7 consumer reviews

$21,990 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 CX-7 Mazda
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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so far a good experience in a great car so far!

got a much better deal than i could get from a private party i shopped for 2 weeks and i like this car a lot.


Decent car, not worth the money

This car is great if you want the midsize SUV feel. Unfortunately the back seat seriously lacks in leg room and is very uncomfortable for most adults to sit back there. It also does poorly on gas mileage as mine only get around 16-18 mpg. It has a lot of nice features but is annoying that you have to get the oil changed every 2,000-3,000 miles.


Very pleased

Caveat: Just got this car two weeks ago as my early Christmas present, so I can't speak to reliability except for my previous Mazda ownership experience. What I can say is this: It drives like a Mazda and that is a good thing. We previously had a Mazda 3 that was so fun to drive and we were wanting a small SUV/CUV that would still be fun to drive, not lumbering like a minivan or feel unwieldy or unstable on turns like some other SUVs (Highlander - I'm talking about YOU). It sits up higher than a passenger car, but not too tall for my 5 foot frame. My husband is 6 foot but has plenty of room and doesn't feel cramped when he drives to work in his police gear. It's the perfect fit for us both. We read a lot of reviews about the vehicle before testing driving this and we were wary about road noise other reviews mentioned. We haven't noticed the road/cabin noise at high speed and this is driven on the interstate every day. It's not got a lot of punch, but that's the trade off for getting decent MPG but it has decent enough pick up so no complaints there. We bought the fully loaded touring version with the technology package and are so glad we did. The seats are incredibly comfortable and the leather is nice and supple. The BOSE stereo is awesome as is the sunroof and backup camera. It feels like a luxury vehicle without the hefty price tag. The only downside is the vehicle was purchased for me but my husband likes it so much that he keeps taking it to work and I end up driving our other car. Seriously though, we did a lot of research before going car shopping and are so happy with our purchase. Mazda is known for having a low cost of ownership and manufacture quality vehicles. We could not be more thrilled with our CX7 and know we'll have it for a long time.


not too shabby

I have had my 2011 for 30 months now with no issues at all. The AC may seem a little skimpy to some, but when it is 105 outside, most cars are skimpy. Great reliability, Right on MPG but the back seats may be a little compact for those over 5'10". Make sure you realize the oil needed is 0W- semi synthetic, so it may be a little more expensive.


Love the Mazda cx7

The moment I drove the car I fell in love with it, right away. I purchased it used a year ago and never had any problems. It Drives easily and provides great storage space.


This car can ZIP

I am a former long time Toyota owner and always thought i would own a Toyota until I read the reviews on the CX-5/7/9 and compared the CX's to the RAV4. For 4-7k more money you can get a RAV4, but why when the CX models are just as cool. I ended up buying the CX-7 (2011) and love it. The acceleration is GREAT. Much better than my smaller, 2010 Corolla. Go figure. The only complaint i have about this vehicle is the AC is really wimpy. What is up with that?? Other than that, i am very pleased that i bought this!



This has been the worst NEW car I have ever owned. Mazda does not stand behind there cars. This car has been in the shop more than I care to admit. First I had electrical problems, then the A/C took a dump. And now coolant in the oil. I've had it with this fat lazy underpowered cow! I will never buy another Mazda as long as I live.


poor quality for the money

as another reviewer mentioned, the paint is nice looking but weak--chips and scratches easily. The AC is also weak, cooling capacity is lower than any other car I've owned. Suspension and handling is below average, partly due to lousy Bridgestone OEM tires. Doesn't feel stable when going around corners or sweeping freeway interchanges. At less than 30k miles, the dashboard, door panels, and driver seat have an assortment of creaks, rattles, and vibrations. For a $25-30k vehicle, this is stunning. I would not buy another Mazda or recommend to anyone


Nice car, little behind the times

We had our '11 CX7 Grand Touring with Turbo and All Wheel Drive for just over a year and put 15k miles on it. Would have loved to keep the car, but found ourselves down to one income and had to ditch the payment. PROS: -Started reliably, very plush, soft ride, comfortable on 4+ hour road trips, great heated seats, loved the sunroof. -Had no problems getting through snow (although last winter was fairly tame). -Good performance once you get used to the turbo lag. -Stereo sounded good, steering wheel controls are nice. -Big cargo area. Great looking car. CONS: -Biggest quality concern was weak paint all over the car, more flakes and chips than our other 2 cars with over 80k miles each on them. -Some cabin plastic creaks/rattles (panel on backside of steering wheel). -Sound system seemed a generation behind (no song/station text, no ipod controls, station buttons on far side of dash). -Nav system controls/menu options were atrocious. -Horrible gas mileage, averaged ~17mpg mixed city/hwy driving, best we ever saw was 21mpg on a long road trip. Was a turbo engine really the correct pairing for this car, Mazda? -Resale value no where near what the usual websites claim. Overall nice car but cost too much for what it was. In hindsight it should have been under $30k new loaded with updated electronics, used regular gas, and gotten better mileage with a different non turbo engine.


2011 Mazda cx7

Overall I really like my CX-7. The list of things I like the most...nice interior, the Bose system, the handling, comfort, heated seats, blue tooth capabilities, steering wheel controls, back up camera, Satellite radio, dual charger outlets, & overall stylish look. Things I don't like as much...lack of head room is #1 (I'm 6'3), lack of power passenger seat, the back seats don't flip down all the way when the front seat is all the way back, the back seat is skinny on the passenger side ( it would make more sense for the skinny side to be behind the driver since you can't have the seat down and have the front seat all the way back) , gas miles is good but not great (19-20 city) , lack of room in the back seat. That is everything i can think of, I've been driving this car for nearly a year, mostly a smooth easy to handle car, but a few spots for improvement. and if you can find the 0% financing it's a no brainer.