2013 Mazda CX-9 consumer reviews

$29,785–$31,375 MSRP range
side view of 2013 CX-9 Mazda
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.5
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If you don't have a Mazda, consider it. Comfortable, luxurious, roomie, dream drive. You name it Mazda is it. Thank You Leo Sanders at Oak Lawn Mazda!!!!


Love this car

So far one of the best vehicles I've owned. It ticks off performance, comfort and appearance. I looked at a lot of vehicles with a third row and the CS-9 was tops


Great for the family

First, let me say I love this car. I'm possibly going to nit pick a little bit, but I love it. My Mazda CX-9 is quiet, comfortable, and a delight to drive. The gas mileage is not too good, but blame that on power. This car is peppy and responsive and goes fast without trying. I love the room and the ride. It is a delight to drive. Now for the nit picking. I have the Touring model. The options package is odd. I have a power lift gate, but no automatic headlights. No garage door opener. Speaking of headlights, they aren't very bright. I'm actually going to ask if they can be adjusted. I am constantly needing my high beams! And then my last petty gripe, the nav. This is my second Mazda with Tom Tom nav and I hate it. It is slowwwww and annoying. I have switched to using my phone apps.


The Battle tested Mazda CX9

I've owned mostly Mazda's in my life, because they are very well built and reliable. I've owned the Protege, the 626, the 3, the MPV and the CX9. I liked my first CX-9 so much I bought a much newer 2013 CX9 Sport version just recently. I will never understand why people mess with makes and models that haven't stood the test of time. The CX9 certainly has been battle tested and is fun to drive. I recommend this car.


Great Car For Kids and Dogs

We had been looking for a 7 seater suv for about a while now. We are just starting a family and need more space in the car for dogs kids and stuff. We found the Mazda Cx9 and fell in love all the things we wanted and a large amount of space for the price. We liked the look and love how much room it gives you inside. Its the best 7 seater for the price I think we looked at fords explorers with everything the Mazda came with it would the Ford would of been out of our price range for what we wanted inide.


best 7 passenger unit for the money

I bought this mazda because the 05 tribute we had with 177,000 miles on it needed nothing. we never changed a hose or a belt. we did tune it up once. that's it! That is why we really looked at mazda after we tested other brands. Check this out before you buy a similar unit. This one is GOOD!


Great expectations trumped by shortcomings

I've had my 2013 CX-9 for half a year now but quickly lost the love when discovering the shortcomings one doesn't pickup on the test drive. I feel that the exterior styling is very classy but it seems to lack when considering the interior. Up fron storage is bare lacks some amenities such as cup holders and power outlets considering I have 7 seats and a $3k tech package. The performance is great, there is no doubt about it but after a few months it seems to take on more of a truck like feel rather than the feel of a sedan it started out with. The second row seats do not fold flat (what?) like every SUV in existence really limiting the cargo space you think you have. Open the rear hatch but no dome light unless you also open the door and unless you are 6 feet tall you will be able not reach to manually turn on. And the stereo......the biggest selling point is also the biggest let down. Bluetooth and pandora app are fantastic, however the streaming text just flat out does not work and the USB/IPOD connection is absolutely horrible. It takes a minimum of 2 minutes to load (if you are lucky) shuffles horribly, has to reload every time you switch to a different function or turn the car off (another 2 - 10 minutes) and starts back from the beginning EVERY TIME!! The navigation is also pretty lame but I can just use my IPhone for the maps. Long review short, a simple software update for the entertainment system could bring this vehichle up to 5 stars.


Handles Like a Sports Car

I've had the 2013 Mazda CX-9 for almost a year now and strongly recommend this vehicle. I test drove the Explorer, Durango, Pilot, Traverse, Pathfinder, Highlander, and Santa Fe and, while all are competent in their own right, I found myself comparing each of them to the CX-9. After test-driving the CX-9, it was the only car that made me say "Wow" afterward. The Pathfinder, Pilot, and Traverse were big, bulky, cavernous rides. The Santa Fe felt thin and cheap. The Highlander was boring. I rented the Explorer one weekend and didn't like the MyFord touch interface, the funky blinker, the lack of leg room in the foot well, and the weird way the seats sit on top of an elevated platform. The Durango was a very close second place and I almost bought this vehicle but I don't have anything to tow and didn't like the 5-speed transmission (2014 is now an 8-speed and I might be driving the Durango had I waited a year). The CX-9 seats are very comfortable, the vehicle handles extremely well, and the quality of the interior is near-luxury. It has been very dependable the last 10 months and I've enjoyed driving it. The only downside is the poor gas mileage - which is true of all of these vehicles, but the CX-9 seems to be one of the worse of the bunch. I just came back from a weekend in VT where we got 8 inches of snow and the CX-9 handled flawlessly. We've taken it on many family trips and it fits the family perfectly. I strongly recommend this vehicle.


Hidden gem among class

Performs like a sports car with the room of a large SUV. Better designed interior and luxury than others. Comfortable interior and appealing exterior. Good tech features. Nice to drive.


Mazda CX9

This is my second CX 9. Compared it to Acura MDX and Inifiniti JX35. The Mazda out performed both accept in MPG but the $12K lower price made up that difference and more. It's a nice looking car with lots of interior room. It's got an easy to use 3rd row for hauling lots of kids when needed, and it''s comfortable. Highly recommend. (BTY the CX 9 I traded in had 75K miles and all I ever di was replace 2 tires, 3 filters, and one flush, along with oil changes every 6K miles. Can't beat that in maintenance!)