2013 Mazda CX-9 consumer reviews

$29,785–$31,375 MSRP range
side view of 2013 CX-9 Mazda
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.5
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best performing suv 2013 mazda cx-9

This car not only has curb appeal, but the performance is great. In comparison to other suvs its very spacious an gernantown mazda along with a terriffic an vey knoledgeable salesman bubba sterling sold us a quality car at a very resonable price. im 68 an been through many car transactions some ok an some lousy this one was the best ........who knows,lol months later i might think i got taken advantage of,lol, but today with bubba sterling at germantown mazda it sure did feel good ...l highly reccommend these folks.... an all u can eat free popcorn.


Love my CX9

This CUV is amazing, it has all the toys, bells and whistles. If you are not shy about the gas prices associated to this vehicle then it is a good buy. It has ample room for the entire family and much more. My sons love it.


Very stylish and sporty

I test drove several 7 passenger SUV's and this was the best one. This one has the best styling and its very sporty. It doesnt make you fell like you are driving a big truck.


SUV that handles like a sports car.

First impression was, wow the interior is so spacious ,.............................. after driving the cx9 Touring for awhile, my first impression was correct. The cx9 has loads of room inside front row and second row. We use it with 3rd row laying flat to give a huge space inside the hatchback. The cx9 accelerates nicely and it's handling and braking is superb. I have never before driven an SUV that handles as well as the cx9. The interior conveniences and safety features make driving this car a joy. Once you have paired your cell phone with the 5.8" dashboard touch screen the streaming Bluetooth makes telephone use as easy as a voice command. Push the call button on the steering wheel and the car asks you who you want to call ! Give a voice command and the car selects from your telephone book and makes the call for you. If there was ever a safe way to make a call while driving this would be it. Combine this with the heat in the seats, touch screen audio and superb leg room and the cx9 is a pleasure to drive.



I am so ecstatic about this vehicle and the car dealership. You just don't know all of what I went through. I went to ten dealerships before I got to the final one. I was spending cash money and received such rude responses from so many OTHER places. I had one guy tell me that he was doing ME a favor. When in reality he would have received a healthy commission from my purchase. You know i left that place. I had some technical paperwork and a lot of legal documents to configure, where I had to purchase a vehicle for my mother who is incapacitated, to get her around. Every other dealership told me it couldn't be done. Well i went to a Mazda dealership in Maple Shade and had the most excellent experience. The guys were nice there. they were cordial. After ONE phone call with their attorney it was realized that there was no difficulties. and since it was a JUDGE ORDERED AND SIGNED AFFIDAVIT for the purchase of that vehicle it made no sense as to why no one else could do it. I was able to get this vehicle fully loaded with leather heated seats. rear navigation screen in the dashboard, cd player, mp3, works. They went above and beyond for me with this car. It drives extra smooth. I'm still playing with all the buttons. Cause i've only had it for a week. But i felt so jubilant and overwhelmed by the excellent customer service i felt a need to write this review to let the world know of how excellent Charles was in helping me to get the exact vehicle necessary for all of my needs in the back in forth to doctors appointments, adult daycare, and so much more which i'm put to do being my mother's sole caretaker.


Lost faith...

Bought spanking new CX9 AWD and was super excited. The drive is nice though the voice interface can be improved. Alas this was short lived and not to mention super frustating. So much so that I have decided to let go of the vehicle at a lose. Why... because Mazda sold me a car for which they do not have spare parts. My car is in workshop for more than a month for simple parts like bumber and grill. They do not even have eta on the back orders. The Customer service is no help and would not even consider a loner car. I am spending from my pocket. Even after the car is fixed I have lost complete faith in the brand. Please do share as this might be the most important and missing information you could pass to your friends. Great car lousy service failed brand. Bottomline if you do not care about service or certain it will never require repair a good buy.


5 years with cx9

I love my cx9, its a perfect middle car between the huge SUV's and saloon cars. drives well in the city and moderate off road. interior space is well designed, outside looks is great, albeit quite old but still I find it age less. Hate the dealer, and very expensive parts pricing, but overall happy customer,


Best bang for the buck

I went looking for an SUV with a 3rd row of seats that didn't break the bank. The touring model comes with leather seats, heated seats, full Bluetooth for your phone, and it is already set up to work with navigation if you have your Mazda dealer install a chip. You don't have to pay big bucks to have all the luxury features of the competition. You can literally get all the bells and whistles and save over the competition. I drove the Honda Pilot but it didn't drive as nice. The Traverse in the price range I was looking had hub caps instead of real rims and was really stripped down. I tested the Explorer but its new blinker system was a turn off and a backup camera which was standard on this and other lower end models wasn't offered on the Explorer. It wasn't as stripped down as the Traverse but it wasn't much better. The new Nissan Pathfinder had nearly all the features but I was not confident in the new transmission which I read some bad reviews about. It came down to the Nissan or the Mazda and although I preferred the exterior styling of the Nissan, the Mazda had more features and it seemed to have much more "get up and go". Easily the best value for the money and my only complaint is its exterior seems a little boring compared to some of its competition. I tested drove all the cars in this category twice before making my decision and it was a good one. It is the most fun to drive out of the midsize CUV's and the most affordable. If you have 40k to throw out on a CUV then by all means I'm sure you have more options than me but if you are looking to stay close to 30k and get the best bang for your buck this is it.


Worst sales manager ever

I was there today to trade in my car, but I was treated really poorly to say the least about a sales manager called Juan. He was very rude, not willing to negotiate. I was ready to buy the car but I didn't because of him.... The sales person was great, but stay away from this manager... His name again was Juan, don't know his last name, but he is short and has a goatee. However I want to make it clear that this is not a complain about the dealer, only the manager. I've bought my last 2 cars from Cory Farbanks, but this manager ruined my experience there this time.....


Not all its cut out to be

Not all its cut out to be I should have looked at other models this has poor fuel economy and room is limited. i would recommend driving before buying on an overnight drive not a quick 10 minutes and then the dealer pushyness