2009 Mazda Mazda5 consumer reviews

$17,995–$19,105 MSRP range
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87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.4
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More than a car, less than a van: I call it a Can

This is the perfect car for me. Most of the time I'm alone, but I do need room for a carseat, a large dog, friends, family, and stuff I find at flea markets. I've always loved a 4 door hatchback, but needed something bigger, and this fits the bill. The sliding doors are wonderful, and performance and handling make this fun to drive. This car is seldom advertised, but is mentioned on car sites as a 'hidden treasure' and always gets good reviews. Now, I know why. I love it.


great family hauler

Lots of space in a small car. Good MPG. handles very well, drives better than most sedans IMHO. Good quality finish. The engine is a bit weak but in regular traffic you never really felt its underpowered. The sliding doors are a great feature for loading small kids and babies.



Rcently bought after much research and drove to Florida from New Jersey. One of the best car I have ever owned and have had many ( 35) in my years. A joy to drive. Drove 810 miles the second day and was not tired. Handles very well, tracks like on rails and I got 30.9 mpg for the 1100 mile trip at speeds up to 75-80 mph. Will follow up the review after a year of ownership.


some bugs yet

Great car, certainly for the money. We really like our 5 but just a few changes/recommendations: With our Mazda no center seat cup holders! On long trips and if you like the seat upright the head rest forces your head forward causing neck pain. Both myself 5'8 and my wife 5'1" experienced this.


Mazda5...great value for the money...

First off, if you're looking for a great family hauler, want decent mileage and aren't up for an SUV, this is your ticket. In the post-SUV market, the Mazda5 seats 6 in three rows of seats. Probably best for a young family as the third row is a bit tight. Four-cylinder is adequate; mileage is good for a 6-passenger car, and the design is very-Asian. Packaging of the car is clever. Second row seats hide a fold out storage tray. Rear seats fold flat. Overall visability is good; you sit a bit higher than station wagons, a bit lower than the suddenly unpopular SUV class. Safety is impressive; side curtains, side seat airbags; ABS standard. Features for the money are compelling; full power windows, door locks, keyless entry, rear seat air conditioning and MP3 player input. Sadly, you don't see many of these on the roda. This is the first Mazda I've owned, and probaly the least over-looked car on the market today.


Great car for the price

Lots of room, fun to drive, good on gas. Love the sliding doors, great for kids, better than a mini. Just not great in the snow, but overall hard to beat this car for the money!


Great for a growing family

Why don't other car makers sell a car like this? I just don't know. It's a wonderful fit for a small family. My wife and I couldn't manage bending over to get our child in and out of the car seat anymore, we had a VW Jetta. It was even harder in tight parking spaces when you couldn't open the door wide. The sliding doors on the Mazda5 sold us. The rest of the car was icing on the cake. What we really like about the Mazda5 is the size. We looked at all the other mini vans and just didn't need, or like, the extra size and price in most cases. We have a 2009 grand touring model and find the features to be a real value for the price. Living in California the Bluetooth is great when stuck in traffic. The stereo is just fine, not the best sound but gets the job done. Standard features like power windows and locks, wipers both front and rear, sun roof? all match up with more expensive mini vans. The heated front seats are really nice too. The extra leg room and reclining second row seats are great for tall people and car seats. The third row is comfortable enough for adults on short trips and kids. With the third row folded down the storage space is great and loading large objects is easy. With the third row in use storage space is very limited. The car drives and handles really well. The engine is a bit weak on the highway for passing but the gas mileage is worth the trade off. Once up to speed the Mazda5 does just fine. Don?t forget about the under seat storage in the second row, that?s a nice touch in a car that doesn?t have a lot of storage space. Okay so it?s not all perfect and I?ll be honest here. It?s a bit louder then I?d like, both road and wind noise creep in at highway speeds. The Mazda5 gets pushed around by the wind a bit and I wish you could listen to the radio or use the ac power without having to have the key in the ?on? position. I?d also like larger driver and passenger door storage compartments. Other than a few picky items we are very happy with this car and suggest testing it if you?re looking for good gas mileage, easy access, a large cargo area, and let?s not forget the good looks all for a reasonable price.


As advertised: great deal for small families

My wife started having trouble loading and unloading our 6 month old with her Mercedes coupe. After doing a lot of research, we first found the Mazda5 and then forced ourselves away from it. After researching many other cars, we kept coming back to this one. Barring a test drive and some details, this was for us. It is still new but continues to impress and please us daily. I am 6'5" and fit into this seat comfortably. The view for the driver is terrific and the 4 adjustable captains chairs and sliding rear doors are awesome! As some reviews mention, this car really can turn tightly and zips through parking lots. Besides being a great value with a lot of base features on the sport (our purchase), I can't believe how quiet the ride is. Now I am the jealous one driving my Infiniti and borrowing the new Mazda5 to do small errands. I was a V6 guy but this accelerates well enough and good at the speeds I drive (35-40 in city and 80 on Hwy). I gave the car 4's instead of 5's on comfort, performance and handling because although comfortable for a tall guy, it is not a full size and I am more used to a powerful V6 car than a V4 mini-minivan. Still I love this car!



Ok, I have always been a Ford girl. I reluctantly gave up my 2004 Ford Focus Wagon. I loved that little wagon. But I had 105K miles on it and was starting to have some little issues. I drive approx. 100 miles per day for my commute (to & from. So I can't have ANY issues. It seems that Mazda is the only company making a wagon/style for under 20grand! I have two kids, one still in a car seat. This car (mini mini-van) rocks! The sliding back doors is a God send! I no longer bang my head or my daughters getting her in and out of the car seat! The cargo room with the third seat down is awesome. The third seat option *when I need it* is fabulous too. I just love all the options this car has. I get about 26/27MPG- I drive a little fast-mostly highway. I will have to give up something for all the features right?? It looks cool and speedy. Nice wheels and a 6CD in dash with climate control. Overall some of the best $$ I have ever spent. The seats are really comfortable and adjust well. I like the cockpit feel to the cabin, very open windshield and visibility. GREEAT ARM RESTS! The Scion doesnt have them and is much smaller inside for cargo & front seat room. I researched for months, this is the best car!!!!