2006 Mazda Mazda6 consumer reviews

$19,110 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 Mazda6 Mazda
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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Longest Time in a car in 20 years

I have owned this Mazda 6 for six years. Other than six warranted repairs, the car has performed well. Gas mileage is around 24 miles per gallon in mixed driving. I have 85,600 miles on the car and yet to need new breaks. I am on my second set of tires. The car has performed as advertised with good pick up from the 219 horses. The ride is firm and controlled but it is not a sports car. Backseat room is limited for tall drivers and trunk space is more than adaquate. I would buy it again for the money. I have a five speed manual transmission. I would not do that again but it truly made the car more fun to drive over the past six years. I would have become totally bored with an automatic in this vehicle. The Bose Radio leaves a little to be desired with subpar sound for the brand and an extremely limited audio display. No modern amenities on the tech side at all. I truly missed bluetooth and a jack for my iPhone. All in all, it has been a good experience and the car has not cost me too much to drive over the past six years. I would own a new Mazda 6 if and when the time comes.


Performance and Luxury: Mazda6 Has It All

Bought one for my son (a 2004) then liked it so much I sold my '74 Porsche 914 and bought one for myself. As an engineer, I make decisions based on data. I looked through a *lot* of used car specs and reviews before settling on the Mazda6. What's there not to like? Low price ($10k - $12k), low mileage (around 45k), fantastic performance (get the 6cyl, 6speed, auto-manual), leather interior, heated seats (!), Bose sound, heated side mirrors, and auto-dimming review mirror with Homelink (3-button garage/gate opener). Here's a $40 tip - if the seller doesn't offer a free carfax then ask for one. Chances are you'll get it since many others are doing it. Competition is a wonderful thing. You gotta love America for that!


great car!

I love this car. Its fast and looks good. I have had no problems with the car and love the handling. Much better than any toyota or ford sedan!


Excellent car

I've had my car about 10 months and put roughly 30k on it. Bought an 06 S grand touring after my Protege got totaled. Since I was rear ended so horribly in my Protege and escaped without injury, Mazda was definitely tops on my list and the car has not disappointed. The seats are all day comfortable, and the interior ergonomics are great. Despite the car's 4 year age, I still get compliments on it. I have only had to put oil, tires and brakes on so far. It's definitely the best car i've ever driven, much more fluid than Nissan and sportier than Honda. It's a car that can easily be tossed around, or driven sanely, and seamlessly transition between them. Considering the features (one touch driver/pass windows, auto climate control, heated perf leather, moonroof, Bose audio, 6 disc changer, side and curtain airbags) this car is an excellent value. Can also have an ipod adapter or Sirius radio attached to the standard radio, and can be controlled through the head unit and steering wheel controls. If you are in the market for a midsize sedan that will satisfy your inner car-guy, this is it. And in the grand touring trim, this car has all the features, power, technology and refinement of an entry level luxury sedan without the expensive repairs and quality gripes.


Mazda for Life

This is the 5th Mazda I've bought in a row. Started with a Miata, Protege, B3000, Tribute, Mazda 6. I bought this car new at the end of the 06 model season, so I got a great price on the Loaded S edition with Bose Speakers, Moon Roof, Power everything. Cloth seats. Only problem I have had is the Transmission had to be replaced after about 2 years but luckily covered under warranty. Had an AC problem which was easily fixed. Great service from Mazda Warranty. This car has the 6 speed Auto Transmission and gets a little over 30 mpg on the highway. And it is fassssstttttt. I have a radar detector cause at age 61 I still have a heavy foot. I love this car and may never get rid of it. Great looks and everything else. Can't be beat.



I bought my 2006 Mazda 6 brand new in 2006. It was the first car I have ever bought and I still have it to this day. I love everything about it. It was worth what I am paying except for the fact that I leased it, which is a big mistake and Im in the process of buying it so I'm not paying the leasing fee and all that extra money! But, the car itself it great. I have never wrecked it, never had anything break down or mess up on it. I Would recommend it to anyone.


Nice Looking but not Reliable

I bought this car brand new and the engine went out at 3 months, 8000 miles...then the transmission went out at 8 months-luckily the warranty was still good on both occassions...both times they didn't have any answers as to what the specific reason was that they went out. I really liked how it drived, was a nice ride. Handled turns really well, but wasn't able to make tight turns, like U-turns. I really liked the little extras that it had, but they didn't always work all the time, like the remote rolldown front windows. I did get into a couple accidents with it (after the mechanical problems so those weren't from the accidents). It provided great safety to me in all of them and I survived with no major injuries (2 of them occured at over 50 mph). I would like to buy another one but I don't have a lot of extra money to afford the mechanical problems if they were to occur outside the warranty window. Oh yes, the warranty on the car was great and they were very helpful...just had some problems trying to get a rental when the transmission went out, but I think that depends on the day (hope nothing happens on the weekends) and the shop that it goes to.


I love my mazda

I love my car its sporty and roomy too. everyday i cant wait to get up and drive it. its very fast and safe too.


GREAT Car for the money.

For this amount of money I could not recommend any car that I would consider to bet the Mazda6. Bought new in 2006 and still like the car.


I'm sold on Mazda reliability

I was ready to trade in my '00 Mazda Protege after 130,000 very satisfied miles for something with a few more comforts, and would have been hard-pressed to go with another brand. I browsed for a couple months, comparing almost new 6's, Accords, Grand Ams/G6's, etc., and also slightly older used Euro cars like the A4 and C230. Since the latter can be hard to find here in the midwest, I was narrowed down to basically Accord vs. 6 by default, and to me the 6 wins on style points, with everything else being pretty equal. Eventually I found an '06 6s (V6) that lived for about 30k miles as a rental. I was cautious about buying a former rental, but the test drive was great, and everything's been great since. The V6 won't slam you back in your seat like a pure sports car, but there's plenty of power and torque there for some spirited acceleration, and the automatic transmission is a 6-speed with sportronic shifter which helps it get 25 or so highway MPG. The weeked after I took delivery, I went on a 600 mile road trip and it got more than 400 miles on the first tank of gas doing 75-80 mph most of the way. The combination of traction control, ABS, and the shifter is great when the roads get slick. You can start from 2nd to keep the RPMs a little lower and the traction does the rest. Like others have written, I'm sure I'll like the 17 inch alloys and low profile tires a little less when it's time for a new set of tires, but for now they look great and add to the sporty look. My only real gripe is it would be nice if there was a standard iPod hookup. For now I'm fine with a good FM transmitter adapter which fits perfectly in the extra power adapter located in the center console/armrest. I've had my Mazda6 about 10 months now and driven it about 10,000 miles, bringing my total behind the wheel of Mazda vehicles to 140,000, with no major mechanical breakdowns (on the Protege, I replaced brake pads once and broke a stabilizer bar link sliding into a curb on the ice, and that's all). I have been an extremely satisfied customer, and may have to look into a certain rotary-powered sports car next.