2006 Mazda Mazda6 consumer reviews

$19,110 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 Mazda6 Mazda
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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I love it but the tires----OUCH

I live in one of the SNOWY states. This car is definitely intimidated by snow covered hills. So off I go to by snow tires---$758 dollars later I am re-thinking this "station wagon that thinks it is a sports car" thing!


Great Car

This has been a fantastic car for us. Absolutely no problems and has pretty good pep for a 4 banger. Very roomy and well designed inside and out.


Great Vehicle

Great Handling, most comfortable in it's class, very economical for the power. I test drove a Nissan Altima, a Honda Accord, a Toyota Camry. The ride comfort of the Accord was sub-par, the price and selection of the Camry was poor, and the Altima was just about 1,000 more.


"My first car!"

I just got a mazda6i 5door for my 16th birthday. So far i love it. the feel of the car is great, although it isnt a V6 it sill is a fun drive. You can only tell the difference between the two engines a little bit but to tell you the truth i think that if gas is a concern to you the mazda 6i is a great choice. the V6 avereges around 19 where the i gets at least 24, but these numbers vary with every driver. I got tired of driving my mothers cadillac because it just dint drive like a sports car this car drives so much better to me. Although im very greatful if i were to change one thing is that i would have gotten the 07 model because they come with more options in the lower price range. I know it doesnt make much since but the 07 models are a little cheeper than the 06's pros: the bose audio, 6 disk cd player, the drive, the reliability of the car is also exellent if your car for what every reason breaks down or you run out of gas then you call their 800 number and theyll send assesetance right away, and also the car is traceable if it were ever to be stolen, and everything else i might be forgetting. cons: just that since we have a 2car garage i have to leave my car out in the drive way and with the cloth seats it gets kindof cold i wish i would have gotten leather heated seats ...... but thats really a con of the mazda6 in generall. But really i have no real problems with the car at all, I love it!


Great Car/Great Value

Handles like a sports car, esp. on twisty country roads, FUN to drive and as comfortable as a big highway cruiser on long trips. My opinion: you don't need the V6 (do your part for the environment and your wallet); the 4 is sufficient and when you need to punch it it really takes off. Mileage from 23 to 29 mixed highway/city and with and w/o a/c. 3,200 miles and so far not a squeek, rattle or problem. Perfect size vehicle, plenty of room yet agile; can't beat the versatility of the hatch. Excellent driving position; very comfortable seats. Very quiet. Transmission nice and smooth. Some favorite features: Sequential sport shift, power driver seat, 6-CD Bose stereo, moonroof, lowering windows from key fob, very nice quality cloth seats (I prefer this to leather), fold flat rear seats - all the room of an SUV or a big station wagon when you need it. On the downside: bad rear over the shoulder blind spot; side mirrors don't retract (very bad living in NYC); turning radius is annoying but not horrible; dismal color selections on 5-door models; Mazda should offer XM radio. Did not want red dashboard lighting but now I kind of like it! We tested many cars: Audi A3 & A4, Acura TSX, BMW 3 series and the Mazda3, PT Cruiser & Toyota Prius. Looked at the new Lexus IS, Acura TL, Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas, Infiniti G35. Nothing beat the Audi engines but they are cramped. And good luck trying to sit in the backseat or fitting your stuff for a weekend getaway in the BMW or Lexus. The PT didn't feel right to me; Prius felt shaky on the highway; the TSX is a beauty but seats are tight (narrow like the A3 - and I'm not a big guy) and none of the others have hatchback versatility, except the Mazda3 of course which we loved. We narrowly chose the Mazda6 over the 3 because it was roomier - felt more substantial (although I am reminded of this decsion a little more often than I'd like!) This car does it all. One thing missing: stability control, but I began to hydroplane on the highway in a rainstorm and it seemed the traction control kicked in. We are very happy with this car and I highly recommend it. Be sure to get the 5-door.



great handling and turning especially in freeway. price for this car good and features is nice, but needs a little brighter red lights for driving at night can't hardly see much...


2006 Mazda 6i, 4cy.- AT

Very comfortable ride and handling; superior to other mid-size brands that I test drove. Fuel economy combined city/highway mileage is 26 mpg. The 4 cylinder may not be as peppy as the 6 cylinder, but is more than adequate to get the job done and has a very smooth shifting transmission. Exterior styling is excellent. Interior styling is good. Instrument cluster is easy to read and well lit. Interior courtesy lighting is great. Need more head and leg room in rear seating area. Quality of fabric on seats needs to be upgraded. If I could have a wish list for improvements for the Mazda 6, I would ask for an upgraded base radio, a large-retractable glove box like the Mazda 3, better seat belt fit/position in front seats for a petite person, voltage outlet that allows you to charge a cell phone while car is not physically running (a great way to charge a cell phone during a Florida hurricane when there is no electricity), and a vehicle entry design that would allow someone 6'3" to get into the vehicle's front seats without being cramped upon entry. I am very happy with the Mazda 6 performance/styling and would highly recommend this vehicle.


good car bad electronics

I have had this car as a daily driver for almost 3 years. I put 110 miles on it a day and I love the looks and how it drives. The big problem is that they all no matter what year have fan control modules that keep going out on them and need to be replaced. Mine is on its 4th! It is even happening on new ones too! WOW they have got to get this right soon! I am starting to wish I bought a subaru GT instead. Their relability is far better it seems.


Randy W.

Just got a new madza 6 sports for my wife. drove it to flordia performed great. 30 mpg at 75+ mph. Real nice car. this is the madza I have owned. I was a little cautious because it part of the ford motor company. I am reaaly pleased. Fun car looks great. perfect fit!