2010 Mazda Mazda6 consumer reviews

$18,600 starting MSRP
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95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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Most reliable car ive ever owned

Best place to get a vehicle very respectful and reliable. They work with you amd they have patience. But Dave is the best!!!!!


Underated car for its year

Compared to its main competitors in 2010, namely the Camry and the accord, the Mazda 6's sporty styling looks great in and out. The exterior has nice curves and it looks more like a sports car rather than a family car. The dashboard looks great and the red backlight is easy on the eyes at night. The center console (Base model) has a great look using red and blue with buttons well placed for easy use during the drive. Speakers are quite nice. The cloth seats are very comfortable that riding in the passenger or rear seats would always make me want to sleep. The rear seats offered great leg room. Performance is good for the price. Handling feels nice allowing you to do some spirited driving, suspension slightly stiff compared to Camry and accord, and nice low end torque. Its enjoyable but in the end you get what you pay for. Reliability is solid but Of course doesn't match up to Toyota. Few problems here and there as I am reaching 77,000. Rusting is noticeable if you look at the muffler but not horrible yet. To be fair, I live in the Midwest where winter is harsh on all cars. Overall it's a great car for the price and I've actually received a few compliments probably based on being a not so common car on the road.


Such a well balanced car in pretty much all areas!

After owning a 2010 Mazda 6 iSport for over 5 years, I had to part with it so my fiance could have reliable transportation again after her previous car finally croaked on her. I now own a 2013 Mazda 3 iTouring Sedan, but that 6 was such a wonderful car to me! Such a simple car to upkeep! Simply keep with the routine maintenance on it, and it will pay u back 10 folds! By far, the most dependable car I've ever owned in my life! A perfect blend of style, cost efficiency, AND dependability to boot! Despite having over 167K on the clock, my fiance LOVES it! And knowing Mazda's overall reputation, that 6's life ain't even HALFWAY over with! I just KNOW my fiance will have a good car for years to come!!!


A great allrounder

I bought my 2010 classic manual 6 sedan a few weeks ago and I am very impressed with its performance, style, handling and overall quality. This is a petrol model and with the 2.5 litre engine and six speed manual gearbox it performs very well. Although it does not have the punch in the back it can build up speed very quickly and you have to keep an eye on the speedo and use cruise control to avoid speeding. The car handles exceptionally well and I would say it handles as well as some cars costing twice as much. The suspension soaks up bumps over major and minor roads will retaining excellent handling. The car is very quiet except for tyre noise which finds its way into the cabin. The interior presentation is excellent with all controls falling easily to hand. The steering wheel controls are easy to use and have a tactile fell. I love driving this car as it has something for everyone. A comfortable cruiser or a car for a scintillating Sunday drive, it will excite your senses and leave you feeling satisfied every time.


Nice option to the usual

This vehicle is cross-stooped with Camrys and Accords, which obviously are preferred. IMHO, the Camry is a nice car, but sort of like a transportation appliance vice a car with some elan. The Accord is very nice, but a tad huge. The Mazda 6 is very stylish as compared to both the Camry and Accord, and while it doesn't have the interior room of either, it is certainly roomy, and the trunk is huge. I bought the car for my kid because we don't have a decent sized car for 5. Since I'm paying for it, I get to choose who gets stuck with the family car. Anyway, the interior materials are high quality, all the switcher is nicely executed, and he ergonomics were obviously well thought out. The car handle nicely, and has adequate acceleration. I'm sort of damning it with faint praise here; this car is not a rocket, but I've not encountered any situations where it was underpowered. The mile is varying between 26 and 28 in all sorts of driving. I was hoping it would be a bit higher, but for a largish car, it's ok. It is a Touring Plus model, so it has a lot of bells and whistles, decent stereo, electronic driver's seat, blind spot monitoring, sunroof, etc. I have been driving it of a few weeks and will turn it over to my kid shortly; it's more appropriate for an adult that a kid, but whatever. I like it a lot.


great car

125K and still going Strong. Still getting 450 miles on a 16 gallon tank (that's when the light comes on) and and i love it. Its not fast but gets up when you need it.


Cant be beat

Awesome car for the $$$,handles like a sportscar,very responsive steering,the 4 cyl is a perfect blend of economy and performance,auto trans shifts seamlessly,nice features come standard,although i do miss the power seat option,but tilt and tele wheel helps in finding a comfortable driving position,very roomy interior,looks very upper scale,distinctive exterior styling,large trunk,all in all a great car,dependable,fun to drive,appears to be a very well kept secret,dont understand why u dont see more of these on the road!!!,drive and compare to the Accord,camry,Fusion ,u will be impressed


Best Car Ever Owned

I purchased my Mazda 6 at Royal Moore in Hillsboro, Oregon, which by the way, is the only place to buy a vehicle at because they are amazing! I love my Mazda 6 because so far it's been dependable in every aspect. Its got great performance, great gas mileage, awsome style. I aways get compliments on it. It's Mazda 6 for me all the way!


4 year follow up

I posted about two year ago and so far no problems at all.I will hit 60k miles next month.Switched from original tires and took a very slight gas mileage hit.The glasses holder part needed replacement and so did the electronic key detection part.I still look forward to road trips and drove the car up to Canada last summer.It was a great trip.I did learn that the car is kind of gutless going up steep hills so as long as you are o.k. going 50 very occasionally no issue.Still running on original battery.Leaning heavily toward keeping car for next 60k!!


very comfortable

Was originally looking for a Mazda3 to replace my Saab 9-3. The Mazda3 was too small. So took the Mazda6 for a test drive and fell in love with it.