2008 Nissan Rogue consumer reviews

$19,430–$20,750 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Rogue Nissan
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.2
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The Rogue is an amazing value and it rides beautifully. i was initially considering the Murano...but for all you get in the Rogue, the additional expense of the Murano was very unappealing after i test drove the Rogue.


A/C does not work dealer will not fix

2008 Rogue 3 weeks old A/C does not work and dealer will not fix under warrenty. $1100 for new condenser which must be made out of paper. Don't let your friends buy one!! Nissan Canada would hardly discuss the problem. I should have paid the extra for the Honda


Great Crossover SUV From Nissan

I've owned my Rogue for almost 6 months now, and it's been great. I live on the island of Oahu, HI and took my Rogue with me on the superferry over to Maui for a short trip. We drove up the road to the island crater's peak, which was 10,023 ft elevation. The handling going to and from the summit was excellent. That's where the paddle shifters come in handy, I barley had to hit the brakes going downhill at all. The gas mileage has been 22-26 mpg, mostly all city driving and it's just a really great car to drive. It's a shame gas costs so much right now, I would love to do more recreational driving. It was well worth the cost, and I recommend it for anyone looking for something new.


Rogue Owner

I'm not sure who these guys are that get to write reviews for new cars or what credentials they have to put them in the car review spotlight. I do know that I own the Rogue. I did my research, own a 2008 Altima (same engine as Rogue), and absolutely fell in love with the Nissan Brand. They don't nickle and dime you in the upgrades to get options. They seem to have three price lines. A low, middle and all inclusive. I always am the middle buyer and this Rogue is right on the money. It has all one is looking for in todays fuel nightmare, great economy while delivering roomy interior, solid feel, quiet ride and great handling. Only suggestion I make is to go to Walmart.. pay the .97cents and buy the stick on circle mirrors. Adhere these to the side mirrors on the furthermost outside lower corner. This will allow you to have terrific side views and stop blind spot areas . Done. Its a great CRV. Don't let the car review guys talk you out of the CVT transmission. Its smooth.. does a great job... has great pickup and does deliver better mileage. Nissan got it right. Go out and buy one... I did and I love it!


I love the Rogue!!

Bought my new Rogue SL AWD with prem package and sunroof a couple weeks ago. With my long commute, I've already put over 1k miles on it. I love this car!! The seats are so comfortable, they just hug your body. This is important to me since I drive over 100 miles round trip to and from work. Handling is excellent, turns on a dime. The engine seems peppier than 4 cyl., probably because of the CVT. Love the look of the Rogue. It is more stylish to me than the CRV or RAV4, its top competition. It looks like a more luxury vehicle than the others and it reminds people of the Lexus. Wish it came standard with a chrome grill though! Might get that put on eventually. Love the Bluetooth so far, no problems. No one has complained about the sound coming from it. The Bose system is great and I love the free XM Satellite for three months! I'm sure I'll subscribe when the trial is over. It is nice how it is all integrated into one radio. I can play AM/FM, Satellite, CDs and my iPod through one system! Love the steering wheel controls. They are very convenient. Love the AUX IN to plug in iPod. Just wish you could control the iPod through the stereo or steering wheel but you can't. Sound through Bose with the iPod is just awesome!! Love the subwoofer, really blasts that bass how I like it. The cargo space is better than I thought and I love how the seats fold down. Very spacious. Look in to all the safety features this baby's got. Won't go into all of them here plus I don't remember half the technical words to describe it all! Very impressive though. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is the fact that the engine is sideways. So if you get in a bad accident the engine will simply fall down to the ground, not go up into your lap! Also because of the CVT there is only ONE belt in it. Great for maintenance costs. All in all, I love my Rogue! Best car I've ever owned and such a great value for what you get! Plus the dependability of the Nissan name.


I like my Rogue

I owned this car in the month of Dec 07, it was the best car I have drove. I like the style most. Driving in highways is pretty smooth.


The nicest car I have ever owned.

This crossover gets better mileage than any of my Honda's. I have had 3 different year CRV's. The seat comfort does not even compare!! The Bose radio and satellite not "satellite ready" like the CRV is so fabulous and I do not have to "replace" a brand new radio to have satellite. It is quiet and the ride is so smooth!! I would recommend to everyone!!


Sweet Ride!

I just bought the 2008 Nissan Rogue and I love it! Not only is it reliable (as all Nissan's are), but it also handles well, and it starts at just a shade over $19,000 which is cheap for an SUV. I paid $25,000 for mine, but that's because I got the premium package which includes a sunroof, bose surround sound, ipod auxilary, line, bluetooth, and udjustable xenon headlights. Only $25,000 for all these features is great price because these are the types of features that you would usually find in $35,000 car. The only knock I have on the features is that there's no available navigation system. The car handles extremely smooth, with the CVT transmission being a reason. For those who aren't familiar with this technology, the CVT means that the car automatically adjusts to the a gear based on how hard you press the gas pedal. This means you won't feel the gears shift. This also helps with gas mileage as well. The Rogue gets approximately 21-25 miles to the gallon, which isn't bad for an SUV. As for the styling of the car, the exterior is sporty, and the interior is spacious with the exception of trunk space. Of course, if you need the extra room and there are no passengers in the back seat, then you can fold the seats down. The front seat folds down as well.


Great car for the money!

I bought this car 3 months ago and it's been great. It looks more stylish than the Honda CRV and the price is right. I like the continuous transmisson, it makes the engine seem peppier than it actually is. Cons: No light in the rear hatch door. No lock on gas cap.


A Superior Vehicle

I drove one of these as a demo for a few days. It was so convenient getting my baby and the carseat in and out of the back seat. I was not bumping my head like I usually do in my little car. I live in Missouri and I drove it when we got the bad ice/snow storms. I had never drove a vehicle like this and I was quite scared to drive in the conditions especially since the Rogue wasn't mine. I will admit, that was the best ride of my life even since the weather was horrible! I didn't slide or get stuck! I was so happy! I would honestly recommend this to anyone who likes a vehicle with lots of room and if you drive in all kinds of weather conditions because this is a good choice to have.