2011 Nissan Versa consumer reviews

$9,990–$12,420 MSRP range
side view of 2011 Versa Nissan
81% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.5
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Nice little car

I now have a nice red Versa hatchback. I've found that the hatchback is much easier to load my groceries into than the sedan. Also, it handles very nicely - quick on the uptake and maneuverablity. There's a very handy manual that came with it, and it's helping me with getting to know where everything is - how to set the clock, etc. I look forward to driving it for a good long time.


Hands down the best cheap car on the market!

My kids used to make fun of the fact that I only bought American. For the most part I only bought 10 year old American cars because they were cheap to fix. They were all surprised when I showed up at home with our new 2011 NIssan Versa. It is now July 2015 and this car has been the best car I have ever owned. I like the fact that it still looks like the modern models and it is very inexpensive to drive. The only time I take it in is for an oil change every 3000 miles or to rotate tires 3 times a year. I was also very surprised to find out that this car has a very limited schedule maintenance. Bottom line this car was made to be driven and not to spend time in a shop unlike the many used 10 year old American cars I used to buy for my family. Now it is almost 80,000 miles on it and we my daughter will be taking it out of state to college. We can't say enough about the Versa and it's trouble free life!



While you might see plenty of Versas on the road you also have to account for the fact it is the low price leader for the Nissan line. Having said that, the reliability of the Nissan brand is not what it used to be for a "Japanese" car maker. Little maintenance items which used to last quite a while in older versions of vehicles now will nit pick at you sooner. Headlights and tail lights both needed replacement within a two year spread from new. Brakes needed major adjustment within 30,000 miles. My mileage was mostly in the 26 miles per gallon area. On long highway trips I did manage 32. The major problem I encountered which the service people could not help me out on was that the vehicle will suddenly not start, doesn't matter if it was hot or cold days. It had no specific frequency but turning the key got you no spark. Several times the entire dashboard would light up but no amount of pumping the gas would bring results to start. Also beware going from defroster to any other setting because it would activate the AC unit. The service department told me, it was "standard" to have it happen. Bottom line, Nissan no longer belongs to the automobile brands I admire or would recommend.


Enjoying it so far.

2011 Versa SL Hatchback 1.8L w/ CVT. Buyers don't have to settle for a base model. Pros: Great rear leg room. People are amazed a 6'6" guy can get in my back seat Seems to like highway speeds. If I don't pay attention, I'll be doing 75 - 80 mph without realizing it. Easy to park with a tight turning radius. No repairs to report. Cons: Light, high winds and trucks push it around. Seat are firm, expect some saddle soreness on long trips. CVT doesn't allow me to "jump out in traffic". Lots of glare from the windshield, make sure you have polarized sunglasses. Cup holders too far forward. Styling is to similar to other manufacturers All in all, it's a great commuter car that is adequate for daytrips and weekend getaways.


Window malfunction

I've had my Nissan now for 1.5 years. I love the look of it, very comfortable to drive. I am not a fan of the mechanics. It takes some time to accelerate when going up hill or when merging on the freeway- it would be a good car for new drivers because it is slower. I am having issues with my drivers window and it's very inconvenient. I have to pay $250 for a new window motor. The Nissan dealer is the only place that sells the window motors that fit. A car that is 4 years old should not be needing a new window motor.


Just okay

This car is a pretty good car for young drivers, although has a fairly low safety rating. Nissan was very minimal when designing this vehicle. I didn't even have floor mats! This car is very affordable but doesn't drive great. The steering wheel feels incredibly light. Now, at 37,000 miles I am experiencing some transmission issues. (The warranty also isn't great ending at 3yr/36,000 miles). Takes a long time to accelerate when merging on to the freeway. I traded in my 2002 Jetta for this and I miss my Jetta. This does get pretty good gas mileage. Only cost about $35 to fill up in the area I live, that's a definite plus! I wouldn't recommend this car to my friends or family. I would want something a little safer and more reliable.


Nisson Versa

Nison Veras A grate little car for my College Grandson to drive back& forth to college and not use too much gasoline.


My first Nissan

I bought a used Nissan Versa hatchback 2011 in august 2013. I am a firm believer in Honda Civic and will always be. But the manufacturer ended the production of a hatchback model. For practical reasons, I switch for a the actual car. Here are my impressions so far: PROS: -A very spacious volume, even for a small car. Impressive headspace and legroom. -A soft tune suspension that feels you are driving an 80's Oldsmobile. -More than sufficient visibility as the windows surround the vehicule. -It's equipped with an auxiliary output for MP3. -It has a handsome profile and a overall sturdy appearance. Although I feel they must change the front grille. Looks old. -The dashboard and it's components are quite ergonomics. CONS: -The driving dynamic is decent, although no fun to drive. Accelaration is slow to respond. -The steering wheel is too sensitive. -When the rear windows are open while driving on highway speed, the noise becomes more than a simple nuisance. -The doors are heavy. When opening them, you need to hold the handle. Otherwise, it will eventually damage the hinges. It is not a Civic, but I feel I will eventually convert... I will update in 2014 pertaining its reliability. N.B. When purchasing a car that has been parked outside a lot for a few months, make sure to have all the parts that are subjected to rusts (brake pads, rotors, etc) inspected before concluding the sale.


So Happy with Nissan Versa

Love my Nissan Versa and liked shopping on Cars.com. It was an easy process and I would recommend using the internet to shop for a car.



I purchased this Versa 2011 with 5000 miles on it. I was very happy for the money, and mileage 27 in the city and 36 in fwy. But at 18000 star to develop a noise when making a right or left turn, or going over a bump. If car is driven straight then no problem at all. Was at the dealer for this problem they put new grease and the noise went away, a month later car back at the dealer with the same problem. Other than that I am very happy with the car. Air conditioning a little week, radio/cd sound great. Good leg/head room. Inside has a roomy feeling.