2005 Pontiac Grand Prix consumer reviews

$23,060 starting MSRP
side view of 2005 Grand Prix Pontiac
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.4
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This has been a great run with my 05 comp G

Bought my baby new in 04. One tap on the gas and I was hooked. Probably didn't need to spring for comp g, but I?ve been using technology for 8 years is still ahead of the curve. (Me: Tap shift, HUD (which like the guy earlier said is out, but inexpensive to fix, just time consuming) Wife: heated seats and dual climate control. In sales, anything other than a sedan is a risk. I shudder to think of telling a senior executive that would like to join us for lunch ?let me get that seat for you.? That being said I?m continually on the quest for the perfect sedan. 8 years and 103,000 miles later I?ve looked at Cadillac CTS, BMW 335, and Infinity G37 and have come to the conclusion that none motivate me enough to leave my Comp G. Only thing I did was upgrade the factory radio to a Kenwood double din (with integration into the steering wheel controls) Added 2 x JL slash amps and a sub enclosure with dual 10? JL subs in the huge trunk. More than enough room for 2 sets of golf clubs. Hardwired a radar detector up by the mirror nice and clean. So with GM (government motors) in all their infinite wisdom selecting Buick over Pontiac I?m in a quandary. My history: 1974 Le Mans, 1979 Trans Am (with the bird), 1994 Grand AM, 1999 Grand Am Ram Air GT, and 2005 Grand Prix GTP Comp G. Loved them all. I will never own a Buick. My decision: I will drive this car until I am forced to buy something else and for the first time in my life I am pretty sure it will not be American.


The best american car for the money

I will keep this short and simple my wife and i have owned a 1997 Grand Prix SE for three years now and have only had to replace the serpentine belt. It has over 200000 miles on it. GM did it right with the 3800 class of motors! Naturally i am lookling for another Poniac Grand Prix or Grand AM just the best car for the money!!!


A Whole Lot of Fun

I recently purchased my GXP from a private party in Southern California. The second I got behind the wheel, I knew this car was for me. With 303 horsepower (5.3 V8) and a whole lot of torque (323), one gets a lot of bang for their buck. This car is both comfortable and fast, and she has a sweet purr out of the exhaust. I have seen many reviews speak of the front wheel drive torque-steer as if that were a major issue. Believe me, it's not. For your dollar, you can't go wrong with this car. One final issue is the gas mileage. If you put your foot into it most of the time, you will get 16 mpg, but if you feather it down the highway, 25 mpg is the average.


Silver Bullet

I have enjoyed my car. I purchased my 05 Pontiac used with 89000 miles, now she has 132000 & still going strong. I have never done any major repair work on her; just the usual oil changes/tune ups.


Best car on the planet

This car is one of GM's finest! I bought this 05 gt used with 98k miles. The only maintenance I've done is a tune up and oil changes. She still runs like a top, even with my now 114k miles, and I'm confident I'll keep this car for at least 200,000 miles more.


Reliable great car

This was my first car, I bought it new and it's been great. No major problems, it had a little work needed after about a year but the warrenty covered it w/ no cost to me.


Fun and Exciting Vehicle

This car is so much fun to drive! It is my race car! It turns heads everywhere I go and it is so freakin fast (it doesn't drain my tank either!)!!! Its also very reliable, easy to maintain, and all the extra features are fantastic!


I love this car but shes given me some headaches

I bought my 05 Grand Prix GTP Comp G (Rachel) brand new in Nov 2004. Since then, I've done regular maintenance on it and the engine has been running well. But before I say its the best investment, let me tell you what to watch out for. First of all, the transmission went at 70K miles. To get a rebuilt tranny cost me 3 grand. At around 60K the key fob will only lock the doors. The unlock button doesn't work on either key fob, even after replacing the battery. Remote start works when it feels like it. I had to replace the master cylinder at around 75K because it had a slow leak. A spring broke in the heads up display causing it to stop projecting onto the windshield. When I removed it and opened it up, I was able to fix it but it had a very poor design. Luckily, I've done all my own work (except for the tranny) or else I would have dropped a lot of dough on labor into this thing. The latest noise is a rattle coming from somewhere near the catalytic converter. Even though I've had some issues with this car, I truly love driving it. Its got some sick torque. The tap shift is awesome and I love throwing it into 2nd gear at 50mph to get some good passing juice. The 0 to 60 time is nice too. The traction control, stability control, and antilock brakes make it an excellent drive in the snow. The special steering and sport tuned suspension on the CompG makes handling tight turns a breeze and makes the vehicle fun to drive. The premium Monsoon audio system sounds great, well, except for the horrendous rattle in the moon roof when there is some bass. I would recommend this car to someone who likes doing their own work on their car because you will inevitably run into issues when it gets in the 65K-75K mile range. I currently have 86K on this car and will hold onto it for a while longer.


An overall good car

I bought my 05 Grand Prix with 29,000 miles on it when it was just one year old. As soon as it reached 65,000 miles, my engine went kaput. There was no warning, not even a single warning light. It was fairly inexpensive to repair and throughout the process, I was told that this happening was extremely rare. I still don't know exactly what happened to that engine, but it shouldn't of ever left me stranded at the edge of the road in a 2-year-old vehicle. My car is now 5-years-old and has 80,000 miles on it (about 50,000 on its new-used engine). It is definetly squeeking and squaking at me. And even though I truly do love it deep down inside, I can't wait to get a new car!


overall best bang for the buck!

My 05 grand prix GT was purchased certified used with 34k miles and 1 year 20k miles later i am still satisfied. When i first test drove the vehicle i immediately fell in love. The features i like best are the styling, both exterior + interior, along with performance and handling. Pontiac is no stranger to making exceptionally performing vehicles. Compared to other cars in the same class from my experience, the ability of the grand prix to handle whatever you throw at it is great, whether it be acceleration or taking a 25 mph turn going 55 mph and being confident that your car can handle it without making any modification . The car is wider than most cars in its class which gives it great turn hugging ability. Even in winter weather the grand prix's Electronic stability system well exceeded my expectation when it was needed to perform. There was very minimal slippage on ice even when i had tires that lower than normal tread left. The amount of features available are great. Everything i need to know about the cars performance is right in front of me at the drivers information center panel which is generously faced towards the driver to deter others from touching your radio, giving you more control of the cockpit-like driver area. It explains everything from tire pressure, instant and average MPG with range calculation which is a big help to help manage gas consumption and controls that basically let you customize how your interior and exterior features operate. Many compliments have been given to me about the interior and exterior styling which i also feel is superior to other cars in its class. The ride comfort is also great. I feel like I?m in a cadillac when i go over a small hill or bump in the road because the sport suspension gets right back to comfortable quick with minimal disruption to the cabin. Overall the quality is great and everyone loves my car also. Its definitely an eye catcher.