2005 Pontiac GTO consumer reviews

$32,295 starting MSRP
side view of 2005 GTO Pontiac
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.4
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Biggest bang for the buck

My 05 GTO has been completely trouble free since purchased new in January 2005. True muscle car performance with Caddy comfort. It is a Corvette with a back seat. Low production numbers makes the chance of seeing one on the road very rare. If you can find one, get it. It's closest competition in price is the Mustang but the GTO is twice as nice as the out dated styling and cheap looking interior offered by the Mustang .



Rear end went at 8,000 miles, transmission had problems at 16,000, front tires rub on struts causing poor tire wear. Clunks in driveline, interior rattles.


Best kept secret out there!

I've owned two new era GTOs. First was a QSM '04 M6. Bought it used for $12,200 (in late '07!), and loved every minute of it. Car was reliable as a rock, and took a beating. Unfortunately, an accident ended my time with my '04... So I immediately began shopping for another Goat. I wanted the same color, same transmission, but more power! I landed an '05 GTO (Aug 2008) for $18,200. I believe I overpaid, but it's all good. Power is great, much smoother with the LS2. Brakes are actually a quite a bit better. Styling is more aggressive. Unfortunately, it has had some Quality Control issues. A seized ignition cylinder, paint flaking off the door handles, sagging rear springs, paint bubbling on the steering wheel spokes, and now a wiring issue with the headlights. The car hasn't even hit 37k miles yet. So, I'm a little unhappy with all the problems with my '05... In all honesty, if I could do it again, I'd buy another '04. 350 HP for around $13,000? And a great interior? Sign me up... As a side note, the seats are fantastic. My friend usually rides home from work with me. It's about a 15 minute drive, depending on traffic. 3 days out of 5, he falls asleep in my passenger seat. I give him grief about it, but he says he thinks the seats are more comfortable than his bed, haha.


Best Bang for the Buck

I purchased a 04' GTO in 04' and it was the best decision I ever made for purchasing a new muscle car. You cant beat this car for the cost. Out of the box it has HP and handling. With mods its almost unbeatable in its class.


The 2005 GTO ROCKS!

This is one of the best american made muscle cars on the road today! Although not too many people know the GTO came back in 2004-2006. The 04 got a bad rap for not looking like a GTO, the 2005 changed all that. And now with Pontiac closing they have become instant collectors cars!


Fantastic all around car

The 2005+ GTO is one of the best bang for the buck performance machines you can buy in the used market, it has fantastic power, good handling, and cruises more like a bmw/mercedes than a muscle car. Has plenty of power at any rpm and still gets up to 30mpg with the 6-speed, there is simply no comparison. The only thing wrong with the car is the exterior styling is slightly bland, but that can be remedied with a good set of wheels. Otherwise this is an untouchable muscle/sports car at a great price in the used market!


Car of the year

This car is rediculously fast. Though it weighs a plenty you wouldn't know it when you step on the throttle. It takes off and keeps going rediculously. It looks beautiful, maybe not what you'd think a GTO should, but still very nice. All the ladies think it is super sexy (Very nice). Mine is a red 6-speed. Have had a few problems (corroded wiring harness, blower control head) but nothing huge. I would recomend this car to ANYONE. Roomy, fast, sexy, and it eats up Mustangs and Chargers all day.


Factory ROCKET

This car is a full IN YOUR FACE hot rod, Both the LS1 and LS2 make big HP numbers right out of the box, enough power to take on ANYONE on the street, It responds very well to Mods, either minor on major. I have done a CAM, headers, exhaust, Cold Air Intake, Typhoon intake Manifold and a few others, Car now has over 500 RWHP and still gets great gas mileage, very civilized in normal driving, but get hard on the gas and it hits like Mike Tyson in his prime.. If you can find one, BUY it. There is nothing out there anywhere from 25 to 45 thousand dollars that can match it's Raw power and brute strength..Even in stock form, this car will distroy Mustangs, Chargers, Magnums. ALL OF THEM


Most bang for your buck

Best car you can get for the money. Ultra fast,rwd,6-sp,6.0litre. If you are considering a Mustang, take a look at the Goat. No comparision. Bought mine used with 14000 miles for $23500. Some guy I know bought a 2006 stang convert. for $34000! Rip off. Stangs stink, goats are where it's at!


True 60s Muscle car

This is a true 60s muscle car. Big bang for the dollar. Nice exterior same as the 60s cars, not to much show, but tons of go. Comfortable to drive , handles nice, smooth ride. This is a good IN YOUR FACE HOT ROD. Willing and able to take on any factory car in its price range [25 to 35 thousand dollars]. From idle to full RPMs this car will just pin you against the seats and hold you there till you let up. Gas mileage is good, about 24 MPG at 65 MPH and around 17 MPG in the city. I have had no issues or complaints at all. Now have 11,500 miles on it. No rattles, squeaks, Nothing