2013 RAM 2500 consumer reviews

$29,420–$32,395 MSRP range
side view of 2013 2500 RAM
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.1
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Most reliable truck I've owned.

Gets the job done. No job is to big for this truck. Very reliable out performs the compition when it comes to pulling.


These reviews have got to be fake!

Ok, the first year my fan belt goes out. Stuck on side of the road, towed in, rental car for two days (rental car, not truck...dodge only pays $35/day). Next year, my DEF exhaust system goes out. Bring to dealer, rental CAR for 4 days. Not long after, the whole stereo, nav, etc starts acting up...not under warranty...havent bothered to go in and get it fixed. Now, DEF out again. Bringing to dealer...rental truck (I need to pull my boat this weekend) will cost me $65/day since dodge only pays $35/day. I loved the Laramie look, dont be deceived. This will be my last Ran truck!


The 2500 Beast

Purchased a Longhorn edition, NICE interior and electronic gadgets!! The leather seats are very comfortable, plenty of room for people in the back and just love the rear doors that open at a 90 degree angle, very easy to get in and out!! The 4wd system works great, 4 low is REALLY low, plenty of pulling grunt, can't say enough great things about that Cummins diesel. Wish the fuel mileage was better but I didn't buy this vehicle for fuel mileage. Cummins/Ram replaced the SCR under emissions warranty, wasn't giving me any problems but I think the EPA dogs were barking therefore they issued a recall. Love the fact that auto start, in cold weather, turns on the seat heater and steering wheel heater...very nice!! Same scenario in the hot weather, A/C is on and seat coolers are on as well....very nice!! This truck is big, came out of a '01 regular cab Dodge, and parking lot maneuvers remind me of watching tugs parking aircraft carriers. My Ram is factory except 1.5" taller tires, ride height is great and the ride is a bit bouncy....but it is a heavy duty truck. I can't seem to think of anything derogative except I chase a ground problem with the clearance lights. I think Ram could have a better set up, rather than sheet metal screws, for those lights. Anyway, great truck, just love it!!


2013 Ram 2500 4X4, 6.7 Turbo Crew Cab, Big Horn

I'm very pleased to own my first 2500 Diesel truck. Ball means not my first Dodge as I've lost count of how many Dakota and other Dodge products I've owned, raced and loved. I sold a 1500 Ram to buy this 2013 2500 and am happy as a clam. It has loads of torque and power. I bought it with 12,000 miles on it and everything is working just great. I had a goose neck set up installed for towing my 5th wheel and the truck tows it wonderfully. Love the styling, love the features and what can you say about that Cummings engine just great engineering and reliability. The 1500 I had was great but this just takes it to the next level. No vehicle is perfect that we all know but this seems to come about as close as one can get. My mileage is amazing for a truck this heavy, I'm getting 18 MPG in mixed town and highway, and about 25 MPG (or more) on the freeway. How do they do that for an 8000 pound truck??


Horrible Truck Avoid

If your idea of a good truck is having to visit repair shop often ,have dreadful gas mileage than by all means buy this truck. I own this truck and everything on it breaks from simple things like the window and lock controls on the door handle, outside temp control to major things like the 4 wheel drive not working when you need it. By the way I wrote a blistering review on this dodge truck on here that was posted by this site.It was similar to this only the facts giving you the buyer something to consider before buying this flawed truck.It wasn't posted why? Only the good reviews on tis truck are posted? Seems like something is going on here and it is a disservice to you the buyer. In any event I regret this purchase, back to the repair shop again this week !!


Best truck I ever owned

2014 3500 Laramie crew cab short bed single wheel, 6.7 cummins 3.42. Factory Fifth wheel prep. Added a super glide. I tow a 12000 Lbs. coachmen brookstone. Mileage keeps getting better. Brand new I got 10 MPG towing from Maryland to Oklahoma. Got 11.7 coming back. My last trip it climbed to 13 mpg. empty I get 25 on the highway. The exhaust brake is amazing. the stereo and interior make cross country trips comfortable. So glad my power stroke is gone and I have a cummins. If you were heading across the Atlantic ocean in a boat and your three engine choices were Power stroke, duramax or Cummins which would you pick? I made my choice.


2013 crew Cab turbo Diesel

Have been a loyal Ford guy my entire life. I bought this Ram 2500 I. December 2013 new and have been happy with it for the most part. My biggest complaint is the poor quality of the paint and body panels. The paint scratched from melting ice that slid on the hood and the my truck bed has a dent in the side from leaning up against it. The inner bed has dents in it from tree limbs! Aside from those complaints I am extremely happy with the truck! Has the most comfortable seats on the market!


Nice comfort

I have owned 13 Dodge cars and trucks and a few with more options than this one but all around this is the most comfortable and pleasant one to drive and the ride, to me, is just like a cars only better because there is no floating feeling ever like a car has. The interior is nicer than any of the other Dodges as it is not flat plastic and it nicer to the feel and the upholstery is great to because like all Chrysler products it is stain resistant and you can just wipe the grime off. The other manufacturers don't have that as a selling point, at least when shopping I don't see that advertised, maybe I am wrong but that's how I see it as to the interior of the products available to the American consumer. The Mechanical side is also great. I have the Cummins engine and combined with Chryslers 68 rfe it is snappy and responsive and when I step on the accelerator it will get up and go right now even with the high ratio of the 3.42. The 5.9's were okay with the 3.55 but were far from the responsiveness of the 6.7 (408 cube) Cummins even with the lower gearing , I had a 08 6.7 before with the 3.73 and it was nice but I think the 2013 is faster from the blocks. I do not race or push my trucks ever but when I want to go a little faster the 13 ram 2500 seems quicker than my 08 ram and the ride is a little better even with the same gvw as my 08 3500 which was 10100 and the 13's is 10000. The 13 price was around the same as the 08 3500 and it is 5 years newer.


2013 bighorn diesel, (junk)

Ill try to keep this short, 250miles BCM went out (no exterior lights), around 2500 miles batteries would be completely dead after sitting two days, around 4500 miles had error codes from def sensor errors, around 6000 miles engine Knock sensor went bad, around 6500 miles realized truck would not run below 0 degrees, found out Chrysler forgot to activate fuel filter heaters, finally made it to 10000 miles and now the temperature sensor in the mirror has failed, so in a nutshell I will be getting rid of truck asap. for $50k one would think you would get a reliable truck.


2013 Bighorn Ram Cummins 6.7

I am very happy with my purchase! Great engine, great style, great fit and finish. I have been a Ford fan for years and that is OVER! The 6.0 Powerstroke has exposed Ford forever! My repairs on my 2004 Ford Powerstroke have exceeded 15,000.00 on my engine alone! It has a current problem, number 4 injector and the cam position sensor need replaced ASAP. Some mechanics are having to pull the entire cab on the Ford Powerstrokes to replace injectors. That makes for alot of noise problems later. Very happy with my Ram and Ford lost a loyal customer. Smile!